SEO Tips

SEO Tips

How to improve the positioning in Google and other search engines?

Here are some key tips to position you on Google that we follow every day in our SEO Agency to position both our projects and client projects.

1. Perform a Keyword Research

This is the main step that lays the foundation of any SEO positioning strategy . This is a necessary analysis to establish what are the keywords by which people should find your website by logic. That is, if I search for “how to position my website”, what I want to find is an article that explains to me what are the steps that I have to take so that my website is among the first results of Google.

And who may be interested in me reading your article? To any web positioning company in Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona ... etc. By this I mean that any company must perform a previous analysis of all the keywords and long tails that users use to search for services or products that they offer.

2. Create a calendar and review the search intentions

In its latest updates, Google has given increasing importance to the contents of web pages. Thus, the Internet giant is in love with long articles, with links and that speak exactly what is being said in the title. With this the content is much more focused on searches, and for example, this article of SEO tips, can never be positioned by “seo tricks” or another different keyword.

Remember that to see the search intention, it is best to search for “seo tips” and “seo tricks” and see if Google shows the same results. If you don't show the same thing, it doesn't make sense to attack that keyword in your post because it will never rank first because it is a different search intention.

Remember, the most important thing is that the contents are useful for the user. Therefore, having a blog in which articles whose content responds to the previously established Keyword research are constantly published is one of the best SEO tips I can give you at this time.

In turn, it is important to create a calendar of logical and established contents over time. When we face keyword research, we will realize the number of “repeated” or similar words and concepts. It is necessary to take it into account and group them into search intentions so as not to cannibalize the keywords and / or differentiate them in time so as not to bore the reader.

3. Respect the basic keys of SEO On Page

These mini-tips are used both for articles that are published on the blog and for the services pages:

Text extension: the ideal is around 1,500 words. Google understands that the more extensive the text, the more appropriate it is for the user. However, you should avoid writing straw and go around a subject that does not have much more to tell. This extension also better the time spent on the website, a vital attribute for Google.

Keyword density : quantity is not equal to quality. One of the SEO tips most experts give in the sector is not to exceed 2.5% of the use of the keyword. You can see it with the SeoQuake tool .

Use of titles and subtitles: a well structured text will be more likely to position itself among the top positions. At the same time, the H1, H2, H3 header tags must be used correctly, as they show the search engines what the content of our website is about.

Meta Title Tag: It will be the title that users see in the search engine so it should be flashy, with the main keyword visible and as far to the left as possible. The meta titles help position and al CTR .

Meta Description Tag: not directly help positioning but CTR, which in the end is an important factor for SEO. Relevant information should be included to capture the attention of users and try to put the largest number of keywords of your search intention. If a user uses them when making a query, these key words will appear in bold, which will highlight the rest of the pages.

Friendly URLs: must be friendly and for this you should avoid using unimportant words, prepositions and determinants. That is, it is best that only the main keyword of the article is included. If your post on SEO tips the logical url will be https://domain.com/best-seo/.

Beware the first paragraph: is the presentation of the article and what will cause the user to close the page within a few seconds or read. In addition, it is super important that the main keyword is included and highlighted in bold. To improve the time of stay of the web and lower the bounce rate, it is interesting to link to other interesting articles for the reader at the beginning of the post.

Use Search Console to analyze and solve all possible problems detected.