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Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110, Carbon Steel
2021-02-14 • • 76.99USD
Camping,Hiking and Outdoor Survival,Etc

primatech505 said — Can't recommend i...

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Russian SKS Surplus Semi-Auto Rifle 7.62x39mm 5 Rounds Wood Stock
2021-02-11 • $439.99

LeAdmin said — I am not following what you are saying. Are you saying $400 is too low? [link] This one is $440 and in stock for a russian sks. Back in the day they u...

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Highlighted posts

On my soapbox again...
February 15, 2021   •   25 posts   •   475 views
Deer Hunting Forum

BSK said — I promised myself I wouldn't do this, but I can't hold my tongue. To start, I almost never watch TV hunting shows because they're so unrealistic, and often present inaccurate biological/management ...

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wearing orange while turkey hunting
February 15, 2021   •   12 posts   •   189 views
Long Beards & Spurs

tahtah said — The thread about wearing orange while on a deer stand made me wonder about this. Does anyone wear orange while turkey hunting, public or private land? I hunt public. I always wear ...

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Anyone here load .38 and .45 ?
February 15, 2021   •   12 posts   •   186 views

7mm08 said — Since you were so kind to answer...... my question is...... can you use a bunch of .45/ 9mm?/ .38 brass for free??? my buddy moved away. He reloaded but gave this to me thinking ...

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Unknown Dies
February 15, 2021   •   6 posts   •   179 views

Tnshooter15 said — I was going through some old stuff of mine and came across a die set without a box. The caliber isn't marked on the dies. Does anyone know the best way to find out the caliber? ...

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Leupold 3x9x40 vs 3x9x50.
February 16, 2021   •   5 posts   •   119 views

Carlos said — I'm about to order one of these scopes for my rifle, and I'm leaning towards the 50mm. I know it will need mounts, and will be mounted a little higher than a 40mm would. What other ...

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Keto diet
February 16, 2021   •   5 posts   •   59 views
Nutrition and fitness

TreyB said — Pros and cons... mid 40s and need to lose some weight. 205 now but feel awful. Work 12 hour swing shifts. Have high BP so need to get it together. Thanks in advance if anyone gives ...

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Possibilities that this weather will impact deer populations?
February 15, 2021   •   4 posts   •   126 views
Quality Deer Management

DeerCamp said — We are looking at anywhere from 6-10" of snow this week, with temperatures as low as 4F, windchills of -10, and probably won't be above freezing until Next week. What are the chances ...

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Gotta love them eastern gobblers (video)
February 16, 2021   •   4 posts   •   221 views
Long Beards & Spurs

fairchaser said — That's some great callin. I guess I'm gonna get me one of those mouth calls. River Bottom Romance. Nice

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Crappie Trip
February 16, 2021   •   1 post   •   59 views
Fishing Forums

Coker said — I am looking for a good crappie guide/fishing trip for my daughter (age 18) and me in early spring. We have been going crappie fishing for the last few years and it has become ...

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Anyone seen any XTP’s?
February 15, 2021   •   1 post   •   52 views

nistech95 said — Looking for 158gr XTP's or Speer 158gr SJHP in .357. Looking for 100 minimum.

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