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In Brisbane Bathroom Renos We understand that style and layout are important for bathrooms with small spaces. For homeowners, planning and renovating a bathroom that is small on your own may seem like playing Tetris. We're trying to figure out how to fit in toilets, towel racks as well as a sink, shower tub, and sufficient room to maneuver around and still make it practical and fashionable. We at Brisbane Bathroom Renos, we use the concepts that you already have and count on our knowledge to produce the best outcome possible.

Small Bathroom Design Challenges

Despite the difficulties of having a smaller bathroom, it's well worth the effort. In the words of Open Agent renovation of your bathroom is one of the most efficient ways to boost its value. home. Bathrooms can also influence the buying decision. It is crucial to think about particularly if you're selling an older house in a location that is more costly either now or in the near future.


As an Brisbane located company, Brisbane Bathroom Renos has completed more than 700 bathroom renovations in Brisbane alone. We are aware of the need to blend practicality and function with stunning, top quality and unique design. The bathroom is one of the most utilization area within the house It's crucial to do it the right way.


In the beginning the first meeting is with the client to discuss the requirements and concepts, and examine the space to determine the scope of work. We create a design plan and a proposal for the client to review prior to signing an agreement. While we collaborate closely with you to finalize the design of your tiny bathroom, here's a couple of great small bathroom ideas.

Pick Fixtures using Storage

You can design an attractive space that is it is also practical. Space for storage in any bathroom is essential. Toothpaste tubes bottles, lotions of towels, spare ones, and soaps clogging up the space on the bench is a nuisance and can ruin a bathroom look smaller.

Decorating Ideas

The colour of the room can play a major impact on the size of the room. Neutral or white colours are ideal for bathrooms with small spaces since they can make the room appear bigger than it really is. If you'd like to add a touch of color, you could apply this to the towels and other items.

Keep It Simple

We recommend adding accessories and personalization for your bathroom space, you'll prefer a bathroom with a smaller space that is simple. If you choose furniture and accessories that are clean and have simple colors you will get the sensation of having more space.


The selection of color dimensions, shape, and position of bathrooms tiles could make a huge impact. Based on the bathroom bigger tiles that go onto the floor and extend up the walls could be effective. Another method of creating appearance of more space to make the tiles extend about halfway to the wall. It is important to choose the right tiles and the choices you make will be based on your personal design preferences, the space available and the layout of your bathroom.


Brisbane Bathroom Renos is Brisbane's top bathroom renovation business with more than 25 years ' experience working on bathrooms. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and designing beautiful but practical bathrooms. The design of a bathroom remodel requires precision, skillful artistry and knowledge. Contact us on our website or phone us to get a no-cost quote for your bathroom.

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