Unlimited Data Sims


Unlimited data sims seemed like a vision some years ago but mobile companies have developed different packages and most people prefer using them. However, it's not everyone who knows what to select in the huge market of unlimited data sims. Some people find that they are spoilt for choice when making this important decision. The unlimited data sims also deal with the sim card only, therefore, they give you the choice of selecting the best mobile package. In addition to this, you can ensure that you pair it with an ideal handset.

In the UK, there are only two companies that offer reliable unlimited data sims deals. One of the companies is Three and the other one is Virgin Mobile, they offer unlimited deal to its TV and broadband customers. Here are other packages from various UK companies that offer unlimited data sims.

1. Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile has a 50GB unlimited sim package and a varying contract that might vary between a month and 12 months. However, you have to pay more for the one month package, which costs 35 pounds a month. In addition to this, the Tesco Home service offers its customers free roaming in the whole of Europe. However, you can only use up to 12GB for this service.

2. EE

EE has one of the fastest and widest 4Gnetwork coverage in the UK. The 40GB package allows you to access their services anywhere in Europe and in the country. In addition to this, the service also allows tethering: customers also get the unlimited minute and texts with this offer. Other goodies that come with the 40GB include free BT Sport for three months and free Apple Music for six months. The package costs 30 pounds and it can last for up to 12 months.

3. O2

The 50GB offer from O2 costs only 30 pounds. The contract deal lasts for 12 months and it offers unlimited texts and minutes. In addition to this, O2 also has a priority app that features various discounts and you can choose to use free data from some company’s wi-fi hotspots.

4. BT Mobile

BT Mobile has a 25GB plan that costs only 32 pounds a month. However, if you use the BT Broadband service at home, there is a five-pound discount that automatically lowers the price down to 27 pounds monthly. BT Mobile operates with the EE system and this is one of the most efficient services in the UK. The coverage ensures that you can utilize your data even in EU for free. Moreover, the BT service has various free wi-fi hotspots that you can use in the UK. In addition to this, BT has the BT Family sim and the BT Sports deal for sims.

The packages mentioned above are some of the best-unlimited data sims deals available in the country. Before you settle on one, you should choose wisely and consider the one with the best coverage and excellent offers.