Which accounting service should you choose?

Doing business also means being obliged to keep accounts. However, independent settlement of accounts at some point can become burdensome. Then it is worth considering choosing the right accounting office, especially when we do not have additional funds for permanent employment of an accountant. You can read which accounting office to choose and the criteria to consider in this article.

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Traditional accounting office

Few entrepreneurs decide to conduct accounting in their own company. Due to the high responsibility and risk of making mistakes, most choose to use the services of a traditional accounting office.
What does a traditional accounting office do?
The transfer of accounting to the accounting office actually means that the office takes over the obligation to keep your accounting books, submitting all declarations on your behalf and dealing with official matters. How does all this work? First of all, you provide documents to the accounting office, which then settles and completes company documentation. Later, you receive information about the amounts of taxes and ZUS contributions you must pay.

Internet accounting office

The online accounting office is primarily characterized by convenience, speed of operation and allows you to avoid the inconvenience of having to provide documents. For this reason, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to use the services of an online accounting office.
How does an online accounting office work?
An online accounting office works in the same way as a traditional accounting office. The only difference is that you don't have to submit documents in person, and you do it online. Because the documents are saved on media, you have permanent access to them and, if necessary, you can print them at any time.
The online accounting office operates through internet applications through which the necessary documents needed for settlements of your company's finances are forwarded. Operation of such applications is not difficult - you need to create an account and then log in. Of course, you have to pay for the services of an online accounting office. Currently available online accounting offices usually offer subscriptions that are bought for a limited period of time. Usually, subscriptions have a different price depending on the number of services offered.

What to consider when choosing an accounting office?

Accounting offices are especially recommended for those entrepreneurs who do not achieve high turnover yet and do not need a full-time accountant. Choosing the right accounting office is a key decision, so before making it, you should consider several factors that affect your future cooperation with the office of your choice.
Regardless of whether you decided on a traditional accounting office or you want to make settlements online, when choosing the right accounting office you should consider, among others:
The price of the accounting office services. The price of the service is usually the first criterion we follow. Therefore, the first thing we do is check the prices offered by competitors available on the market. After finding out about the prices, it is worth checking how much and what services are included in the price package offered. By the way, you also need to think about what you really need. Sometimes a slightly more expensive package may be better than a cheaper one, but may not include a key service for your business.
The possibility of keeping online accounting. When choosing the right accounting office, pay attention to whether the given office allows free access to accounting documentation from your computer. In addition, the invoice issuing program will be important, which will allow you to issue an invoice and at the same time send it to the accounting office. This solution will improve your operations and facilitate communication with the office. It is worth checking whether this service is also offered.
Accounting office opinion. Before choosing an accounting office, you should also know the opinion of the given office. Opinion among friends or found on internet forums will help you shape your vision of cooperation. You can also use the guides that will help you verify the substantive office.

Which accounting office should you choose - traditional or online?

Which accounting office should you choose? Sometimes the choice can be really difficult due to the similar scope of services offered by both traditional and online accounting offices. Therefore, it is worth analyzing the offers of various offices taking into account all the factors indicated above. Perhaps they will help you make the best decision.
The choice of a traditional accounting office or online accounting office is entirely up to you. It depends on your individual preferences in what form you will work better. If you are a traditionalist, you like personal contact with the person responsible for your settlements and you do not trust new technologies, then a traditional accounting office will be more suitable for you.