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Nothing is worse than a fire breakout. You may lose your home, property, and much more during a fire incident at your home. You and your family members may get severe injuries. But what if there’s a fire at your workplace? Who would you blame for the incident? Let’s assume that the fire outbreak could have been extinguished, but there was no proper equipment at your workplace. Who will you hold responsible for your personal injuries and loss? In a workplace incident such as a fire breakout, it is your employer who can be held at fault for the damage. The next 48 hours from the incident are crucial to determine whether you’ll be able to retrieve your recovery from the employer or not. The first thing that you might consider in this situation would be to file a lawsuit against your employer’s negligence towards worker’s safety. But, do you think it is logical enough to compete against a giant business tycoon? Your employer will have his desk of highly qualified attorneys in action even before you can reach out to them for your claims. We suggest you hire our best Personal Injury Lawyer at Waller Smith & Palmer PC to help you claim your loss.



Our smart attorney may also proffer you with an alternative to claim your worker’s compensation instead of filing a lawsuit. Our personal injury attorney knows the benefit of availing your worker’s compensation. It is a ‘no-fault system’ that allows you to recover your loss in exchange for your right to sue the employer. Every employer has insurance to cover his employees in case of an incident. Waller Smith & Palmer PC’s personal injury attorney will make sure that your employer pays for all your medical bills and also provides you with an average weekly wage while you are off work. In case of permanent injury, we can get you entitled to the permanent disability benefits as well.


Injury Lawyer


It is unfortunate to meet with an accident. An accident can lead you to financial loss and damage. Obviously, you would want to get your compensation from the other party. But there can be instances where the other person may refuse your claim, or a situation may arise where multiple people were involved in the accident. Road rage is very common these days, and you must be prepared to face such a situation and its consequences. A situation where you’ve to bear any kind of damage due to the other person’s fault, you can claim him legally for a personal injury. You can hire our Personal Injury Lawyer at Waller Smith & Palmer PC to get fair compensation for your loss.Our personal injury lawyer will guide you through the complex decisions of your claim. He will help you recognize the law and will suggest to you how you can benefit from it. Here’s what our personal injury lawyers at Waller Smith & Palmer PC are best at:Our personal injury lawyers at Waller Smith & Palmer PC are experienced in handling personal injury cases. We know your limitations in the case and can use tactics to turn the argument around. Our knowledgeable attorney will file your claims within the deadlines and save you from missing your chance to recover your damage. Seeking insurance might be a backup plan in the back of your mind. But, it’s not necessary that your insurance company would easily approve your claim. Their team of high-paid lawyers helps them dismiss claims on the basis of minute legal technicalities. Our personal injury lawyer can help you with his legal advice to seek your claim, he/she will negotiate with them and get all your compensation amount.Our personal injury lawyer will easily have access to places to obtain evidence. Evidence can be the key to your claim. He can represent evidence to prove your damage and get the other person to pay for it.




Divorce Attorney


A divorce can be the most drastic transition in your life. We understand your concern regarding the custody of your children and other sensitive issues amid such worries. Making a decision to file a divorce is not the end but the beginning of the process. You can hire our Divorce Attorney at Waller Smith & Palmer PC to cater to your needs and requirements. Our divorce attorney will help you make the right financial decisions for the long term with his expertise. Our divorce attorney at Waller Smith & Palmer PC understands your emotions and fears when it comes to your children. The critical decision to decide upon the custody of your children is dealt with with the utmost sensitivity and for the best interest of your children.While many people go the conventional way to take up a divorce, there’s an alternative option of separation as well. Divorce Mediation is a mutual separation done within the presence of a divorce mediator. 



This process is highly effective to sustain family assets and to maintain privacy but requires a lot of understanding from both the parties. You can discuss and consent to a mutual agreement made for your finances, family, and custody of your children. You can also consider the concept of co-parenting your children. Divorce meditation is conducted within the privacy of your home and not in a courtroom. It is an easier way to resolve your matters with an equal say and respect. Our divorce attorney can also assist you in dissolving your marriage without visiting the court and yet receiving all the necessary legal advice involved in the settlement. Both parties present their side with a divorce attorney and form a collaborative agreement. Waller Smith & Palmer PC also provides the couple with a mental health provider to deal with the emotional aspect of their separation.


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