iPhone SE 2 Preview


If you prefer small-sized smartphone, especially the iPhone models, then iPhone SE 2 is ideal for you. The new Apple announcement of the improved iPhone SE has caught many by surprise. Perhaps, its small screen size and features may be the motivation factors. The long-awaited launch of the new model is expected to be soon: probably May 2018. The model is possibly targeted for small handed people and the apple brand fans who love operating on new tastes.


There are expectations that the company will retain the small size of the SE model in the new model. The design of the new iPhone SE 2 may introduce a better technological smartphone in the new error where portability, fitness and functionality are vital factors. 

However, a clear view of the prototype, the models slightly resembles that of iPhone X design. The model may also come without the headphone jack as it’s the latest trend with the most recent Apple’s iPhones. The design also includes wireless charging capabilities. Another feature likely to be eliminated in the design that was formerly on the older SE model is the home button.

Specs: What to Expect

The older iPhone SE has many features. However, the new iPhone SE 2 is expected to have more improved features. It’s reported that the new make will have a 4.5-inch screen size. Furthermore, it will have a glass back. Probably the new development will support the wireless charging. 

The model is also expected to come with either 128GB or a 32 GB storage and a 2GB RAM. On top of that, the front camera will come with 5MP and 12MP for the rear camera. Additionally, the expectation remains high that the model will operate with Apple A10 Fusion processor with 2.34 GHz speeds. It’s also reported that it will come with a dependable 1750mAh battery. 


The iPhone SE is expected to be available at a price relatively higher than the older iPhone SE model. Currently, iPhone SE with 32GB internal storage goes for £349, and 128GB storage model is availed at £449. However, the designs of the gadget and additional capabilities will play a significant role in the determination of iPhone SE 2 price in the market.

Release Date

After the announcement of the new model creation, the expectation is high on when the model will be launched. Of course, don’t expect the iPhone SE 2 to be in the market in a few days from now. First, it may be launched in May or June 2018. 

Probably you will have to wait few months for the official release date to the market. Rumours have it that the launching may be done at the WWDC 2018. With this speculation, probably there might be a coincidence with the similar release of iPhone in 2010. However, there are no confirmed set dates so far. Therefore, what you might hear out there maybe just rumours.


The upcoming new release of iPhone SE 2 will probably bring justice to users who prefer small screens. Usually, some people prefer the small-sized screens by choice while the nature of hands limits others to those sizes. In case the said features such as wireless charging and the small manageable screen will be real, it will be a great model and a hit in the market. Whichever case, the new model will be the latest smartphone of the iPhone series.