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Winter Chicken Keeping

Winter can be a really difficult time for chickens & their keepers. There are a few things you can do to keep your flock healthy & happy over these cold months...

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This Week’s Highlights

Arctic blast coming to my area
January 29, 2019   •   72 posts   •   2,142 views
Managing Your Flock

Ninjasquirrel said — Tomorrow is supposed to be -13 with a windchill of -35. They're saying frostbite in minutes. We normally dont heat our coop but im wondering if I should put a heat lamp out for ...

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Is there a breed for me?
January 29, 2019   •   52 posts   •   1,035 views
General breed discussions & FAQ

Halfpasthen said — Hello and thank you in advance! I'd also like to apologize now for any rambling in this post. After a lot of research about the chicken for me, my head is spinning. I have read ...

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Best foods for chicks besides the basic starter feed
January 29, 2019   •   50 posts   •   1,505 views
Raising Baby Chicks

birdiefluff said — Hello all! I'm wondering what's some of you all best natural foods you use to feed your precious fluffy butt babies? LOL! I've heard cutting up fresh herbs and putting that mixed ...

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Hatchery Poll
January 27, 2019   •   72 posts   •   1,638 views
Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries

Kacey Elle said — I've only ordered pullets in the past and am thinking seriously about ordering chicks. I would love input on what hatcheries you've used--specifically, I'm looking for short AND ...

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Safer Living Through Bribery
January 28, 2019   •   50 posts   •   2,027 views
Managing Your Flock

NewBoots said — So I intend to make a Fort Knox coop with a large attached run. When I'm working in the yard and garden I wanted to let the chickens range to eat bugs scratch about. Then when ...

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Opinions of cold climate chicken keepers needed
January 24, 2019   •   183 posts   •   6,573 views
Managing Your Flock

No More Empty Nest said — It's going to be -7 degrees tonight. I have 4 bantams in a 6 x 3 coop, raised off the ground. Will they be ok? 3 EEs and 1 Cochin. I have a calibrated hygrometer in the coop and ...

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Heat Lamp - and Chickens won't go to bed
January 30, 2019   •   41 posts   •   953 views
Managing Your Flock

MIChickandGuinea said — I don't usually use a heat lamp, because we have a nice coop with good ventilation, proper wide roosts, and draft protection, and that's usually fine for the ladies. But we've ...

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If You Could Only Have 6 Chickens...
January 29, 2019   •   26 posts   •   628 views
Managing Your Flock

thecreekhouse said — What breeds would you choose if you could only have 6 hens, and why? I would have: A Silkie A large Cochin An Olive Egger An Ameracauna or Araucana A Wellsummer A Rhode Island ...

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Freaking out about Chicago record breaking cold
January 30, 2019   •   30 posts   •   682 views
Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance

Chickenfoundme said — My 3 yr old chickens are in a coop. It's -25 actual temperature outside now and I have a heat lamp in the coop for my 4 chickens (Barnivelder,Orpington, and Cocomorans). The coop ...

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Help me narrow it down!
January 27, 2019   •   62 posts   •   1,073 views
General breed discussions & FAQ

KDOGG331 said — Want to add more chickens in the spring as my current hens are 3 years old and we'd like a few more eggs but my problem is I have a million breeds I want to try... Made up a mock ...

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