Congratulations, You've Got The JUICE! But have You Got The Basics Covered
Research, Create, Optimize & Rank Videos Like The PROS!
Easy to follow and complete for 2017 & Beyond !
This video is 213 seconds long...
  • Fast/Simple Keyword/Niche Research - find those 'Golden Nugget' Search Terms!
  • Backdoor Optimization Tactics - SEO like a BOSS for Immediate Ranking Benefits!
  • Tactical Optimization - Discover the Secrets that Only 1% of Marketers Know and Use
  • Channel, Playlist and Video Descriptions to the Max - Blow Your Competition Away!
  • Built-in Tools - Taking Your Marketing to a Higher Level
Clive is my 'Mister Moses' ! 

"A guy to follow, who walks the walk, doesn't believe in over complicating stuff but simply creates great training tutorials that I can follow and relate to without being overwhelmed by B.S. and 'fluff' !  Out of the Box thinking & Nuggets Galore! Clever stuff smartly executed and explained.
He also makes me laugh! I love his teaching style! "
If one 3 minute video earned you $5 to $95 a DAY how many more would you create?
Hi Clive here and for me the answer to that question is pretty simple - A LOT!

Once I discovered how to rank videos on YouTube and Google reviewing products and pulling in views and commissions all that held me back was my laziness and speed of creation. Is that what's holding you back? If it is I've got you covered.

Or maybe it's that you don't yet have the knowledge or tools to rank videos fast? No problem - that's what I'm here to fix!
ANOTHER Video Marketing Course? Come ON!
There are just a handful of seriously good Video SEO Marketing Courses out there, created by folks I respect - I buy them and recommend them. WHY? Because I know they will contain some 'Golden Nuggets' that I can add to my Ranking Tactics!

You too will 'mine' some serious Nuggets in Tube Commandments! Whatever your level of expertise: the Training, Mind Map, Resources is full of GOLD tips & tactics :-)
Stay Updated, Get Your Basics Right or LOSE OUT!
There are TEN simple steps to TOP TEN rankings!
10 steps to research, optimize and rank videos for daily profits
It was back in early 2013 when a marketing pal messaged me asking if I'd seen YouTube's announcement about the new 'Annotations' option they had just added to the platform. It took me just seconds to realize the possibilities - Clickable Links INSIDE videos, WOW! Jackpot!

That was my pivotal moment, my epiphany and the day that I became a full time video marketer. In fact teaching others to use Annotations effectively was my very first online training course too...
Now nearly 5 years on and Annotations are being retired by YouTube and we have mobile friendly 'Cards' and 'End Screens' - new toys to play with and exploit to drive traffic to our offers which kind of proves my main point...
You need to say up-to-date with YouTube or miss out!
In fact whether you are at last convinced that YouTube marketing is a viable way to make money online or somebody already doing exactly that then you need to be constantly learning and, as the saying goes, "Never be the smartest person in the room".

Nobody should doubt that there is gold to be mined from YouTube but you need the tools. The greatest tool is knowledge!

One of the reasons I hang out in video marketing groups on Skype and Facebook is to constantly be on the look out for fresh information and ideas. The simple fact is the learning curve is never ending and...
If you snooze you lose!
If you have the potential to become a serious video marketer the door is OPEN!
So what are you going to do? Research, test, try every tactic yourself? Or simply follow the 10 Tube Commandments  the credo I've  created for you, knowing that these are the tactics that get videos ranked! Because unlike the original 10 Commandments mine get updated as things change on YouTube and Google! I use editable Google Docs for my training (as well as videos of course inside a members area) so I can update them on the fly. No more dusty, obsolete files cluttering up your hard drive!
Have You Experienced the Ranking Buzz yet?
Let me tell you nothing beats the buzz of receiving daily revenue driven by a single YouTube video! Let alone multiple videos!

Discovering that you have dug up a 'golden nugget' search term and are exploiting it every day on auto-pilot and that there are a load more to find.

Knowing that you can now build on your initial success and add related videos for similar search terms and dominate a niche!
Using only free tools you can kill it in YouTube when you know how
It was apparent that my training had struck a chord with these guys - they were tired of 'Gurus', who took themselves SO seriously, telling them that it was super difficult and took either a ton of work or by 'gaming' YouTube and Google.

