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It is true that roofs are supposed to last for several years, especially when they are not subjected to extreme weather conditions, yet we still find our roofs getting damaged sooner than we expected. Being a Roofing Carrollton GA expert at The Cool Roofing Company, we have discovered that there are other factors that contribute to the early deterioration of the roofs, and some of them are what you least expected. Below are some of the things you didn't know could cause damage to your roof: These factors can most times be uncontrollable, and little did you know that they play an important role in damaging your roof. Rodents tend to chew at shingles and birds set up nests on the roof which eventually begin to rot and slowly cause damage.It is hard to overlook fallen branches on your roof; however, lighter debris like twigs and leaves are easy to ignore, and their accumulation plays a part in damaging your roof. 



The rate at which debris build-up depends on the style of your roof and their damage is usually a slow and long process, but eventually, it starts to take a toll on the roof. You can contact us to inspect for possible damages caused by some debris. You might not realize that a faulty gutter system causes the rotting of your shingles and other components of your roof. In the case of a clogged gutter, water meant to be directed off the roof begins to pool on the roof, and it results in decay. When you notice you have a clogged gutter, you can contact us to resolve this. The damages on your roof are not restricted to these factors; therefore, it is important for you always to pay attention to this part of the house.



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The roof is one of the important parts of the house as it provides protection to the inhabitants of the house; it also supports and provides aesthetic features to the building. We at The Cool Roofing Company advise that just like any parts of the house, the roof should also be maintained so as to avoid the constant need for Roof Repair Carrollton GA. To increase the lifespan and efficiency of the roof, below are some important maintenance tips to follow.This is a simple yet effective maintenance method. By cleaning the shingles of the roof, you are ridding it of factors that can play a role in decaying and rotting such as debris and fungal growth.The gutter is the part of the roof aimed at conducting the flow of water off the roof, and we advise that it should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent clogging. In more complex cases, you can contact us for help. The purpose of sealants on roofs is to reduce the chances of a water leak, and its constant inspection can save you from this fate. We advise that you survey the part of the roof with sealant and check for signs of tear or crack and replace them immediately.If you have a metal roofing or you made use of metallic material on your roof, it is necessary to always lookout for signs of rust. When you discover an area rusting, you can wire-brush the place then prime and paint it. If your home is in close proximity to a tree, you would want to watch out for branches hanging above or too close to your roof as its leaves could clog up the gutters. Finally, not every maintenance activity can be carried out on your own; therefore, it is important to seek professional assistance. 




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This is one of the most important factors to put into consideration before hiring a  Carrollton Roofing service as it determines the longevity of the roof. Roofing materials range from steel to asphalt, cedar, stone-coat, and many more with each of them having unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. While some are cheaper than the others, the others could be more durable in comparison. When confused about the most suitable roofing material for your home, you can contact us for professional advice. Using low-quality roofing material may result in you spending more for repair in the future. Before considering the possibility of having your roof replaced, it is important first to put the roofing company to handle the process into consideration. 



Things like experience, ratings, reviews, licensing, and insurance should be a criterion for hiring a roofing company. At The cool Roofing company, we have a team of highly trained and experienced roofers, and we are certified to offer roofing services. Cost is an important factor to consider for roof replacement. We always advise people to make research about the kind of roof they want and budget for the possible costs. We also offer estimates for any kind of roofing styles and consultation to know the kind of roof that will suit your home the best. Other factors like the location of your house, the climate of the area, and the structure of the former roof should also be put into consideration.


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