Oil And Gas Safety

Oil And Gas Safety

Health and safety is important for every industrial sector, but particularly for the offshore oil and gas industry where the prospect of a major injury is ever present. Because of this, effective and relentlessly focused management of process safety is a basis and core value for our industry.

The UK oil and gas sector continues to improve security through leadership, communication and co-operation. This can be supported by a well-established and world-class legal framework -- designed post-Piper and regulated by the Health & Safety Executive.

The total amount of hydrocarbon releases -- oil and gasoline escapes -- has declined by nearly 70 per cent since its peak in 2004.

Managing advantage ageing and ensuring safety-critical plant, equipment and installations remain fit-for-purpose throughout their stretching lives is an ongoing focus.

Offshore oil and gas has a lower private injury rate than a number of other sectors such as manufacturing and construction.

The industry operates within a target setting regulatory framework, and through books, workshops and seminars, is an international exemplar of good security practice.