Board of Directors' Meeting
June 22, 2015

Convene, Roll Call - June 22, 2015 - 7:00 p.m.  chris si abexcued.

Approve Agenda  Nancy Bernard moved to approve B. Approve Agenda Seconded by Mark Stuart.

Recognition - School Resource Officers  remove el 6 form consent

Tracie - some recognition of our SRO officers - Janene and Extremely fortuanter partnership with the cities of remond, samamdna dnkrikland - safe learning enviromenta - strong going suppot of our SRO program to the benefot if staff and students - this is a collarobtion with law enforcment and schools - concept of having SRO STEMS FROM PRACTICIE OF COMMUNITY POLICY - THEY COLALRBE WITH MEMBERS OF THE SCHOOL COMMUNITY - Safe and secure - sro pr5ovide broad range of support of rour schols - law enformcen to handle crimes and make arrset and serve liason with and partner with our schools to support our staff aware of current research and strategies to increase school safety to impelment research basedf straqtegy school safety assessmetns - emere4gnecy planing crime prevention and other schools aftey proces s- serve as link to commuity resources and help adm to solve issues and providing contect with substance abuse cpsa, TO HOP ONNECT OUR SCHOOSL WITH WIDE VARIETY OF OTHER AGENDAY - OLAW RELATE EDUCATIO NAND DEVELOP TEACH SOCIAL COMPETENCY PROBLEM SOLVING AND REINFORCE HIGH EXPECTIOSN AND PSOITIVE PEER NOTES POSITIVE ROLE MODELS FOR OR STUDENT MODELIN HONEST CONXSISTENCY ENCOURAGE . we work har to maintin relatoinships with our studnet s-tonight deedicate men andwomen who serve in this capaity we would liek o recognized to individually reocgnize them - first thnak cities f remdon kirland and king country ofr their ocntriutions ot ot he sucvcves sof this effort - financial recognie them for this efforts - Scott - - echo all to ach polic dept professional and to work with each one of them - very dedicate resource officers an dprovide us with a great deal of support - call your name to the front here and we will certificat ena dosm phot sat the en d- Redmond - Paul Edwardson who actaully retiring this year - - about seven provide greatedership Kim Cobrave Redmond Policy - RMS and tremdound asset to amd staff there - Kyle Olson - Kyle Redmond High School 1 st year this year and provided great resrocue for us. Kirkland APolicy - Robert King - been serving at Juanita High Schol and Juanit for 100 years year six I believe serving both high schoos - very happy to haire second officer to city of kirklan dbrandon joins us just this year andf habeen in traing owrking with off king one full time sro at juanita an done at lwhs -

