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When you are planning to beef up security in your home, one of the most important things you want to do is to make sure that you have eyes and ears everywhere. At Vivint Smart Home, we make this possible by offering you premium-quality Smart Home Installation and product supply services.We have been in the Home Security business for years and have fine-tuned our approach such that you are guaranteed only the best in terms of product quality and installation services.When you come to us looking for home security and Alarm Systems, rest assured that we have a team of experienced experts who are ready to take on your case, understand your needs, and recommend products and solutions that fit your budget.We understand that each client’s needs and budget are different and this is why one of the commonest solutions we offer is to give them eyes and ears in and around their homes via outdoor camera installations.You can rest assured that the outdoor camera solution that we offer presents a wide range of benefits which include;Intelligent security camera video for proactive action – the outdoor security cameras we install are the best in the market and they have been designed to prevent crime by identifying threats and deterring intruders.


Home Security

We understand the growing security risks in the communities that we serve and this is why we have come up with a team of Home Security experts who will handle all of your needs and work with you to make your home as fortified as it can be.When you come to us, our first instinct is that your needs are unique and this is why we offer you a thorough consultation and also seek to understand your needs. After this, we agree on your budget and offer you the right security solutions that are within your budget and will keep your home protected.We carry sophisticated products that have been tested and trusted over the years and offer you complete control of your home from wherever you are. As part of the products we offer, you can take advantage of our smart video surveillance products that offer full HD view of the indoor and outdoor space and also comes packing anti-theft and anti-loitering features.

Full HD View – our outdoor cameras offer you an HD view of the outdoor space both during the day and at night. Rest assured that you can enjoy additional features like HD Zoom that allows you to zoom in on faces and license plates for clear identification.The outdoor security camera actively patrols a perimeter that has been set outside your home while giving you detailed footage of the area under surveillance. The camera also plays a tone and uses LED rings to deter potential loiterers.We take care to ensure that all of our installations are well concealed while offering maximum benefits to you and your family. With our outdoor camera installations, you can rest assured that your home is one tap away from you, even when you are on a vacation.


Alarm Systems

With our smart home security and Alarm Systems solutions, many of our customers have been able to go on vacations knowing that checking up on their homes is just one click away.When you choose our home security system solutions, we offer a wide range of benefits which include;

our video surveillance solution is one that offers you the chance to keep an eye on every aspect of your home, making sure that it remains impregnable. Our video surveillance solution has anti-loitering and anti-theft features, offers full HD View, playback features and more.we offer one of the fastest response times in the area. This means that we offer a complete 24 hours surveillance service and are ready to deploy experts when smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide creates life-threatening situations. Our one-touch emergency callout feature allows you to get in touch with the appropriate quarters whose response time is unrivaled.

You can rest assured that we do it all. Our technicians will come to your property to map out the best installation locations and will also make sure that the installed cameras are not readily visible to strangers.Added to the 24-hour video surveillance service that we offer, you can also take advantage of the home security and Alarm Systems solutions that we provide.Clients interested in this system can rest assured that we offer burglary detection, smart locks, smoke alarms, Carbon monoxide detectors, and water sensors. Whatever your home security needs are, rest assured that we are more than capable of addressing them.


Click Here to Call Us:817-864-8975

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