All You Need To Know About Garachico

One of my favourite activities is to get in my car and see where the road will take me.  On my previous trip to the island, I was fortunate enough to explore the cultural northern region.  The magical town of Garachico can be found along the north-western part of the island is a region known as the Low Island or Isla Baja.  When climbing out of my car, I immediately felt right at home because it reminded me of my favourite towns back in the US with a distinctive colonial Spanish flare.

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Along the rugged coastline of Garachico is the main promenade known as El Caleton.  It is here that you can find the famous lava pools formed from natural salt water.  While some people will not do this, it is possible to swim safely in between the different rocks; of course, this is based on the size of the ocean swells the previous day.  Further up along the coastline is the Castle of San Miguel which was constructed in the 16th century.  As Garachico was the busiest port on the island during that time, a fort was constructed to protect the town from the Spaniard's various rivals.  

After enjoying the dazzling coastline of Garachico, you can enjoy a stroll along the town's cobblestone streets.  While this area is primarily residential, you can find families running boutiques with local crafts, as well as small cafe's where local inhabitants will argue over the day's soccer game or discuss some heated political subject.  The locals, known as Garachiquenses, are very passionate and love their town; however, this does not mean they are aggressive to strangers.  In fact, it is totally opposite as these people welcome foreigners in a completely non-threatening manner making your stay far more enjoyable.

Should you happen to fall in love, the way many visitors do with Garachico, it is possible to plan overnight stays for the next visit.  The local Garachico government maintains hotel construction, but keeps it at a minimal level.  This means that there are not large hotel chains run in the town, but rather smaller boutique hotels such as the Hotel San Roque.  The Hotel San Roque is an 18th century manor that was converted into a hotel with each of the suites showcasing local Garachico art.

One of the most unique features of this town is that it is off the beaten track.  The majority of visitors to the island hear of the town by speaking to local inhabitants, but otherwise it is rare that you will discover Garachico at all.

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