January 26, 7:00 p.m.  Worksession & Dinner
Topic:  Culture - Social Studies, Economics, Foreign Language
Location:  Robert Hughes’ Room

Next Board Meeting:          February 9, 2008
                                                5:00 p.m.     Worksession & Dinner

                                                                     Topic:  Special Education

                                                                     Location:  Robert Hughes’ Room

                                                7:00 p.m.     Board Meeting

                                                                     Location:  Board Room


                     L.E. Scarr Resource Center

                                                                     16250 NE 74th Street

                                                                     Redmond, WA 98052

January 26, 2009

A. Convene, Roll Call

B. Approve Agenda

C. Board Reorganization

Nominations for President

Nominations for Vice President

Nomination of Leg. Rep.

D. Consent Agenda   GP-8 (Annual Agenda Planning)

1. Minutes

2. Human Resources Report

4. Continuous Improvement Process Plan Approval

5. Interdistrict Cooperative Agreement, Services for Students with Disabilities, Bellevue School District 2008-09

6. Instructional Materials Adoption

7. Summer School Programs Fees

8. All Day Kindergarten Program Fees

9. Selection of Architect, Finn Hill Junior High and Environmental School Modernization

10. Donations

11. Approval of Monitoring Report B/CR-5 (Monitoring CEO Performance)

EL-7 , Instructional Program, Citizenship and School to Career Life Skills (SCLS)

3. Student Profile and Guiding Principles Approval

E. Non-Consent Agenda

12. Monitor Board Policy, Culture Ends

13. Monitor Board Policy, EL-7, Instructional Program Culture, First Reading

3. Student Profile and Guiding Principles

G. Legislative Update

H. Board Member Comments

I. Adjourn