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Video Maker

Our internet advertising and marketing agency specializes in creating digital marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes. Audio Visual Lab also assists clients with social media management, site design, content marketing, video production, graphic design, and advertising consulting. Read more about our services by clicking here.

From start up to corporate giants, we can personalise a package to fit your requirements. Whether you have platform-specific requirements or you will need an all-inclusive solution, we're here to be sure that you are receiving the most innovative and cost effective solution. Audio Visual Lab is among the top corporate video production companies in Durban, Johannesburg. Our corporate video production marketing strategy services is a holistic view of your entire video content program -- the strategy, execution (production) and supply (marketing) for obtaining the ideal video content into the right place of your communication plan. A holistic video strategy will enable you to plan, budget and integrate all the different types of sales and marketing video communications you will have to affect the different stages of your marketing & sales funnel.

A holistic movie strategy enables you to plan, budget and incorporate all the various kinds of sales and marketing video communications you will have to affect the different phases of your marketing & sales funnel.

No matter your sales or business, we know you must demonstrate a return on investment in order for you to demonstrate that business video content is a worthwhile investment...

The core purpose of the corporate video is to become an asset for your own company in driving business value through effective communication and presentation. Ultimately, the goal really is to raise revenues or lower overall business costs by creating the ideal video that conveys something meaningful to the business audience it aims to reach.

By replacing traditional communication such as in-person verbal presentation or discussions, pamphlets, reading materials, or power point presentations; corporate video is an investment in ensuring a company's most critical communications are done in the best way possible. We've interviewed hundreds of CEOs and C-Suite executives from Fortune 500s and startups alike, as well as hundreds of entrepreneurs and brilliant business people at all levels of the corporate ladder.

We have also created some of the most dynamic cinematography, motion graphics, 3D animations, and visual effects this side of a major movie studio.

Over the years, Audio Visual Lab's corporate videos have helped kickstart countless small business initiatives and given a boost to hundreds of careers.

In addition to world-class production experience, Indigo's production team is stocked with serious business acumen, including people with backgrounds in finance, creative marketing, entertainment, brbankingsocial media, corporate communications, and viral marketing.