Next Board Meetings:
August 23, 2010 ?  
5:00 p.m.        Board Work Session,
Topic:  Bond Levy Planning, Location:  Robert Hughes? Room
September 13, 2010 -
5:00 p.m., Board Work Session , Topic:  Bond Levy Process, Location:  Robert Hughes? Room
7:00 p.m., Board Meeting, Location:  Board Room

August 9, 2010

Current Board Meeting ?
August 9:

5:00 p.m.,  Executive Session re Superintendent Evaluation, Location:  Supt. Conference Room
5:30 p.m., Board Work Session, Topic:   Technology & Review of new district logo, Location: Hughes Room
7:00 p.m., Board Meeting, Location:  Board Room  

A. Convene, Roll Call

B. Approve Agenda

C. Public  Comment

18. 2010-11 Budget, Public Hearing and Adoption, Resolution No. 2063

D. Consent Agenda

0. Vouchers - June and July

1. Minutes  - June 21 work session & regular meeting

June 21, 2010 Minutes
June 21, 2010 Work Session Minutes
2. Human Resources Report and Salary Schedules

Aug. 9, 2010 Human Resources Report
2010-11 Salary Schedules
3. Interdistrict Cooperative Agreement, Shared Vision Specialist, Kent School District, 2010-11

Kent SD Vision Specialist Sit Rec 10-11
Kent SD  Vision Specialist Agreement 10-11
4. Federal and State Remediation Programs Annual Renewal, 2010-11

2010 Federal and State Program Applications Grants
Federal and State Grant Applications
5. Interlocal Agreement for Cooperative Educational Services for Vocational-Technical and Basic Education, Lake Washington Technical College, 2010-15

Interlocal Agreement with LW Technical College
Interlocal Agreement, Voc. Tech. and Basic, LWTC
6. Instructional Materials Adoption

IMC 06042010 Board Recommendations
7. Approval of monitoring reports EL-5, Treatment of Students and Parents

Approval of Monitoring Report, EL-5
EL-05 Monitoring Report, Aug.  2010
8. Approval of monitoring reports EL-6, Student Learning Environment

Approval of Monitoring Report, EL-6
EL-06 Monitoring Report, June 2010
9. Approval of monitoring reports EL-8, Instructional Materials Selection

Approval of Monitoring Report, EL-8
EL-08 Monitoring Report, Aug.  2010
10. Interlocal Agreement with Vancouver School District, Office Supplies and Furniture

Interlocal Agreement Vancouver SD Furniture Sit Rec
Interlocal Agreement Vancouver SD Furn  Agreement
11. Approval of District Policy IGBI-R,Alternative Learning Experience Programs

ALE Sit Rec
12. Approval of District Policy IGBJ and IGBJ-R, Online Learning

Online Learning Policy Sit Rec 08-09-10
13. Surplus of Books, Resolution No. 2061

Surplus of Books Sit Rec
Surplus of Books Resolution
14. Surplus and Disposal of Portables, Finn Hill Junior High and Muir Elementary School, Resolution No. 2062

Surplus_Disposal of Portables Muir_Finn Hill Sit Rec
Surplus_Disposal of Portables Resolution, Muir and Finn Hill
15. Change Order #18, Lake Washington High School

Change Order 18, LWHS 18 Sit Rec
Change Order 18, LWHS
16. Donations

Aug. 9, 2010 Donations
E. Non-Consent Agenda

17. Authorization to Sell Bonds, Resolution No. 2060

Authorization to Sell Bonds Sit Rec 8 10
Authorization to Sell Bonds Resolution (delegation)
18. 2010-11 Budget, Public Hearing and Adoption, Resolution No. 2063

2010-11 Budget Adoption Sit Rec
2010-11 Budget Adoption Resolution
19. Direction of Selected Capital Fund Investments to the General Fund Resolution No. 2064

Interest Deposit to GF Sit Rec 8.9.10
Interest Deposit to GF Resolution 8.9.10
20. Board Policies - Executive Limitations (EL), First Reading
EL-1, Global Executive Constraint; EL-2, Emergency CEO Succession; EL-3, Communication and Counsel to the Board; EL-4, Annual Report to the Public; EL-5, Treatment of Parents and Citizens; EL-6, Student Learning Environment; El-7, Instructional Program; EL-8, Instructional Materials Selection; EL-9, District Calendar; EL-10, Student Discipline; EL-11, District Staff; EL-12, Budgeting/Financial Planning; EL-13, Financial Administration, EL-14, Asset Protection; EL-15, Facilities; EL-16, Technology

Board Policy Revisions, EL-1-16, First Reading
EL-1 through 16
21. Board Policies - Governance Process (GP), First Reading
GP-1, Governance Commitment; GP-3, Board Job Description; GP-5, Board Committee Principles; GP-6, Annual Agenda Planning; GP-8, Board Member Conflict of Interest; GP-9, Process for Addressing Board Member Violations, GP-10, Handling Requests or Complaints

Board Policy Revisions, GP-1 3 5 6 8 9 10
GP-1 though 10
22. Board Policies - Board/CEO Relationship (B/CR) , First Reading  B/CR-1, Governance and Management Connection; B/CR-2, Unity of Control; B/CR-3, Accountability of the CEO

Board Policy Revisions, BCR 1-3, First Reading
BCR 1 through 3
23. Monitoring Board Policy, EL-11, Staff Treatment

EL-11, Monitoring Report, Aug. 2010
24. Monitoring Board Policy, EL-14, Budgeting/Financial Planning

EL-14 Monitoring Report, August 2010
25. Monitoring Board Policy, EL-15, Financial Administration

EL-15 Monitoring Report, August 2010
12. Approval of District Policy IGBJ and IGBJ-R, Online Learning

F. Superintendent’s Report

G. Legislative Update

H. Board Follow-Up Items

I. Future Agenda Items

J. Debrief

K. Board Member Comments

L. Adjourn