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This Week’s Highlights

How Energy Healing Can Help Severe Anxiety and Stress
January 14, 2019   •   1 post   •   9 views
Mental Health

Mothering.comPromo said — How Energy Healing Can Help Overblown Anxiety It might be difficult for a lot of moms to admit, but many do suffer with anxiety on a daily basis. And that anxiety can be crippling. As a mother, you always want to seem in control, and be in ...

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USA Today reports on young woman
January 07, 2019   •   24 posts   •   416 views

applejuice said — - who is now an adult and has decided to go against her parents' anti vaccination beliefs and got her vaccines! Good for her! She claims The fact of the matter is, depending on ...

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Denial doesn't actually turn into safe and effective
January 10, 2019   •   8 posts   •   260 views

Deborah said — no matter how often the vaccine enthusiasts chant their mantra [link] Sorry, it won't let me copy and paste. You'll have to read it for yourself. :crying:

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Unethical experiments' painful contributions to today's medicine
January 11, 2019   •   4 posts   •   143 views

emmy526 said — Too bad this doesn't happen with the current vaccine program in the USA and it's still happening in today's world [link]

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Extremely depressed 16 year old son
January 08, 2019   •   5 posts   •   159 views
Preteens and Teens

Lostmom said — Hello all I am new here and in need some advice with my 16 year old son. I am honestly pretty lost with my son, he was recently attacked at school by another student by what was ...

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Vaccines aren't profitable- j/k
January 10, 2019   •   9 posts   •   256 views

applejuice said — I have had a sneaking suspicion since I was a teenager that the medical treatment of viral diseases with aspirin and other fever relievers cause more problems than are solved. ...

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Vaccine Law
January 11, 2019   •   4 posts   •   140 views
Vaccination Policies and Legislation

E1meh said — And I know this isn’t related to the law and factors going into the recent government stance but I had a little surprise moment reading about UK admitting his death was caused ...

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Scared of the dark
January 13, 2019   •   2 posts   •   91 views
The Childhood Years

Valessia said — Hi everyone! My daughter is 6 and she is afraid to sleep on her own and always comes to sleep with me. She says that she sees scary figures in the dark. I don't know what to do, ...

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Moms please help
January 08, 2019   •   3 posts   •   104 views
The Childhood Years

Calimom209 said — So first off let me say, so thankful i have found this forum and pray i get some help. My son is 8 years old. I also have a 19 year old. Anyways on the 3rd him and i got sick. ...

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September 2019 Due Date Club Now Open
January 07, 2019   •   4 posts   •   96 views
September 2019 Due Date Club

CricketVS said — [attachment] Our September 2019 Due Date Club is now open. Does anyone have a September due date yet?

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