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[What Are Type Instrumental Beats?]

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A type beat has been described as an underground producer's take on hip hop music. The style is similar to that of a specific rap artist, and this helps the up-and-coming producers' chances by giving them familiarity with their instrumentals in order for it to seem more authentic when they create new tracks from scratch without plagiarizing or mimicking other artists. 


Why Do Beat Makers Make Type Beats?

One example would be if you took Drake; his beats might include trap sounds and many beatmakers try to produced similar instrumentals like Drakes producer because people are searching for that type of music online. Building a following is important for any musician and it's especially crucial when you're just starting. You need to build up your fan base before monetizing them with merchandise, affiliate programs or even streaming royalties; but don't forget about selling concert tickets!

Can You Use Type Beats With Out Getting Sued?

As an up and coming hip hop artist, you want to make sure your music is sounding as good as possible. You need beats that are in a style similar to your favourite rap artists, but you don't have the time or money to spend on expensive products. 

It's never too early to start thinking about your future in music. You need the funds necessary for promotion online so that you can build up a following and later on monetize them with merchandise deals or sponsorship offers from brands who want their name associated with what they think is great sounds like!

Producing type beats can be incredibly time consuming and expensive. Not only do you have to find the right producer, but you also need to pay for the beat license and then mix and master the track yourself.

The Corporatethief Beats are the perfect solution for up and coming hip hop artists. Our beats are produced by professional producers, licensed for commercial use, and mixed and mastered so they sound great on any platform.

Are Free-Type Instrumentals Really Free? 

No! Most music producers will offer free downloads on their website to invite new hip hop artists. The demo songs are usually for audition and personal recordings, giving the rapper chance to see if he or she can rap well without having to spend money with instrumentals that may never end up being used in any finished product.

The process of getting a song made can be daunting for rappers. They have to spend money on instrumentals that might not turn out how they imagined, so most musicians will offer free type beats downloads of their work-in-progress ( unfinished ) songs online in order to attract new talent and give them an opportunity before committing to pay for the lease license of the beat professionally.

Where Can I Download Type Beats?

As an up and coming hip hop artist, it can be difficult to find quality type beats that fit your style. 

Not only is it hard to find quality type beat instrumentals, but they can also be expensive. And if you're not careful, you might end up buying a beat that's already been used by another artist.

The Corporatethief Beats offers high-quality type beat instrumentals for an affordable price. Our beats are original and exclusive to our site, so you won't have to worry about someone else using the same instrumental as you.

Examples Of Similar Rap Instrumentals

Future Type Beats - The Prince

Hip hop is known for its fast-paced beats that are heavy on the bass. Future's type of music has similar qualities with artists like Migos, Drake and Travis Scott; all popular in today’s world of hiphop culture!

Drake Type Beat With Hook - Way Down

Welcome to my brand new Drake type beat with a hook called Way Down. I looped the instrumental for 10 minutes so that any hip hop artists could practice and vibe without interruption. 

Travis Scott Instrumental

Where Can I Purchase Type Beats Online?

When the beat drops and your heart starts racing, you can't help but feel like it's been years since someone took control. You are in safe hands with these instrumentals from Travis Scott as he delivers a classic featuring female hook called "I'm Good".

It can be difficult to find inspiration for your music. You may not feel like you have the same level of creativity as your favourite artists. 

Not being able to find inspiration can hold you back from releasing your best work. You may feel like you're stuck in a rut and don't know where to start.

Have you been looking for some fresh new instrumentals? Well, I have just the thing. Here's my list of favourite beats that are always updated from time to date! Make sure and subscribe if this sounds like your kinda music because we will be sending out emails every week with all sorts of freshly made tunes right here on Beat Player purely for your eyes only (and maybe even one other person who likes listening to good vibes).

The Corporatethief Beats provide Type Beats that are the perfect solution for you. These beats will help you find the inspiration you need to create great music. With our professional-quality beats, you'll be able to make hits that sound just like the pros.

It's hard to find good beats with hooks. A lot of hip hop artists struggle to find beats with hooks that will help their songs gain media attention, a viral effect, or radio play. 

A lot of producers make instrumental beats without hooks, or they'll make a beat and then have the artist write their own hook. This leaves a lot of artists struggling to find quality beats that will help their songs stand out. 

The Corporatethief Beats is a production team that specializes in creating high-quality hip hop instrumentals with catchy hooks. Our beats are made for artists who want their songs to stand out and gain media attention.


Not having the right instrumental can hurt an artist's chances of gaining mainstream success. The Corporatethief Beats offers professional quality beats with hooks for a fraction of the cost of other production companies. Our beats are made by experienced producers who know how to make hit records. Find out more about The Corporatethief Beats here https://thecorporatethiefbeats.com/type-beat/