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This Week’s Highlights

Some cathedral ceiling framing and straightening with my lovely strips
January 13, 2019   •   65 posts   •   1,068 views

tipitop said — Small town guy will absolutely like my new approach to advertising. I'm blowing to maximum. This is part of my CL add. Discuss. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

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Have You Been Hiring More Women?
January 07, 2019   •   89 posts   •   1,615 views
Featured Articles

Cricket said — Have you been hiring more women? Why? Why not? Could it be a solution to labor shortages?

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Didn't want hurt on pricing this dryfall job, need bid help.
January 10, 2019   •   23 posts   •   460 views
Painting & Finish Work

Drummer Dave said — 200x200 ceiling , heads need bagged, deck is 23 ft. blow and go white dryfall. any estimate would help. I just didn't want to bid too low.

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Recommend small wire feed welder...
January 10, 2019   •   27 posts   •   520 views
Tools & Equipment

griz said — 110v, wire feed. have always wanted one. just for odds and ends personal stuff, recreation...:laughing: 1/4" steel max to weld welding never been in my wheelhouse, always been ...

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Tips for making a wall straight
January 13, 2019   •   11 posts   •   184 views

nickelec said — hi all i have a questions in regards to laying out lines, the mason just finished up my footing and contractor is a few days maybe a week out , in the mean time i wanted to check ...

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Chipping out with router
January 11, 2019   •   11 posts   •   183 views
Finish Carpentry

rblakes1 said — I was running maple through the router for some doors I'm making and had a lot of chip out. I'm hoping you guys can throw some pointers my way so it doesn't happen again. Speed ...

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Do you have a portfolio?
January 10, 2019   •   10 posts   •   163 views
Featured Articles

Cricket said — Do you have a portfolio? If so, what kind, and if you don't, why not?

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Cool looking house, but I wonder how it has aged
January 11, 2019   •   10 posts   •   187 views
Architecture & Design

Anti-wingnut said — I bet there is a ton of rot, and I bet those massive poly-chinked seems now look really fugly [link]

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When is it too cold to work outside?
January 10, 2019   •   10 posts   •   171 views
Featured Articles

Cricket said — When is it too cold to work outside? What do you do to keep your team safe from the cold?

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Building a stick built shed
January 08, 2019   •   17 posts   •   390 views

LPG said — Ok so down here in the south, our HVHZ building code calls for majority CMU construction and I personally don't have much experience in the way of stick building. Im building a ...

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