September 24, 2012

5:30 p.m., RegularBoard Meeting, Location:  Board Room

7:00 p.m., WorkSession, Topic: Principal/TeacherProfessional Growth & Evaluation System, Location:  Robert Hughes Room


L.E. Scarr ResourceCenter

16250 NE 74thStreet

Redmond, WA 98052

September 10, 2012



5:00p.m., New Administrator Reception

5:30p.m., Work Session, Topic:  Technology:Secondary Mobile Access & Learning Management System, Location:Robert Hughes Room

7:00p.m., Board Meeting, Location: Board Room

A. Convene, Roll Call - September 10, 2012, 7:00 p.m.

B. Approve Agenda

C. Host School - Directors of School Support - Opening School Report

D. Public Comment

E. Consent Agenda

0. Vouchers

1. Minutes -  Aug. 6 work session and regular board meeting

Aug. 6, 2012 Minutes
Aug. 6, 2012 Work Session Minutes
2. Human Resources Report

Sept. 10, 2012 Human Resources Report
3. Approval of Monitoring Reports  - EL-11, Staff Treatment

Approval of Monitoring Report, EL-11, Sept. 2012
EL-11, Monitoring Report, Sept. 2012
4. Approval of Monitoring Reports - EL-12, Budgeting/Financial Planning

Approval of Monitoring Report, EL-12, Sept. 2012
EL-12, Monitoring Report, Sept.  2012
5. Approval of Monitoring Reports - EL-13, Financial Administration

Approval of Monitoring Report, EL-13, Sept. 2012
EL-13, Monitoring Report, Sept. 2012
6. Lake Washington Educational Support Professionals, Association (LWESP) Collective Bargaining Addendum, 2012-13

LWESP  CBA extension Sit Rec 2012
7. American Indian and Alaska Native K-12 Students, Interlocal Cooperative Agreement, 2012-13

Interdistrict Coop Amer Alaska Native Sit-Rec
Interdistrict Coop Amer Indian - Bellevue 12-13
Interdistrict Coop Amer Indian - North Shore 11-12
8. Department of Social and Health Services, Facilities Condition Assessment Program (FICAP) Software, Interlocal Agreement

DSHS Interlocal Agreement Sit Rec
DSHS FICAP Interlocal Agreement
9. Change Order 13, Carl Sandburg Elementary School Replacement

Sandburg Change Order 13 Sit Rec
Sandburg Change Order 13
10. Change Order 2, Rose Hill Middle School Replacement

Rose Hill MS Change Order 2 Sit Rec
Rose Hill MS Change Order 2
11. Change Order 5, Benjamin Rush Elementary School Replacement

Rush Change Order 5 Sit Rec
Rush Change Order  5
12. Change Order 8, Keller Elementary School Replacement

Keller Change Order  8 Sit Rec
Keller Change Order 8
13. Change Order 10, Eastlake High School Addition

Eastlake HS Change Order 10 Sit Rec
Eastlake HS Change Order 10
14. Change Order 11, Redmond High School Addition

Redmond HS Change Order  11 Sit Rec
Redmond HS Change Order 11
15. Change Order 2, New Secondary STEM School

STEM Change Order 2 Sit Rec
STEM Change Order 2
16. Authorization for Deed of Dedication - 84th Ave. NE, City of Kirkland, Sandburg School, Resolution No. 2136

Sandburg 84th Ave NE Dedication Sit Rec
Sandburg 84th Ave NE dedication_Resolution
Sandburg 84th Ave NE dedication Deed
LWHS Road Dedications Exhibits
17. Authorization for Deed of Dedication, 75th Street and NE 80TH & 122ND Ave. NE , City of Kirkland, Lake Washington High School, Resolution No. 2137

LWHS Road Dedications Sit Rec
LWHS  Deed Dedication _Resolution
LWHS Road Dedication Deed - 80 and 122
LWHS  Road Dedications Deed - 75th
LWHS Road Dedications Exhibits
18. Donations

Sept. 10,2012 Donations
F. Non-Consent Agenda

19. IKF, Graduation Requirements

IKF-R Grad  Req  Sit Rec
IKF-R Graduation Req. Revisions
Appendix D, Request for Excuse from Physical Education - Class of 2013-2015
Appendix E, Request for Excuse from Physical Education - Class of 2016 and Beyond
Appendix F, Request for Alternatives to World Language Courses - Class of 2016  Beyond
Appendix G, Request for Alternatives to World Language Courses - Class of 2016  Beyond
G. Superintendent  Report

H. Legislative Update

I. Board Follow-Up Items

J. Future Agenda Items

K. Debrief

L. Board Member Comments

M. Adjourn