Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is regarded as a statutory body that works under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. It provides various information related to the Employee Provident Fund (EPF). All the members under EPFO would be familiar with a common term UAN or Universal Account Number. UAN was introduced by EPFO in order to give a permanent identity to the PF account of an employee. To accomplish this, a different UAN Member Portal was created to provide different kinds of UAN based services. UAN Login

EPF Members have the facility of activating their UAN registration in order to avail its various online facilities and save a lot of time and efforts in getting these tasks done compared to the traditional offline method. The benefit you get is that you can access various PF account and that too under one umbrella. Hence, it reduces the dependency of an employee on the employer for different withdrawals and aids in curbing defaulters.

Quick and Easy Guide on How to login to UAN Member Portal Online

UAN Member Portal – How to Use it?
The very first step to avail the services of the EPF portal is to register for the portal. To do so you need to get your universal account number or UAN from the employer, and your mobile number and your member ID.

UAN Member Portal Online Activation Steps to Follow:

Go to the UAN Member Portal: https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
UAN Login Portal

Click on the option ‘Activate your UAN’, to get a new page.
Check the box displaying ‘I have understood the instructions.’ This will lead to an appearance of a UAN activation form.
UAN Login Page Form

Fill it up with UAN number, mobile number and member ID.
Select the State and Office of the EPF in your state.
Enter the Captcha or the text you will see in an image block in the form, and hit Get Pin.
A PIN will be generated and will be sent to your mobile for verification.
By entering the authorization PIN, you would have completed the process of registration.
Using the UAN Member Portal:
Once you have completed the UAN activation process, you can now use the portal for a number of purposes. A UAN login simplifies a lot of thing and this can be achieved without the usage of PF number. Hence it helps in case you have multiple PF accounts. Simply login and you are done!

Here are some of the things you can use the UAN Member Portal for:

You can download EPF passbook online.

Your passbook can be viewed or downloaded as many times as you want.
The status of claim for withdrawal can be easily tracked.
PF balance can be checked by the usage of SMS as well as missed call service.
You can Update as well as change the KYC information present on the EPFO portal.
Hence it is highly recommended for an EPFO member to get their UAN Member Portal activated, to carry out significant PF related formalities on their own. The Number remains valid till the membership lasts even if you change the company.

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