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Rem 700 Special Trigger
2021-02-02 • • $189.99
Rifles, Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics

Nunu said — I have both. A jewel trigger with safety on my Remington 700 Mil spec 5R, and a jewel trigger without safety on my Eliseo-Borden tube gun. I was thinking of having a safety on ...

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Esbit 11.5g (0.4 Ounce) Ultralight Folding Titanium Stove for Use with Solid Fuel Tablets
2021-01-24 • Amazon • $18.75
Backpack Hunting

QuietTexan said — If you're using store-bought dehydrated meals, get a pouch: [link] You can make them out of windshield sun screens, mailing pouches, etc, but that ^^^ is an example of a store-bought ...

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Highlighted posts

Can 308 do everything you need a rifle to do under 600 yards?
February 15, 2021   •   28 posts   •   724 views
The Basics, Starting Out

bluejay75 said — Greetings Gents, I am a hunter first and foremost. A few years back I decided to reduce the number of calibers I shoot and reload for. I settled on a 308 as my "do everything" ...

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Euro optics has Berger 156 EOL’s in stock
February 16, 2021   •   18 posts   •   466 views
Reloading Equipment and Components

shooters said — Awesome. I scored a box. I put 30 in my cart to see what it said. Said 9 available. I wanted all 9 but only ordered 1 so others could buy some. I already have 1 box at the house. ...

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Empty AR15 receiver...What upper should I buy or build for a 300 yard deer AR?
February 15, 2021   •   22 posts   •   340 views
AR15/10 Rifles

bluejay75 said — Greetings Gents, While its the off season for big game hunting, I intend to either buy or have built an AR15 upper that will reliably take deer out to 300 yards. Zeroed for max ...

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February 15, 2021   •   11 posts   •   289 views
Reloading Equipment and Components

North Idaho Hunter said — Any north idaho folks in the house? Spokane, CDA, Post falls, etc? I see the trend of these regional trade threads popping up. I figured it would be a good start for us NORTH idahoans!

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Howa Specialist Gunsmith
February 15, 2021   •   19 posts   •   520 views

shortgrass said — Your opening post says, "Looking for a gunsmith". Seems you weren't 'looking' or you have already looked as much as you are willing to. Metric threads aren't a problem for a real ...

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Misc 1# Powders For Sale (RL16, IMR4350, Super, 4831)
February 16, 2021   •   12 posts   •   221 views
Reloading Equipment and Components

C-Crist276 said — I have a number of misc 1# powders for sale. Still sealed. They are located in San Jose CA. Would prefer local pick up, but will look into shipping (buyers expense). 1# - Superformance ...

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I made a mistake, learn from mine.
February 15, 2021   •   10 posts   •   972 views
Reloading Equipment and Components

240weatherby said — I almost did excactly that two day's ago elf. A guy who bought bullets almost got a Co-ax press. It had the label and everthing done, luckily i had another item to ship. So as ...

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Up for trade VV 570
February 15, 2021   •   14 posts   •   520 views
Reloading Equipment and Components

MtnTrax said — I can trade up to 8 lbs of the same lot #

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February 15, 2021   •   27 posts   •   742 views
Reloading Equipment and Components

Laguna Freak said — I'll be coming up US 69/75 to north Grand Lake in a week and will pass Bartlesville a few days after that. I need WLRM primers and Hornady 5 and 18 case trimmer pilots. Will buy, ...

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Ready for WY Elk hunt?
February 15, 2021   •   11 posts   •   289 views
Elk Hunting

lejuch said — Good morning this snowy morning. Planning on hunt with my 3 sons in WY in a couple years and interested in others opinions. Currently own 6.5 PRC, 6.5 Sherman Max, 7 Sherman Max, ...

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