In everyday language the concept of "human resource" is superimposed on terms that are only apparently similar, such as employee, collaborator, workforce and others.

This is a fairly common linguistic trap which, however, a good manager cannot possibly fall into.

Let's take a closer look at the meaning and functions of the human resources office.


Human resources and work

The term Human Resources (abbreviated HR) indicates the set of people who in various capacities lend their business to a company , but it is also to be understood as the set of skills and professionalism provided by the members of the staff to the production process . This is one of the main factors that determine the company capital to care for, monitor and invest in to improve the entire ecosystem of the company.

The equalization of the workforce to other non-human company resources, such as machinery, patents and company properties, has generated over time some ethical doubts about this type of approach, but there is no doubt that today it is the most functional organizational model to business management and the well-being of collaborators .

Advanced analyzes on the level of safety in the workplace, management of salaries, benefits and disciplinary procedures, continuous and planned training of collaborators; these are just some of the activities that a well-organized human resources department must deal with on a daily basis to make corporate human capital a real competitive advantage that the company can exploit on the market.


The functions of the Human Resources department

In an era of digital transformation and reorganization of the production process as rapid and changing as the one we are experiencing, the Human Resources office plays an increasingly central role in a modern company. It is no coincidence that the most dynamic and listed companies in their sectors invest significant amounts in implementing Human Resources.

The choice seems logical if we consider that the entire working life of an employee or collaborator in the company passes through the lens of HR.

It is the Human Resources department that, together with the company management, identifies the necessary profiles, selects the curriculum through digital and analog systems, evaluates the candidates and takes care of all the bureaucracies necessary for hiring.

It is always the Human Resources office that takes care of the growth and training of the staff, their possible relocation to other areas of the production process and manages complaints, disciplinary proceedings, labor disputes, maternity and everything that can be useful for the enhancement of any professionalism. with a view to optimizing the overall company organization .

Personnel management is therefore an increasingly complex area that requires organizational skills and leadership, creativity and motivational skills.

Perhaps it is precisely this mix of required skills that makes HR manager a job that many young people and recent graduates look to with growing interest.


Working in human resources: the preparation required

The world of personnel management is as varied as the skills required in various sectors of the Human Resources Department are varied.

You can submit your job application if you have a legal background, if the company request concerns bureaucratic aspects, hiring and job consulting.

You can approach the sector from a psychological starting point, offering yourself as specialists in personnel selection or talent matching, the digital crossing activity between supply and demand that the company operates by mainly exploiting the network in search of specific profiles, often of medium, high and very high level able to make the company make a decisive qualitative leap.

Even a preparation of Social Media Management can be useful in the Human Resources offices that work internally for the recruiting of staff and therefore want to make the most of the potential of social networks to reach a wider and better user base of possible collaborators.

Finally, a figure that is increasingly in demand in this area is that of the Welfare Manager , the person in charge of the well-being of the company's human capital, since many studies, in addition to common sense, attest to how a satisfied worker performs his or her business better and substantially its own productivity.

For this reason, some particularly structured companies are starting to equip themselves with the CHO, the Chief Happines Officer , a real happiness manager.

Many branches, many aspects, many difficulties for a single department: how to manage them?


A software as a digital ally of the human resources office

It is difficult, looking from the outside, to really understand how complex and varied the management of a company's human capital is, but any manager who works in the field of Human Resources knows that without management software it is literally impossible to keep everything under control. .

Digitization is, without a doubt, the most precious ally of a personnel department.

To facilitate operations and organization, it is necessary to identify an intuitive and complete software capable, with minimum effort, of managing and scheduling many factors, including:

All this not only from the point of view of the company but also of the employee who, thanks to an advanced software tailored to business needs, can make his own contribution by automatically updating the data that the office wants to request, streamlining the bureaucratic steps and maintaining the vision of the personal profile (examples: request for holidays, permits accepted, pay slip)

The “self-service” functions reduce the office workload and therefore play a primary role in cost optimization and in the fundamental reduction of the department's spending budget.


Organization and management of human resources: what we can do for you

Since its inception, Peoplelink's goal has been to radically improve the methods of managing human resources by offering companies innovative and cutting-edge solutions capable of modernizing and optimizing business processes.

A complete and dynamic database, capable of integrating the HR work with the contribution of useful information by the collaborators in an autonomous way to allow the office and staff members to always have the situation under control.

On the Myloweslife  has an integrated HR Analytical, able to offer at a glance all the information about the past and present useful to plan the company's future.