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When it comes to your air conditioning unit, you should make sure that all the steps are taken to ensure that everything is in its perfect working order. To achieve this, our team at Sun Air Services has become the tested and trusted provider of Air Conditioning Repair services in and around Florida.We have been in business for over 30 years and in this time, we have amassed the experience needed to handle all the makes and models of air conditioning units that you may have installed in your home.We set ourselves apart from all other companies by making sure that all of the technicians who are in our employ have been carefully selected for their experience and expertise.


As a full-service air conditioning contractor in our area, we offer the following services;We are a team of experienced contractors offering air conditioning repair services to homeowners in and around our service area. Trust us to come to your property, assess the condition of your air conditioning unit, and diagnose the problem appropriately. We also make sure that all repairs are done using the best parts in the industry to guarantee a longer-lasting air conditioning unit.Air conditioning replacement and installation When your air conditioning unit begins to break down more times than before, this may be an indication that it has stayed in use past its shelf life. Our team of experienced contractors will offer you all of the help you need to choose the best replacement unit for your needs. Added to this, we also offer you the best installation services for your replacement units.


Ac Repair

Your heater and air conditioning unit deserves to be in the best possible performance shape at all times. This is because the heating and cooling units play one of the most important roles in the home. The air conditioning unit keeps the indoor space cool on hot summer days and the heater keeps the internal space warm during the cold winter nights.A breakdown of either of these units means a lowered comfort level and this is why at Sun Air Services, we make sure that you can access the best heating and Ac Repair services in and around Florida.Rest easy knowing that we have a team of well-trained air conditioning and heating repair experts in the area and we offer a complete and comprehensive service to keep you comfortable at all times.By running a 24 hour service, we are able to make sure that whatever your needs are, they are met appropriately.Our full range of services comprises;We offer heating and Ac Repair services in and around our service areas. You can call on us at all times of the day and night to come to look at your heating or cooling unit and attend to the problems. Our repair technicians have a fast response time and will diagnose the problem first before proceeding to fix it. Our repair services are affordably priced to give you the best value for your money.


         Air Conditioning Service

With our Air Conditioning Service team, you can rest assured that you will be offered the right maintenance plan to get you started.Our maintenance plan for your air conditioning unit includes two visits a year as well as a 24-point complete A/C inspection service. We also offer unit cleaning services to get rid of the dust buildup in your HVAC system.Customers who have chosen our maintenance plans can rest easy knowing that they will be offered priority service any time they require repairs in their homes or businesses.Our air conditioning maintenance plans offer customers a wide range of benefits including; Lowered energy costs – we make sure that during each maintenance visit, you will be offered the best air conditioning maintenance and tune-up services that will guarantee your air conditioning unit to be working at its best performance level.Extending the lifespan of your A/C system – we also make sure that through our A/C maintenance plans, you will be able to enjoy the best of your air conditioning unit for the longest possible time. Trust us to ensure that everything is in its perfect working order. our maintenance program catches problems at its earliest stages and offers a fix to those problems rather than wait till they destroy you’re A/C unit.

Heating and cooling repairs – our repair technicians offer a fast response time, will diagnose the problem, provide upfront pricing, and get the problem fixed as fast as possible.Heating and cooling installation and replacements – whether you are looking to install a new air conditioning and heating unit or you are looking to replace an old unit, we will offer you all of the help needed to make the right choice.Heating and cooling maintenance – we offer a comprehensive maintenance service that guarantees energy use efficiency as well as a longer life span for your heating and cooling system.


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