Unlimited Data Plans 2018


Majority of providers in the UK have different plans that are fixed regarding data package amount but have no limits concerning usage. The article aims at helping you understand the data plans and boost your decision making.

What you need to consider when choosing an unlimited data plan in 2018

• Cost

Good data plan must be economical and enable you to save. In fact, data plan has to be cheaper than daily plans that can sustain that period.

• Data allowance

You don’t need to go for a data plan that will exhaust before the set period, in case of the unlimited, you need to check whether it is all-purpose or for selected apps. Either of the options you choose depends on your requirements.

• Coverage of the network

You need to know how the plan operates on the network. Does it limit speeds? Does allow 4G network?

• International coverage

If you keep travelling abroad, check whether the plan allows for connection even if you abroad. For most of the networks, you usually limited to a certain amount of data usage.

Companies with five best-unlimited data plans

1. Three

Three offers two major data plans: All-You-Can-Eat data plan and Go binge.

Through the AYCE plan, customers get unlimited data deal that allows them to browse all month long at £30. Additionally, they can open all internet based apps. The plan also allows you to tether up to a maximum of 30GB. However, if you are operating from abroad, you only enjoy 13GB of the data plan.

Go Binge plan is a limited plan that allows unlimited access to Netflix, Apple Music, TV Player, SoundCloud and Deezer. It comes once you subscribe to a 4GB and above monthly data plan.

2. O2

O2 offers a reliable 50GB data plan at £30 per month. The deal is not unlimited, but the data amount can sustain you for a month period. Additionally, the data comes unlimited regarding usage, you can tether as much as you want without data limits.

3. Tesco Mobile

Tesco has a monthly £35 subscription plans that run for twelve months. The plan gives you 50GB data. With the plan, you can roam freely and tether the data as much as you want. However, it limits you to only 12GB while tethering from the outside UK in other parts of Europe.

4.BT Mobile

BT mobile offers a £32 monthly plan. Typically, it’s set as a 12-month plan that you pay on a monthly basis; the company gives you 25GB for a whole month and you get to enjoy best 4G speeds. Additionally, they do give discounts of £5; therefore, you end up paying just £27. The BT mobile data is usable all over Europe without limitation.


EE Company also has the best internet speeds in the UK. With 4G networks, the company offers a 40GB monthly pay data plan at £30. They also have a Pay As You Go plan that gives you 5GB data.