Jackie - reading script - Steve - Redmoind Middle School to go over the case - hope you all a collection of e-mails related to this case - Here to ask for help - hope got chnace to look at page one - "reading first page of this appeal packet " shared about hi - from yearbook one teacher danial had happy life thanks for sharing idea you will do great - thanks - message from student - thanks for your knowledge with technology - yo have saved the class from many disaters. something else wantto share from his clas sthis year - - teaching him how to grow up many stories gave very fun to mentio nhere hestiate to take five dolalr to give ato a student that needed heop - teenager few years older - that - talkin gabout kid studis hard and feel s good to heop othr people - one night - after being after school told me somthing very distr5ubring - recrd that sentenc e- my kid told me don't ant o live - so from fighting a death sentence - the other night or day - three twenty three a new letter from dr piece - "hard to put my son to bed tonigthA:" - May 21 - RMS decided to search Daniel laptop - emerecny suspension was issued - he was very upset - something createing investigation - that is why as a sixth grade kid he snapped - home and figure out couldnt tell him - it was crying and said somethin disturbing dr peice - after few horus struggling was super difficult o put him to bed - what we have the impact mentally emotionally froma kid due to this emrgency expulsion - one week after told by pricipal at RMS that decsion was iappropraite - and in the process mr cleark informed us sanctioned emergency suspention into short term susensio - that is not acceptable. Page seven of the reference docuemnt - intial laptop search - ! page 9 sent email based on district IT dept - i work for window s- power shell is part of windwo - any student can use it - it is ther - not being it this is a loophole - studentenabled use - no fundin gthat my kids used that inrpoprely - second thing abou tool installed about 12 ckids classrom wanted to speed up their product - by sing e-mail kids consider too slow consider better way - teacher int he classrom actually opened accoutn to monitor students - kids using that for week - power shot and hip chat something wron g- reason to search kid laoptop- w never got any answer- why - so converstion to short tem - the rational from mr cleark really unaccpetalbe the way he put it is really worn - gecause of the mergency expulsion three day sout of schol- clearly firstnight couldn't sleep until 3 am - to him just see any fairness anywhere - why pick on him - emergency expulsioin may 26, 27 and 28 - das he missed - by missing that missed standard of his tests - his classmates are asking him - called him what is goig on - why ar eyu not taking th test - and mr clakr said to us thre days out o fschool - you can come back the next day - and don't have laptop come use the laptop in the lirary - much much better - danial told me afterwards - retended to do me a favor - he is mean - that is from a little kid - I don't wantto describe how iA feel about mr cleak - the word my kid used - trying to be genetle as well - doesn't comput - something my kid suffered that is not acceptable- so far from we only gever got anything from the school - why is this not appropatie - what happened what is this not the way thing o dol So in my reference about right and the first amendment and the first aemnment something so I want o sargue why posionus lardy search to start with - it is wrong - no reason what danial was the one to be search - 11 kids on the classroom using the tool - with the intention to spee dup his produce - because of that - another was caught up in this - the second school day out of the search is mergency suspention - three day is not accpetalbe i tlked to my lawyer and angry as well - his son also here in this school distirc t- is this our pubglic school - what can't believe it - so one thing in appeal process and mr gillingham mr gillingham and mr capp single argument about the search and decided from thes choo perspetive to search the laptop property - school has no right to abuse their power or inivudal to abuse poe and discrimiante and constituetn right - human being - -so my appeal is two fold - for inappropaite action against my kid - want the idstict and schol to provide a statmetn hwo that happen and the distirtct soncider it inappropa5rite - second - the suspension worede from inappropariate action is not accptale please dismiss the shrt temr suspension against him - we odn't have long term consequence and mr gillingham all agree school district waouldn't share this record with other parites for any future school danial might attend that is theri concern disciline will follow them - second thing - long term consequent is not record on paper - mental dark shadow against my kid - scared me - he is sad that night - don't know someday it might op out - potentially as another kid might become real - who will be reaponsibel - to end with appeal here danial told me after few days dad maybe i should be a lawyer some day - when i heard that i feel sorry andkid sense of unfairness in his mind - at the samet time because danial has a spirit to fight back fo the unfairness so he can hep other people - why he said be a lawyer some day - because your kid stelling you like that - so taht my appeal here and help us as much as possible - .Is there any questions. Jackie we are good and we will be having discussion and school s ot in session within ten business days - it will be within two business daqys ot have a conerstion - we have the materials and ahve read them and will spend some time with the thngs that you have shared as well.

Student Grievance Appeal 

Public Comment 

Consent Agenda  approve the consent agenda as presented.

Nancy Bernard moved to approve approve the consent agenda wuith EL -6 bein emoved as presented. Seconded by Siri Bliesner.

Ek 6 was removed from the consent agenda.

