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There are two categories of bankruptcy attorneys: commercial bankruptcy attorneys and consumer bankruptcy attorneys. Commercial bankruptcy attorneys are those who file bankruptcy petitions on behalf of people and companies who are considering filing for bankruptcy. A commercial bankruptcy attorney will usually work in a firm and deal with clients who own large businesses, financial institutions, or corporations. They can be a part-time attorney or an hourly wage employee. These attorneys can represent anyone from a small business owner to a CEO of a corporation. Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, on the other hand, are those who file bankruptcy petitions on behalf of individuals or families who are having trouble paying their bills. These individuals may have made mistakes in the past that have given them problems paying their bills, or they may not even be able to pay anymore because of circumstances beyond their control. These attorneys can represent anyone from a single mom who lost her job and cannot make ends meet to a business owner who realizes he has gotten too much in debt.



No matter which type of bankruptcy attorneys you choose, you should hire one who has a lot of experience. Bankruptcy lawyers who have been practicing bankruptcy law for many years and have plenty of cases under their belt are more likely to know what they are doing than amateurs. Professionals who have spent years helping people get out of debt are also familiar with the judges that will hear your case. Experience is necessary because the more experience bankruptcy lawyers have, the better prepared they will be when it comes time for you to appear before a judge. A bankruptcy lawyer who has represented thousands of clients and has won nearly every case they have tried is also more likely to provide you with the best advice possible.



Bankruptcy Lawyers


The  Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you get a fresh start through Bankruptcy Court. Are you out of work and have no means to pay your monthly bills? Are you paying the minimums on all your credit cards, but can't make ends meet? Are you trying credit card counseling but can't get any results? Then the bankruptcy lawyers can help you! They are able to negotiate with the banks for you, as they know what the banks want to hear when negotiating so that they can keep you as a customer. What kind of problems can you expect from the bankruptcy lawyers? If you have many debts, they may be able to negotiate for you with the creditors for a debt consolidation loan. This loan will allow you to combine all of your monthly payments into one single payment that you will make to the company. They will then divide this payment up amongst your creditors. This payment will often be lower than what you are currently paying, as the creditors will be getting a percentage of the loan. You will also have fewer obligations to worry about when you are in deep debt, because you won't have to spend money to collect it from your creditors. When you are filling out your paperwork and preparing for the bankruptcy lawyers, you need to ask questions, and find out how the process will work for you, especially if you live in New York. There are many procedures that need to be followed, and you should not hesitate to ask the bankruptcy lawyers any questions that you may have regarding the process. 





Bankruptcy Lawyer


The very phrase "bankruptcy lawyer" evokes a legal picture of a courtroom battle between debtors and creditors. That's where a bankruptcy lawyer enters the picture. Not only do you get legal counsel, but also a bankruptcy lawyer is likely to handle all the paperwork from beginning to end. Here are just some of the common forms of services that you can expect your bankruptcy lawyer to provide you with: Bar Exam - Most people will never have to go through the bankruptcy laws or file for bankruptcy without first going to the state bar exam. You can choose to take the exam either online or by mailing in paperless documents. In either case, you will need to pass the bar exam in order to practice law in the state you filed. Once you pass the bar exam you will be required to take a qualifying exam, which will help determine if you have what it takes to pass in the state of your choice. A Bankruptcy Lawyer will prepare you for these tests and help you through the process if you decide not to take them on your own.



Financial Statement - A financial statement is an accounting of all of your assets, liabilities, income, and debts. Your financial statement is a complete representation of your personal finances and can give insight as to what, if any, debt management may be necessary in the event of filing for bankruptcy. For those individuals planning to file for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy lawyer can make preparing your statement a priority. Your financial statement is an important tool that can prevent you from falling into further debt, as well as enabling you to understand how the filing might affect your ability to pay off your debts. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, your bankruptcy lawyer will likely advise you to prepare a full statement, as well as taking the time to compile all of your debts and other relevant information.


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