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Senior Home Care is healthcare or personal support service that is offered in-home by licensed professional caregivers who specialize in the field of senior care. It is specifically designed to prevent or delay moving toward a long-term residential nursing facility or an assisted living facility. Senior home care offers seniors non-medical assistance, medical care and companionship in their home. Senior home care generally utilizes specialized nurses and/or therapists who are board certified and licensed to provide personalized services. These personalized services usually focus on activities, routines and daily living needs of the client(s) to make sure that the clients are happy with their senior care and retain as much independence as possible. There are many senior home care services that involve medication management. This management program usually requires the presence of a pharmacy technician, an IV infusion provider, a nurse practitioner, a physician and other relevant healthcare professionals to coordinate and handle medication administration. This also includes overseeing and monitoring the treatment of refractory patients who have been determined to require IV therapies. 



The objective is to achieve the best outcomes for the patient through an integrated health approach using evidence-based protocols and practices. The goal of medication management is to prevent the abuse of pharmacologic therapies and the emergence of any potential adverse side effects. The role of the caregiver in senior home care can vary depending on the situation. In some cases, the caregiver may be involved in the entire process, while in others, the caregiver may only be involved in some aspects of the senior citizens day-to-day routine. It really depends on the individual circumstances of the seniors. In some cases, the caregiver is an in-home caregiver and in other cases, the caregiver is a visiting caregiver. In addition, the caregiver may be involved in one on one therapy sessions with the senior or in group therapy with other caregivers. In general, the senior home care agency is responsible for identifying appropriate care giving opportunities, developing a care plan based on the identified needs, ensuring the safety and quality of care and monitoring the progress of the caregiver and the client.




Senior Care


If you are in need of compassionate or in-home Senior Care (also called adult day care or senior care) or other similar services, then Always Best Care senior care can certainly help. The professionals at the business are experienced and caring and are dedicated to giving the kind of personal attention that seniors need. If you have a loved one that needs special attention and a warm, loving attitude, then it is time to make that person your Senior Care partner. This company provides different kinds of senior care services, including skilled assistance in house cleaning and errand support, household assistance, and more. What you get for the money is completely worth it. One of the services offered is Assisted Living. This includes assistance with meal preparation and shopping, transportation and errand assistance, housekeeping assistance, bathing and beauty services, companionship, personal care, and security assistance. The Senior program also offers companion care, which helps elderly citizens age independent. Other services include: transportation, elder care planning, legal assistance, legal protection/help, social services, spiritual support, senior care planning, medical aid, home health care, medical monitoring, pharmacy assistance, legal and medical assistance, home loan modifications, shopping and food service, home repairs, transportation aide, and life assistance.




Elderly Care


Elderly Care, also called senior care (or just elder care) and also elder care home care, is the specialization within the care of older citizens which consists of those who require specialized assistance with daily living activities. In its most common form, elderly care encompasses services like housekeeping, food preparation, laundry, companionship, transportation, housekeeping, cleaning, bathing, dressing, and medical care. Although many of these activities are commonly carried out by different members of a family, the interaction and partnership developed through elder care experiences makes these tasks seem more like a job. In order to provide this specialized care for elderly adults, a wide range of professions is required. One profession that has become increasingly important in providing elderly care is companionship. Although many seniors live alone, companion care service has become a key component in providing elder care. Companion care service involves professional assistance in helping seniors manage activities of daily living that may be difficult for them to perform alone. 



Examples include walking, taking shopping, cooking, cleaning, or medication reminders. In many cases, a companion care service may also provide some or all of these tasks as part of an individualized senior living program. Other activities that might be performed by a companion care aide include companionship counseling or therapy, physical exercise, emotional support, and visiting with the sick or elderly. Another profession that has become important in providing elderly care is that of live-in elderly care. Live-in elderly care service involves having an individual to live in the home of an elderly person, either full-time or part-time. A live-in caregiver provides a variety of tasks including but not limited to cleaning, light housekeeping, bathing, dressing, eating, and driving the senior to and from appointments. Some live-in elderly care services allow the senior to select who live with him or her and this can be a great benefit to the senior's family. Many live-in caregivers are skilled caretakers and have experience with various aspects of caring for elderly people. They are experienced at dealing with the daily routines of a senior and can often create a calming and soothing atmosphere in which the elderly may be able to retain some sense of dignity.


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