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When it comes to home security, our team at Vivint Smart Home understands that home security is more than just installing Security Cameras and hoping that you get to make the best use of it.No, we go the extra mile and this is why we have become the best at what we do in our area. As a team of Home Security Systems professionals, we take our jobs seriously and the satisfaction of our customers even more seriously.We guarantee that when you choose to work with us as the leading provider of Home Security Systems in our community, you will be able to enjoy;We know that your home is not the same as all the other homes in the community. Furthermore, your security needs are particular to you. With this realization, we are in a better position to offer you a one-on-one consultation service where we will discuss all of your security needs and make sure that all of those are addressed. We make sure that the specific needs are met in line with the budget that you have set for it.One part is to recommend the best products on the market, the second part is to offer the best installation service that ensures that you get the best out of your home security system solution. We offer both services. We have a team of installation experts with years of experience and they are capable of mapping out the best areas in the home to install security products for the best coverage.




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We not only handle product and package recommendations and installation services. we go the extra mile by providing 24 hours monitoring and support services to you and your household. You can rest assured that we are in the business of keeping you safe and this means that we are one button away from delivering the fastest response services to you.  A lot of property owners coming into our office are interested to know what working with us will be like, especially in the area of their home security needs. We are a team of home security experts with years of experience and a commitment to meet the security needs of each one of our customers.We understand that no two customers have the same specific needs and this is why we make sure that our security solutions, although in packages, are available in custom packages to meet the specific needs of each customer.When you come to us, we are interested to know what your security needs are and then we can work with you and your budget to create a masterpiece that is particular to your needs.We not only offer the installation of Security Cameras but we go above and beyond to make sure that you are able to enjoy the perks and advantages of a smart and secure home.Our Home Security Systems offer you a wide range of advantages which include;Are you interested in knowing everything that is happening in your home while you are away? Or are you looking for a cost-effective way to monitor your kids while you are away? We offer a smart and secure solution that offers you the full view of your home from anywhere in the world. Our security solution is as simple to access as a tap on your internet-enabled device.One of the biggest advantages of our Home Security Systems is that it offers you the advantage of 24 hours of monitoring. This means that we are one click away from rapidly responding to your security needs. We are always active and available to respond at all times of the day and night. you can sleep better or go out of town knowing that your valuables are secure.




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One of the best ways to ensure that your home is safe is to have eyes and ears in the home at all times. While this may sound counterproductive to the busy folks, our team at Vivint Smart Home makes it possible through the use of high definition Security Cameras.At Vivint Smart Home, we understand that your sophisticated and high-tech Home Security Systems aren’t complete without a security camera that feeds you visual of your home and this is why we make sure that when you come to us, you are offered one of the best and leading security camera systems that offer you all of the protection you need at all times.Our security camera solutions have proven effective in helping homeowners keep tabs on their home while on vacation or keep a watchful eye on their kids while they are away at work.When it comes to our Security Cameras as part of the Security Systems that we offer, below are some of the common camera options that we offer;This product has been designed to feed you the highest quality of video coverage, rest assured that this security camera offers 4K high resolution, night vision, and is also equipped with smart motion detection. You also get to enjoy a host of other features while data collected is stored as smart clips so that you can call back to them whenever needed.

This is more useful compared to the old doorbells. This is because it offers both audio and video options. added to this, it supplies a 180-degree view and offers you HD resolution as well as an infrared night vision.The stylish ping camera sits on the countertop of your home and offers a crystal clear view of the home. With this camera, you can monitor whatever goes on inside your home from miles away.


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