Overpriced training full of padding and fluff to 'justify' the high price point and full of obsolete, outdated information? NOT ON MY WATCH PHARAOH! "Let My People Go!"
MY Credo:    Don't work hard - work SMART!
So what are YOU looking for today? Any of the following...
  • Short, sharp and to the point training?
  • Videos with documentation Resources? 
  • Information that's updated as things change online?
  • Audio that doesn't sound like it was recorded with a tin can?
  • An Interactive Mind Map for quick web navigation?
  • Tutorials that do NOT assume you are an idiot?
  • Free Built In Tools to help you and speed up the process?
Imagine Ranking your Videos on YouTube for people actively looking to BUY STUFF!
So let's be clear. Ranking videos on YouTube and Google does not require a 'miracle', it's not like parting the Red Sea!

It simply involves following simple steps using common sense, consistency and being 'in the know'!

It does NOT require a ton of work - we all work at our own pace and that's cool.

It does NOT require a long established YouTube account - far from it!

And it certainly does not involve skullduggery and trying to 'cheat the system'.

Let me help you get to the Promised Land. The place you want to be - where videos rank and pull in leads, sales and commissions....

Access everything you need to succeed with YouTube right now!
So Let's Have A Sneak Peek At What's Waiting For You...
This is 'State of the Art', Cutting Edge tactics and training for any marketer at any level looking to rank for...
  • AffiliateCommissions
  • CPA Offers
  • E-Commerce Traffic.
  • Offline Leads
  • Promoting Your Stuff
  • Launch Jacking
  • List Building
And of course you can't go wrong with my Rock Solid 30 Day Guarantee. If, after 30 days of using the training - the Videos, the Resources, Mind Map and Tools you have not ranked a video I will gladly refund your money. 
It's as simple as that!
OK so what have we got so far? Easy to follow, actionable training continuously updated in video and text format. Resource documents and links for every module and the Interactive Mind Map with a Golden Guarantee - so let's talk BONUSES - real Bonuses that will help you with your video marketing...
The Training And Tools You Need For Video Marketing Success Are RIGHT HERE!
Inside the membership area you already have TWO built in Tools:
The YouTube URL Variation Generator
Create 80+ different YouTube Urls - more being added soon - all pointing to your video - great for mixing it up when creating Backlinks.
The 'Buyer Intent' Search Term Generator
Find 200+ Buyer Intent Search terms - simply enter your generic niche search term and get those Buyer Search Terms to focus on...
You will also get access to our SEARCH FOCUS Tool
Included in your purchase today is our very funky Keyword Search Tool. Just type in your main keyword or niche and it will excavate dozens, hundreds of related search terms for you to use in your campaigns.
* Search Focus is Windows based software
QUESTION:  Do You Want To Be A Top 1% Video Marketer?
Successful Video Marketers have a Brain - just like you. And they have 24 hours in a day, just like you.
So what is it that they KNOW that you don't?  What is it that they DO that you don't?
  The Answers Are Right Here!
  • Yes, I want all the Videos
  • Yes, I want all the Module Documents
  • Yes, I want access to the Interactive Mind Map
  • Yes, I want to use all the Built In Tools
  • Yes, I want to download the Bonus Software
Two NEW Built-In Tools Added
'Timed' URL Variation Generator 
Add your YouTube URL and length of video and this tool will create hundreds of unique YouTube URL's to spice up your backlinking strategies. Shortener Tool 
Add a list of MULTIPLE YouTube URLs (HINT: Maybe those created by two of the other tools?) to create immediate MULTIPLE shortner links for quick Bookmarking and more.
No thanks Clive - I can already rank my videos on page #1 at will, most of the time. What Else Have You Got?
Tube Commandments is not associated with YouTube or Google - or for that matter the Bible, specifically The Book of Exodus.
No guarantee of income, or heavenly reward, is made or implied. I know that making money online takes effort and dedication and trust that you do too. Your work ethic and how you apply the training in this course is under your control and not mine. My success and results are my own and there is no guarantee that you can replicate them but I sure have heck given you all the info you need to do that and more. Your call!
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