5:00 p.m. , Work Session, Topic:  Budget, Location:  Robert Hughes Room
7:00 p.m. , Board Meeting, Location:  Board Room  

L.E.  Scarr Resource Center
16250 NE 74th Street

Redmond, WA 98052

April 18, 2011

5:00 p.m., Board Meeting, Location:  Board Room
7:30 p.m, . Linkage Session with 4th Grade Parents,  Topic:  Grade Configuration, Location:  Board Room  

A. Convene, Roll Call - April 18, 5:00 p.m.

B. Approve Agenda

C. Public Comment

D. Consent Agenda

1. Minutes -April 4 work session and regular board meeting

April 4, 2011 Minutes
April 4, 2011 work session minutes
2. Human Resources Report

April 4, 2011 Human Resources Report
3. Instructional Materials Adoption

IMC Sit Rec
4. PEPPM/Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, Interlocal Agreement Technology/Furniture

PEPPM Agreement Sit Rec
PEPPM Interlocal Agreement
5. Change Order No. 5, Finn Hill Junior High Modernization

Finn Hill Change Order No. 5 Sit Rec
Finn Hill Change Order No. 5
6. Change Order No. 6, Finn Hill Junior High Modernization

Finn Hill Change Order No. 6 Sit Rec
Finn Hill Change Order No. 6
7. Change Order No. 31, Lake Washington High School Modernization

LWHS Change Order No. 31 Sit Rec
LWHS Change Order No. 31
8. Approval of Monitoring Reports, EL-3, Communication and Counsel to the Board

Approval of Monitoring Report, EL-3
EL-03 Monitoring Report  Communication and Counsel, March 2011
9. Approval of Monitoring Report: B/CR-1, Governance-Management  Connection; B/CR-2, Unity of Control; B/CR-3, Accountability of the CEO; B/CR-4, Delegation to the CEO; B/CR-5, Monitoring CEO Performance

Approval of Monitoring Report, B CR 1-5, April 2011
2011 BCR Survey Results
10. Approval of Monitoring Report: GP-1,  Governance Commitment; GP-2,  Governing Style; GP-3, Board Job Description; GP-4, President’s Role; GP-5 (Board Committee Principles); GP-6, Annual Agenda Planning; GP-7, Board Members’ Code of Conduct; GP-8, Board Member Conflict of Interest; GP-9, Process for Addressing Board Member Violations; and GP-10, Handling Requests or Complaints

Approval of Monitoring Report, GP 1-10
2011 GP Survey Results
11. Donations

April 18, 2011 Donations
E. Non-Consent Agenda

12. Monitor Board Policy, First Reading, EL-14, Asset Protection

EL-14, Monitoring Report April 2011
EL-14, Attachment
13. Monitor Board Policy, First Reading, EL-15, Facilities

13. Monitor Board Policy, First Reading, EL-15, Facilities

EL-15, Monitoring Report, April 2011
EL-15, Insecticide-Herbicide Attachment
F. Superintendent’s Report

G. Legislative Update

H. Board Follow-Up Items

I. Future Agenda Items

J. Debrief

K. Board Member Comments

L. Adjourn