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As a business owner, you need a financial advisor and a team of Accountants that are constantly working to help you identify potential steps to take as well as the moves to make to protect your wealth and interest.This is what we do at W M Wright & Co, we are a team of Accountants who are experts in our field and offer the members of our community all the help needed to get their business off the ground.Not only do we offer asset and wealth protection services, but we also make sure that when you choose to work with us, but you will also be able to enjoy nothing short of exceptional service aimed at growing your business.Our services include;Commercial finance services – we handle all of your commercial financing needs, helping you to understand what comes in and goes out of your business, how to deduct profit from your business,



 as well as how to calculate remunerations to protect your finances and save you from going under.Leases – as a business, you may have properties that can be leased out or some others that you may wish to lease to protect your spending, we offer the help you need to make the best decisions for yourself and business.Asset finance – looking to purchase new business assets or looking for the best way to make such a purchase without harming your capital, rest easy knowing that we will work with you to chart the best course of action for you and your business.Additional services we offer include;Invoice discount finance,Line of credit facility,Residential home loans, and,Investment loans. 



Penrith Accountants


As a business owner, one of the most troubling areas of your business will be when you choose to file your taxes for the given year. You do not want to do anything illegal by deducting too much while you also want to be able to make as much profit as you can. In the end, you may end up paying more than you ought to in taxes.One way to save yourself from all of this is to hire a team of accountants to do the job. This option, although a good one may be something you are currently unable to afford. Many businesses are unable to afford an in-house accounting department and as such are left stranded between paying more than expected in taxes or losing more money in salary payment.To solve this dilemma, our team at W M Wright & Co is offering you a team of qualified and experienced Accountants who are ready to carry out all of your accounting and taxation needs while you don’t have to worry about maintaining an in-house accounting team.Our Penrith Accountants at W M Wright & Co are well-trained and are some of the best heads in the industry. We offer you a wide range of services to keep your business moving forward. Our main aim is to save you money, handle your accounting and taxation needs while helping you to focus more on what matters – making more money.




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We have some of the best Accountant Penrith in our employ who are willing to save you more money compared to operating an in-house accounting department.When you choose to work with us as your Accountant Penrith, we offer you a wide range of accounting solutions including;- Preparation of annual accounts Our team handles the preparation of annual accounts showing you areas where you are making the most sales, giving you a breakdown of what your business is worth, and providing insights as to your next financial move to aid business growth and sustenance.- Preparation of periodic management accounts We understand that being constantly updated with the financial standing of your business can help you to make the best decisions. Our accounting services offer you a periodic management statement that helps you to better understand your finances.We also offer additional perks including maintaining PAYG and GST records as well as associated records, bookkeeping services, PAYG and superannuation guarantee compliance, and self-assessment advice from our leading professionals with years of industry experience.



We focus on delivering the best services to our clients while also helping them to focus on the more important aspect of their business – making decisions that increase their chance of succeeding.We have a team that offers business support services, providing business owners with the support they need to think strategically about the future and how it affects their business. We make sure that our team analyses the market to understand the place of our clients and how they can better solidify their position in their industry.


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