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Marijuana has become more popular in recent years. The popularity of marijuana and its uses, for recreational and medicinal use, has skyrocketed, especially after many states have legalized its use. Here at Top Shelf Wellness Center Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, we care about the members of our community as well as their access to top-of-the-line marijuana products. Customers who come into our Dispensary will have access to all of the products needed to meet their recreational marijuana needs. We have a team that is focused on working closely with customers to ensure that they get the very best experience. Top Shelf Wellness Center Recreational Marijuana Dispensary is more than your local marijuana dispensary. We have been open and in business since 2015. Since opening, we have remained committed to delivering premium quality marijuana products to customers at affordable prices. We have a reputation for top-quality customer service and products to protect. We make sure that our staff members are always willing to help.



Marijuana can be consumed in different ways. Here at Top Shelf Wellness Center Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, we play to the tune of our customers. We carry a wide range of marijuana products to meet the specific needs of customers who come into our dispensary. One of the prominent marijuana products that we have on our shelves is marijuana edibles. Marijuana edibles are consumables that have been infused with marijuana. These products are available in different options to choose from and are perfect for people who wish to explore marijuana in other ways asides from smoking it.


Dispensary Near Me


Here at Top Shelf Wellness Center Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, our Dispensary Near Me is conveniently located to allow you to find us easily. We understand that you need a marijuana dispensary that is accessible and we have made this happen. We go the extra mile to ensure the security of your vehicle by providing plenty of parking space. You no longer have to worry about where to park your vehicle when buying from your favorite dispensary. When you come into our dispensary near me, our budtenders are happy to walk you through the different marijuana edibles that we have on our shelves. They can also offer recommendations to you based on what you want and need. Our marijuana edibles section offers a wide range of marijuana-infused consumables including chocolate bars, gummies, fruit chews, chips, cookies, and others. Some of the products we carry on our shelves include Winberry – Sour Diesel, Watermelon Jellies Single, Rudeboi 1g Cured Resin, Blueberry Diesel x Triple OG, Snowland, Silver Slymer Cookies, Lavender, Hush – Wild Cherry, B. Banner, Bishop – Gummy Bear, Blueberry Diesel x Triple OG, The Big Fu@k Up, Waiting Game, and more. Explore our range of marijuana edibles by coming into our dispensary today.







Top Shelf Wellness Center Recreational Marijuana Dispensary is one of the leading marijuana Dispensaries in its community. Here, our goal is to make sure that each customer has access to top-quality marijuana products and customer services. We are able to guarantee the quality of the products that we carry because our suppliers are trusted and have undergone a strict vetting process. All of the marijuana products that we offer are organically grown and handled. We make sure that our marijuana flowers, amongst other products, are quality tested to ensure that they meet the highest potency and quality standards. Whether you are a first-time marijuana user or a pro-user, come and explore the over 80 varieties of marijuana strains that we carry on our shelves. 


We make buying marijuana easy for the members of our community. come into any one of our dispensaries and ask for your favorite marijuana product or ask our staff for recommendations. Our lineup of marijuana products includes marijuana flowers sourced from trusted and organic farmers. We also offer a large selection of marijuana edibles to customers who are against smoking or those who wish to take a break from smoking to explore the various other forms of marijuana. Trust us to constantly keep your favorites on our shelves.


Click Here to Call Us:(458) 226-2140

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