Do you like viewing videos on YouTube? YouTube is a video platform which permits anyone on the internet to upload, publish and share videos as well as share them everywhere that you like.

When visiting Youtube to see videos, you can view them without actually having an account. Even though you don’t have to create a YouTube account, you should, as there are multiple advantages to being a Youtube member. Here are a few of those advantages detailed below.

The first of the numerous advantages to creating a free YouTube account is that it is fairly simple to do. When you sign up for a complimentary YouTube account, only a little bit of info about yourself is needed. Actually creating an account will only take but a few moments and you’ll be good to go.

Having creating a free YouTube channel, you can start to have some fun with the numerous other advantages of having your own channel. One of those benefits is the capability to rate videos that you view, along with leave comments. As it was previously discussed, you can view videos without having an account, but you cannot rate videos or leave remarks for the video owner unless you are signed into your account.

Giving your feedback on videos once logged in provides other fellow users an idea on which videos are popular on the platform. Youtube then displays the more popular video in the right-hand sidebar which gives users the opportunity to view other popular videos. It is important for all users who view videos to click on the like or thumbs up button and leave a comment. The reason for this helps the people who are publishing the videos to understand whether they need to make more videos like that or more away from it based on the comments.

In addition to being able to rate or review videos, having an account also gives you the option of sharing your videos or the videos you like with other web users. Videos of all kinds are presently found on YouTube, they can be in a number of different categories. You can find any kind of video that you may be waiting to view on this awesome platform. Videos that are funny, video blogs, reviews of products, how to videos and educational videos.

As it was previously stated, developing a membership account with YouTube is totally free and it needs to only take a few minutes of your time. If you enjoy watching videos as a source of entertainment, then you will love this platform.

The other beauty of having an account is you can start to produce your own videos on anything you like. If you own a business, this would be a wise move as video is a must for being visible on the internet. If you learn how to rank your videos, you can gain free organic traffic directed to your business.

If you don’t want to learn yourself how to rank your own videos which can be time consuming it would be important to find a quality seo agency to help you in this endeavor. Video seo companies who have a quality reputation can really take your business to a whole other level. The other advantage to having your videos ranked on google and Youtube is once they are ranked, you are getting free traffic to your business.

If you go the route of advertising, once you stop advertising, so does the traffic! The costs to have a video seo agency set your business up with videos that rank is minimal compared to ongoing advertising costs.

So, whether you just want to view all kinds of great videos for free, create your own videos or start getting free traffic to your business, Youtube is fantastic for all options!