Next Board Meeting:

Monday, January 24, 2011

5:30 p.m. , Board Meeting, Location:  Board Room

7:00 p.m. , Board Work Session, Topic:  End Results Goals Discussion, Location:  Robert Hughes Room


January 10, 2011


5:00 p.m., Board Work Session, Topic: Secondary School Research & Development, Location:  Robert Hughes Room

6:30 p.m., Reception honoring National Board Certified Teachers, Location:  Lobby, Resource Center

7:00 p.m., Board Meeting, Location:  Board Room

L.E. Scarr Resource Center

16250 NE 74th Street

Redmond, WA 98052

A. Convene, Roll Call - January 10, 2011

B. Approve Agenda

C. Host School  - Carson Elementary, Principal Mary Cronin

D. Recognition - Board of Director - School Board Appreciation Month; National Board Certified Teachers - Kevin Teeley, President, Lake Washington Education Association, & Stephen Bryant, Principal on Special Assignment; and Recognition Lake Washington School District and Sodexho 30 year partnership  award - Barbara Posthumus, Coordinator of Business Services

E. Public Comment

F. Consent Agenda

0. Approval of Vouchers

1. Minutes - December 6 regular board meeting and work session

Dec. 6, 2010 Minutes
Dec. 6, 2010 Work Session Minutes
2. Human Resources Report

Jan. 10, 2011 Human Resources Report
3. Instructional Materials Adoption

IMC  Recommendations Sit Rec
4. Capital Projects Levy, Amended and Restated Resolution No. 2069

Capital Levy Amended Sit Rec
Capital Facility Levy Amended Resolution 2069
5. Change Order No. 2, Finn Hill Jr. High School Modernization

Finn Hill Jr  High Change Order 2 Sit Rec
Finn Hill Jr. High, Change Order No. 2
6. Intent to Complete,  John Muir Elementary School Modernization, Resolution No. 2075

Muir Intent to Complete Sit Rec
Muir Intent to Complete, Resolution
7. Educational Specifications Approval, Carl Sandburg Elementary Modernization, Resolution No. 2076

Sandburg Ed Spec Sit Rec
Sandburg Ed Spec Resolution
Sandburg Ed. Specs
8. OSPI D-5 Racial Balance Compliance, Carl Sandburg Elementary, Resolution No. 2077

Sandburg Racial Balance Compliance Sit Rec
Sandburg Racial Balance Compliance Resolution
9. Educational Specifications Approval, Helen Keller Elementary Modernization, Resolution No. 2078

Keller Ed Spec Sit Rec
Keller Ed Spec Resolution
Keller Ed Specs
10. OSPI D-5 Racial Balance Compliance, Helen Keller Elementary , Resolution No. 2079

Keller Racial Balance Sit Rec
Keller Racial Balance Compliance Resolution
11. Donations

Jan. 10, 2011 Donations
G. Non-Consent Agenda

12. Monitor Board Policy, ER 2 & 3, Junior High

ER 2-3 Jr. High Monitoring Report
ER 2-3 Junior High Summary Doc
ER 2-3 Jr. High, 8th Grade Technology Literacy Self
H. Superintendent’s Report

I. Legislative Update

J. Future Agenda Items

K. Debrief

L. Board Follow-Up

M. Board Member Comments

N. Adjourn