Si5rl- 6.23 continutiy - educational time - not completely we are in compliance based on sba - we the time spend on the test - i beleive efucational time 8 morning three horus and back home - so i would like to propose analysis to look at how to utilize that time for our students with standaridze testing - keepiung them home is not on opiotn we shouold be supporting and is there other ways ithat could be done - farily lar5ge chunk of educational time for. Logistical challegne - so that is where my question came done. Nacy - not in compliance wfor the time spend with federal and state Siri -not disrupt educati9onal time Nancy - saying that taking the test requird by the state]siri - taking the test - jr tooik the test - freshmen sopmore and seiros stayed home for four ydays in the row - sopmore -the other stayed home - that is te piece we need to lookat and confirm making use of our student time - misse classes - are there other ways to ensure to offer other aloternatives Nancy - why in the world taking the test at the same time] Traci - histrcila y hs testing scheduels that have finals or state tesing will do groups of students who are nt schedule in class - this was challenging the amount o f indiudal proctoring - the computer use for testing time id not anticipate the impact of the testing schedules that they had - we are int eh middle of doing that analysi make improvements ofr next eyar - just last week we had level meetings good portion doign sba besting debrief what all of the issues we are experiencing appropraly plann for next yea r- our intent is not to ahve student going to be testing ot have them engaged in some ikind of o meaningufl instructional time - this year it was beyond what is as in past years]Nancy - having neighboring sen and jr this year - those jr are done with schoolo with jur and they don't have to be ther e- this idea get done one whole week early so many classes taking by jr and senior also didn't add up - w are losing days Jackie use to et out earlier Traci - challenge has become in mixed grade - hwo do you deal with finals - hwo do you keep studetns engaged - we are looking at this - what are other district doing and the anaylsis is already underway - so we can plan appropaltey for next year - ] Jackie -t aking test how did it go int he elmetnary school - the impact it had there - ] Mark - one concern also - as long looing at analysis - all this missed time in one semester and teacher mentioned to me student covered much more mateiral in firt semester an missed second semetser - need to balance it raci - you are right - exchange e-mails on that Traci - know what testing look this year better plan how to ensure equitable semester time - Mark - talk abut end of the shcool yar x day minus four or five turn in bokds computer ahead of time - absurd - Nancy - I have had that concern - all design for the convenience of whoever is checking in to ensure w are doing 180 days of education Traci - logistics of turnign laopt and books is being discuss this year and how do we include that aspect Nancy not getting dipomas when they graduat e- Nancy office staff is still working - seems to me that if we don't ned thigns turned in days in advance just gotten to be out of control - brining this up when my kids graduated Traci - we will take a look at ti and see what we can do to make it better - ]Nancy - maybe it needs to be done after school it out - We want to minimie it as much a spossible - have to be a what will work and reasonable and what Nancy - graqduation is early start to make the change traci - that aspect bt then so there is more to it - has improved last week and three days of school - Mark wend is a 1/2 day - \ Traci - apprciate Jckie - not a new phenonom Mark - it has been institutionaliezd - Traci - we will take a good hard look at it and will be following up with yu - prior to the next time we do el-6\ Siri -along

sir - question alon suspension - see an increase mitigating and changing suspensions - increase in two days or less curious what those students are being suspended for - greater anaysis - really use suspension expulsioin as a last option - and st it up Nanyc my chart on page 11 El-6 Trtaci reviewed suspensions - in planin for aug time with amd to lok at data - alked this past year reduce reliance on suspension - proving to be true at hs level based on this data and taking it to the next step of being clear when is alternative is appropriate and when might suspension be approrpaite - Matt Gillinghma clarieid in the student handbook in most cases suspsension isn[t what happnes in the fir5st ofense - might be after repeated offense. we are ensuring more consistency across. Mark - start exteding inhouse suspension Traci - impelmented at the hs believe all ms had the ability to do that and follow up on that and based on space for those students and based on stafing - we will loop back and see if we do aqhve the ability for all ms to rely on inhouse as an topion just liek the hs do. Mark - first time ofenses are to be treated diferently - progressive nature and depending on the severity a first offence could be suspension bu t typically oter coinsequences are usedfor first or second ofence and more severe offense - the owrk matt did with the discipien committee maeks that even leare - used to bein the actual document - first offence a range of things and seonc offence - wthe way wording makes i tmuch cleare thate is a progressive mature - kidns of things mentioning do annual training on and conversiton with principal - what does our data show and consistency interprting those policy documents.

Siir - see the data broken out by racial breakdown - becuae from the requitable dapplying our p0olicies - i would like to see the data. Jackie - hot button aroudn the country how discip0line Traci - w8ill follow - up on that also XXXXX

Jackie will be on the consent agenda a th enext meeting

Minutes - (June 1 board meeting and study session)  approves the June 1 board meeting and study session minutes..June 1, 2015 Study Session Minutes

Human Resources Report  approves the June 22, 2015 Human Resources Report.June 22, 2015 Human Resources Report

Instructional Materials Adoption  approves the IMC materials as presented.IMC Sit Rec, June 22, 2015

Approval of Monitoring Board Policy EL-5, Parents and Community  approves Monitoring Board Policy EL-5 Parents and CommunityEL-05, Monitoring Report Approval, June 22, 2015

Approval of Monitoring Board Policy EL-6, Student Learning Environment  approves EL-6, Student Learning Environment monitoring reportEL-06, Monitoring Report Approval, June 22, 2015

Approval of Monitoring Board Policy EL-8, Instructional Materials Selection  EL-08, Monitoring Report Approval, June 22, 2015

