A Guide To Why You Should Study Overseas In Tenerife

Home To The UNESCO World Heritage Site La Laguna

If you are considering studying overseas in Spain, then Tenerife may be the ideal option as a side or stand-alone destination.  La Laguna is one of the only two UNESCO World Heritage sites available on the island and home to one of the most well known and oldest universities in Spain.

Situated immediately off the coast of Spain, the island of Tenerife is the largest of all the canary islands.  It holds different treasures and experiences that will enrich your overseas study experience.  Regardless of whether you are studying to learn the Spanish language, learn about Spanish heritage, or wish to be an in a gorgeous setting, Tenerife will enhance your perspective of the unique beauty and culture that is Spain.

If you are in Tenerife during the winter months, there is no need for concern.  One of the primary appeals of Tenerife is that it presents with an 80 degree temperature throughout the year - hello warmth and sunshine!

Why Choose Tenerife?

Mostly an unknown paradise, many people may not know about the island and all that Tenerife has to offer.  Ranging from water to beaches with adventure and land sports, Tenerife offers the ideal combination of activities and education for students who are searching for unique study overseas trips.  Students interested in the Spanish language and culture may find this island ideal as most people in Tenerife speak Spanish, allowing students to practice their skills in real-life settings. 

Don't worry, English is still spoken widely across the island and you will be understood even if your Spanish is poor.  If you are studying international business, political science, or Spanish, then this is an experience you cannot get from reports, research, or in-door classes.

Did you know that one of the most famous activities in Tenerife is stargazing?  Calling all astronomy students, major or minor, Tenerife has some of Europe's clearest skies presenting with an unbelievable array of stars.  Based on this array of stars in the sky, the island has an astronomy observatory set up along the right side of the area making stargazing highly accessible. 

Not only this, but Tenerife provides state-of-the-art research facilities for observations to enrich your knowledge of astronomy, education, and understanding of what the universe is comprised of.

Not only is there a plethora of opportunities to learn about astronomy with Spanish culture, then Tenerife is one of the most beautiful stand-alone destinations.  Consider the scenario - a region packed with European architecture, delicious cuisine, a star-filled sky, beautiful beaches surrounding the land, and the third largest volcano on earth.  Tenerife is a canary island that is filled with excitement throughout the day and the night.  

Heading From Point A To Point B And Back

There are various options available regarding transportation to Tenerife from Spain.  The most common method of travelling from to Tenerife from Spain is by flying.  A flight to Tenerife from Spain can last only two hours and reaching the island destination has never been so simple regardless of which Spanish city you are in. 

Currently, there are daily flights from Malaga, Barcelona, Seville, and other cities in Spain, while Madrid also offers hourly flights to Tenerife.  The short flights allow you to enjoy the coastlines of both the canary islands and Spain.  It is also a great way of transporting you to two learning sites with completely opposite environments.

If you are not a fan of flying, then there is another option to take a ferry.  One ferry travels to Tenerife from Spain and operates twice per week leaving a port in Spain and arriving on the beautiful island of Tenerife. 

While the ferry's travel time can be daunting, this experience is unique and considered a once in a lifetime opportunity to relax, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy all the magnificent views. 

Moreover, the ferry allows people to bring their cars onboard, which is a good way of ensuring you have reliable transportation when reaching Tenerife.  While it may not be as speedy as flying, riding the ferry is far more cost-effective and ideal for students who are living on a restricted budget.

In conclusion, if you opt for Tenerife as an overseas study experience, you will not regret it.  This island is a magical place with unique features to be enjoyed.  It is a region where you can learn while still having a good time. 

Dolphin watching, whale watching, adventure sports, cultural festivals, spa and wellness centres, viewing Mt. Teide - you cannot say that you are bored when living in Tenerife.

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