The history of barbering in fact returns as far as the Bronze Age of ancient Egypt, roughly 3500 BC. Archeologists have unearthed razors going back to that time, as well as written recordings that mention barbers as respected people because culture. In fact, the earliest barbers were really priests and medicine men, since it was thought that evil spirits might enter a person's body through their hair. It is interesting to think of how this profession progressed into the hair salon culture that we know today.
Ancient Greece had its own barbers also. These guys focused on cutting and styling males's beards, hair and fingernails. They also offered an essential celebration place for males. The Greeks presented barbering to the Romans when they colonized Sicily in 296 BC, and it rapidly became a social institution there too, just as the general public baths were.

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In the European Middle Ages, barbers served a lot more important roles as dental practitioners and sometimes even cosmetic surgeons. They carried out responsibilities such as bloodletting, enemas, fire cupping, leeching and teeth-pulling in addition to cutting hair. This is where the red and white barber pole came from; it signified surgical treatment with the red stripe and barbering with the white. Barbers would also clean the ears and scalp, drain boils, lance cysts, and control stiff or hurt necks. Surgeons were really considered lower in social status than barbers, up until the time that surgeons began serving on British warships.

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Nowadays, barbers practically stay with cutting hair, shaving and/or trimming beards and mustaches. The barbershop still serves an important function as a location of social gathering along with a location for a male to obtain his hair cut. Some barber stores even serve beer and offer entertainment, such as movies and computer game to keep customers around for longer periods of time. The hair salon has become a little a niche company, though, as more and more men grow their hair out and just return to have it cut every couple of months or longer.

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Furthermore, a great deal of guys just go to the very same beauty parlors that women go to. Barbershops are still incredibly popular amongst military workers and other men who keep their hair very trim and their faces really clean-shaven, though. Hopefully, the history of barbering is no place near a completed story, and there will be barbers practicing for generations to come.