how much potassium does coffee have

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Decaf has a lower potassium content than regular coffee. Decaf coffee is 216 mg rich in potassium. One cup. According to Health Line, brewed espresso coffee has 4.8% Daily Value of potassium.

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iced coffee nutrition facts
does decaf coffee have less potassium

does decaf coffee have less potassium

Instant coffee contains 96 mg potassium per 8-ounce cup. This is half the potassium of regular coffee, and only half that of decaf coffee.

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You may be more likely to have a potassium deficit if you smoke, drink excessively, have a medical condition such as IBS/Crohn's, or suffer from an eating disorder. The possibility of potassium deficiency in athletes who exercise in hot temperatures or sweat excessively can increase.

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Even though potassium might not be always listed in a creamer's nutritional information, it will always be there on the ingredient listing if it's present. You should always read the ingredients list to determine whether or not the creamer contains potassium.

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A healthy adult should consume 4,500 mg of potassium every day. This is easy to achieve with a normal eating regimen.