Donations  approves the June 22, 2015 DonationsJune 22, 2015 Donations

Non-Consent Agenda 

2014-15 Budget, First Reading  2015-16 Budget First Reading Sit Rec

Jacie - nromally presenting our budget at this time an look for comments and have the pbulci8 hearing first meetin gin august - since we don't know what we are getting from the state - the work on the budgt - having that presentation 15-16 budget hopefully adoptin in augus tan dhave a couple fo weeks between the first meetin for a puic hearing an adopti -dleaying aneything as we arwair out leg.l

Barba - presented budget - lookt at presention Budget Overiview Jackie - get list of modernizated projets idnetified by school to release XXXXX athletic improvements etc. 8 60 passenger buses andf one 70 passenger bus.l Barb - general Fund - not real budget - just drat - incorproated known enrollment increases any grant adj and house and senate agreement state pension increase - does include that - 26,700 an exptect it to be over 27,000 next year 10% increase in kindergarten today seein actual registration 7.6% higgher than this fall - possilyt won't have 10% - our concservative when extimately enrololment. ELL increased by 24% projected and exted igh numer this year state provides transition funds for two years - Mark -more invovled more services - more staffing with the descrease in special eduation - Barbara - Paul provides us with his request - level stafing - increased the number of learnin centers - added two classrom sna dincreased para ed supportl Levy up 3.8 million that is an estimatate - we wil not know until the leg session is done,. Nanc - as these healthiflier commodities Barbara - we can get you a list XXXXXX

Siir - in where the buget is posted - have link to work session documents - alighnment with the strateic goals. XXXXX

Superintendent Report  Traci - brief repor t- 1-15 over - sumer prorams and staff working - Highligh at elemetnary level core academic summer schol 3.5 hours - m-fri july 6- 31 - and elective classes - fun class infused into core content - walk-in;/mail in - walk in june 24-26 a RHS library - late registration begin on june 2 7 - last day to register - a number o f invitation non fee for title one schools and special ed studen t- ein frost muir red rose hill summer literacy camps for k-gr 2 or 3-5 - invitational program - student needed additional exp - extended school year for special ed invitational program at red el this year - july 6 - 31 - at the ms ms for current based on grade just complete4d - and provide review op in math or reading and study skills at hs course for stuent previouysoy enrolled in the course credit retrieval in engl ath science world languag e- some summer enricfhment in helath - l.5 health and also some summer enriment in art - through wa-nic - student 9-12 enrolol occ ed rdit bearing course coputer science culingary radio tsv broafcasting and digipen courses - Extensive offereings there - ms and hs jul y6 through quite a ew summer opportuntiesl

Legislative Report  Sir - barb did such a nice job presenting the many budgets presented and very unclear shwat is going to happen - june 30 is the dealine and stayin abreaat on those things.l

Board Follow-Up 

Future Agenda Items 

Debrief  Nancy - report oin graduation - Emerson - incredible studnt - Mark was there with me Transition acadmy - Jckie -Juanita - not taking the easy path 0- take some chan es - e unique - Mark - attedned the transition academy an STEM hs and speech on the web site - it was a trip - It is up on You tube Redmon High - \ \Siri - opp SATEM inauural grad as well went to ICS, do presentation for each student - able all three at key arena - fun to see the similariti and the difference s- uniquenss of the student speakers and excitement of our graduate and the success they have had. every enjoyable - Jackie wish them all sucfcess..

Board Member Comments  Mark - attending rotary meetinhgs in sammamish hope able to extnd our ability to comunicate with them on a a reg basisl. Traci - quite mayor tom vance attenfd the samamish and ivnited councilmember and leg o attend grad - bryone shutz from red tesla stem and shelly kloba at Juanita High School

Siri wasa leadership - third weeken - racial rquity - bnob hughes on education - it is vry good - meet with him on friday to get ieas his approach with it an d presented aroudn th state on wssda leadership other possibiities of working with low income component that he speaks of as a gap - establishin opportunity gap but learning studnts ahve the schoosl role in helping to mitigate those realities.

Jackie review upcoming board meeting schedule.

Nancy Bernard moved to approve M. Board Member Comments Seconded by Mark Stuart.



Jackie Pendergrass, President

Chip Kimball, Superindentant

Diane Jenkins

Recording Secretary