Next Board Meeting: August 8, 2011  
5:00 p.m., Work Session, Topic:   TBD, Location, Hughes

7:00 p.m. , Board Meeting, Location, Board Room   L.E. Scarr Resource Center

16250 NE 74th Street

Redmond, WA 98052


June 20, 2011

CURRENT AGENDA: June 20, 2011 -
5:00 p.m., Board Work Session, Topic:   Budget and Timeline for CIP and Goals, Location:  Robert Hughes Room
6:00 p.m., Executive Session re personnel and collective bargaining
7:00 p.m., Regular Board Meeting

A. Convene, Roll Call - June 20, 2011, 7:00 p.m., Board Room

B. Approve Agenda

C. Recognitions - Chuck Collins, 2011 Renewable Energy Innovator of the Year for Region V

D. Public Comment

E. Consent Agenda

1. Minutes -  June 6  regular board meeting and linkage

June 6, 2011 Minutes
June 6, 2011 Work Session Minutes
2. Human Resources Report and Salary Schedule

June 20, 2011 Human Resources Report
Adm. Salary Schedule, 2011-12
3. Nonrenewal of Provisional Contract

Nonrenewal of Provisions Contract, June 2011
4. Instructional Materials Adoption

IMC Sit Rec, June 20, 2011
5. Interdistrict Cooperative Agreement for American, Indian and Alaska Native K-12 Students, 2011-21

Interdistrict Coop Amer Indian  Alaska Native 11-12 sit-rec
Interdistrict Coop with Bellevue, 2011-12
Interdistrict Coop with Northshore, 2011-12
6. Change Order No. 3,  John Muir Elementary School Replacement

Muir Change Order  3 Sit Rec
Muir Change Order #3 - Signed
7. Change Order No. 8, Finn Hill Jr. High School Replacement

FHJHS Change Order No. 8 Sit Rec
FHJHS  Change Order No. 8
8. Change Order No. 35, Lake Washington High School Replacement

LWHS Change Order 35 Sit Rec
LWH Change Order 35
9. Change Order No. 36, Lake Washington High School Replacement

LWHS Change Order  36 Sit Rec
LWHS Change Order 36
10. Award of Bid, Carl Sandburg Elementary School Replacement

Sandburg Award of Bid Sit Rec
Sandburg Award of Bid Tabulation
Sandburg Award of Bid Refs_Architect
11. Award of Bid, Helen Keller Elementary School Replacement

Keller Award of Bid Sit Rec
Keller Award of Bid Tabulation
Keller Award of Bid Refs_Architect
12. Surplus and Disposal of Portable Classrooms, Rose Hill Junior High School, and Equipment, Rose Hill Junior High School and John Muir Elementary School, Resolution No. 2097

RHJHS Portable and RHJHS Muir Equipment Sit Rec
RHJHS Portable and RHJHS Muir Surplus Resolution
RHJHS Portable and RHJHS Muir Surplus Inventory
13. Surplus and Disposal of Portable Classrooms, Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School, Resolution No. 2098

Bell Portable Surplus Sit Rec
Bell  Portable Surplus Resolution
14. Surplus of Portable Classrooms, Carl Sandburg Elementary School  Resolution No. 2099

Sandburg Portable Surplus Sit Rec
Sandburg Portable Surplus Resolution
15. Surplus and Disposal of Portable Classrooms, Helen Keller Elementary  School, Resolution No. 2100

Keller Portable Surplus Sit Rec
Keller Portable Surplus Resolution
16. Donations

June 20, 2011 Donations
F. Non-Consent Agenda

17. 2011-12 Budget, First Reading

2011-12 Budget First Reading sit rec
2011-12 Budget Summary - Draft
2011-12 Budget - Draft
18. IKF-R, Graduation Requirements, Revision

IKF-R, Grad. Req.  Sit Rec
IKF-R, Graduation Requirements
19. Monitoring Board Policy - EL-5, Treatment of Students and Parents

EL-05, Monitoring Report, June 2011
20. Monitoring Board Policy - EL-6, Student Learning Environment

EL-06, Monitoring Report, June 2011
21. Monitoring Board Policy - EL-8, Instructional Materials Selection

EL-08 Monitoring Report June 2011
22. Debrief -June 6 Linkage Session with 7th grade parents

G. Superintendent’s Report

H. Legislative Update

I. Board Follow-Up Items

J. Future Agenda Items

K. Debrief

L. Board Member Comments

M. Adjourn