Kitesurfing Group Course

The World's Best Kitesurf Group Courses - Hurghada, Egypt

A kitesurfing group course in Hurghada is a great way to get the most out of your kitesurfing holiday. It's a fun way to meet new people and makes learning easier when you are with a group of like-minded people. Kitesurfing group courses are great for those who are new to the sport, as well as for more experienced riders.

Kitesurfing in Hurghada, Egypt

Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world and for good reason. The thrill of riding the wind and the sea is an experience like no other. If you're looking to take your kitesurfing to the next level, Hurghada, Egypt is the place to do it.


Palma Resort, Road Al Ismaileya, District Al Ahyaa, Red Sea Governorate 84512, Egipt