After the Flood, Noah's family spread out throughout the world to continue propagating humanity. The Qur'an does not specify who and how many people went on the Ark with Noah, but Biblical texts give some insight into this question. The key takeaway is that, because of this story, the Abrahamic faiths view all of humanity as interconnected with one another.

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Muslim sources do not go into details about the sons of Noah; most information comes from Jewish sources. Shem's descendants would give rise to Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, and the prophets of the Abrahamic traditions.


Ham's descendants would give rise to the nations of Egypt as represented in the Bible. With the numerous interactions and events that occur in Egypt in the Biblical texts, this puts things into an interesting perspective; more often than not, Egypt is the adversary of the prophets. However they do come from the same ancestral source.


Noah's youngest son was Japheth according to the Abrahamic narrative. His descendants would give rise to many of the people that would settle in Europe and Asia.
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