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Unlimited Data



Availability and use of unlimited data is the desire of any internet user. Today, almost everyone is accessing the internet using their smartphones. The access is facilitated by the subscription of bundles that they buy. 

The competition by different mobile service providers has seen better deals in the sale of data bundles. In fact, most companies are currently providing separate data plans for the access to online web platforms and apps. 

But did you know that you can access the internet unlimitedly with few pounds for a whole month? The purchase of gigabyte data has become common across the providers.

What Unlimited Data Means?

With unlimited data, you can access the internet and all the applications without worries of data access charges once you pay for a specific subscription. For instance, the monthly unlimited packages are very popular. Whether you are loading pages, streaming videos or working online, you can save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent daily: it is simply a cost-effective plan.

What Are the Major Categories of These Unlimited Data Plans?

You have two main options for the unlimited data offers: all-purpose unlimited data and unlimited data plan for particular apps. 

When it comes to the unlimited data plan for selected apps, you are limited to specific apps. Depending on the provider, different chosen apps will be assessable unlimitedly once you are paying for the plan. However, internet access is limited, and you cannot access it on this plan. Unselected apps are also inaccessible for free in the plan. 

You will have to undergo extra costs if you need to access anything out of the plan. The plan is useful if your provider offers it on your most frequently used apps. 

A better-unlimited option is the all-purpose unlimited data plan. Unlike the option of unlimited data plan for selected apps plan, here you enjoy the internet without any limits. You can access any app on the smartphone and explore any internet service or platform. 

However, not all providers have both options. In this article, you will understand the options you have from different mobile service providers in the UK. Some of the companies offering the all-purpose unlimited offers include Giffgaff and Three’s Eat-All-You-Can.

Major All-Purpose Unlimited Data Plans


Giffgaff is a smaller mobile operator compared to others in the industry; O2 Company owns it. However, the operator has attractive offers to the customers. The company has an unlimited data monthly plan that is offered at as low as £20. With the plan known as goodybag, customers enjoy unlimited talk time, texts and most significantly unlimited internet access.

If you love high speeds, the Giffgaff also ensures you access the internet work on a 4G network. Initially, you enjoy the first 9GB on the 4G. However, the speeds are limited to a 3G network and loads at 384kbps from 8 am to midnight. You also need to pay extra for the data roaming services.


The company offers reliable services to their customers. Through the All-You-Can-Eat data plan, the customers enjoy unlimited data. The plan comes at as low as £24 to £30 depending on other included benefits such as talk time duration. The plan has 30GB tether usable data, so you can use it with the PC or create a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Tethering is only permitted for the monthly subscription only. If you opt for pay as you go option in the plan, you cannot enjoy the tethering option. Unlike the Giffgaff’s package, the All-You-Can-Eat data plan does not limit data access speed at any time.

Major Unlimited Data Plans for Limited to Selected Apps

Three’s Go Binge

The Go Binge data plan by the Three company is a restricted option to specific apps. If you are a Three SIM card user, you automatically enjoy the service if you subscribe a monthly data plan of 4GB and more. They have an unlimited 4GB plan at £13 with unlimited talk time and texts. Another £14 plan comes with 8GB, 600 minutes and unlimited texting.

The free access only limits the user to streaming on Netflix, Apple Music, TV Player, SoundCloud and Deezer. Fortunately, your activities on these sites and apps do not consume any of your data: it’s entirely a free access gift.

Conversely, if you are on Pay As You Go plan, the service is not accessible. Those who purchase lower subscription less than 4GB a month also do not enjoy the unlimited access. 


Vodafone has excellent network coverage in the UK. The company provides a Vodafone Pass plan. The plan is selectively usable for video streaming, music, social media and chat platforms. The plan gives unlimited access to the pass subscribed customers. However, the cost of the passes is additional to other provider costs.

The following are the available apps and monthly plans:

• Music Pass at £5, which includes SoundCloud, Amazon Music Napster, Apple Music, Deezer Tidal and Spotify.
• Video pass at £7, which includes YouTube, Amazon Video, Vevo, My5, Netflix, DisneyLife and TVPlayer.
• Social Pass at £3 - includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
• Chat Pass at £5, which includes Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

While unlimited data is the desire of many people, other companies have their bundle packages. 

Other Unlimited All-Purpose and Selective Data Plans

Virgin Mobile

The company offers you an unlimited data plan at £25 per month. Its data plan comes at 4G speeds without data limits. However, The plan is only restricted to Virgin Broadband users. Roaming service is limited to a maximum of 8.22GB usable data.


The company offers a monthly unlimited data plan at £35. Like other companies, the data plan comes with unlimited texts and minutes; however, the data is not operational on tethering. It is also limited roaming services to 11.5GB of data.

O2 Plan

The O2 monthly data plan comes at 4G speeds. Despite its effectiveness at speeds, the company only allow 25GB plan on mobile broadband. They also have another 50GB plan, which only allows 20GB maximum data usability on tethering

Which Unlimited Data Plan Is Best for You? 

The unlimited data plans are beneficial to users. Giffgaff, Three, Lycamobile and Virgin Mobile are the current mobile platforms offering the unlimited data plans. Three’s All-You-Can-Eat plan is the best and most reliable so far. However, you can choose an operator and a plan depending on your requirements.