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 When you come into our Time Out Project facility looking for help, we make sure that you are attended to by a team of experts who seek to work with you to better understand your needs and develop a holistic health approach that addresses those concerns of yours.We are focused on helping you take back control of your life and we do this by implementing strategies that help you to combat stress and all other aspects of your life that have been hindering you from true freedom.As part of the approaches that we employ, you can rest easy knowing that you will be a part of our Yoga exercise classes.


Our classes have been designed to offer you a wide range of benefits including;- Our yoga classes focus on helping you to improve your body image and self-esteem by focusing on strategies that can boost your flexibility, body tone, and overall increase your muscle strength- We also tailor our yoga classes such that they help you to tap into your internal energy resource for more energy to do tasks. Yoga improves the secretion of the cortisol hormone that boosts energy levels and also reduces fatigue.- Yoga helps you to detoxify. This is achieved when you engage in poses that massage your internal organs, pushing them to let go of harmful toxins.- Our yoga classes also focus on boosting respiration and circulation. You can rest easy knowing that these two factors can contribute significantly to the proper management of allergies.- Our Yoga solution offers you a chance to enjoy a balanced metabolism while also protecting you from injuries.You can take advantage of our yoga sessions to boost your breathing and when combined with the services offered by our Counsellor, you can bank on living a truly limitless life.



Yoga Classes

Stress is one of the leading causes of dwindling productivity. When exposed to stress for a prolonged period, there are certain complications that may arise, even death.At Time Out Project, our goal is to help you work through the stress by encouraging you to take time out from work or other activities that may be stressing you. Our main mission is to help you to improve the quality of your life as well as your wellness and we do this by introducing you to holistic health methods and approaches that help you to live free while draining the stress from your body.As part of the strategies that we employ, you can take advantage of solutions like;- We offer one of the most comprehensive Yoga classes to clients who are under stress and need a way to ease out the stress. If you are feeling tight, sore, and achy, rest easy knowing that we have tailored our yoga classes such that they help you to better address these conditions. We will provide the support needed as well as the education you need to strengthen you and also nourish your body.Our Yoga Classes also improve your balance, circulation, posture, and contributes to your overall health while also preventing injuries.-Our counselor is a professional and has years of experience helping clients to deal with conditions that stress them both physically and mentally. We are approachable and compassionate. We can help you find your footing whether for identity building purposes or self-discovery purposes. We help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses also.- Therapy is a solution that we employ in the treatment of problems rather than symptoms. We attend to common conditions causing pain in the whole body and the connective tissues. Rest assured that this therapeutic solution is available for clients of all ages.


    Bowen Therapy

Are you looking to take control of your life, reinvent it and spin the wheels around, then you could use a little help. At Time Out Project, our main aim is to help you live a life that is worth living, one that is free from stress.To achieve this, we take a holistic health approach by focusing on your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.When you come to us, we help you to discover your strengths and work on them to ensure that you begin to make decisions that will benefit you.Our approach is one that employs the use of physical exercises like Bowen Therapy combined with our counselling services.Our counsellor is one that focuses on the use of the framework of Transactional Analysis to take a look at the strategies that best help you meet your current challenges.Our counselling classes offer you a wide range of benefits including;- Understanding yourself and others With our expert counsellor at the helms, we help you to better understand the factors that may be getting in your way of making progress. We also strive to understand your struggles, either with yourself and/or others, and based on this, help you to overcome such struggles for a more fulfilling life.- Discover and develop your strengths Our counsellor is ready to help you to better get to know yourself. 


Our team focuses on strategies that aid self-discovery and promotes your strengths while also working hard on helping you to identify your weaknesses.- Get out of your own way Sometimes, you are your biggest enemy. We help you to understand this as well as areas where you are selling yourself short. We help you to build the level of confidence that turns you into a go-getter.- Gain a new perspective Our mission is to help you to grow. A part of growing is seeing and getting new perspectives that can change your life for good.


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