My wife and I were high school sweethearts....

My wife and I were high school sweethearts. Kimberly was a brilliant, lovely girl. With big breasts and long curly red hair. Academic and popular.

I was nerdy, and smart. A bit to feminine to be handsome. I was shy and weak.

Neither of us had been with other partners and our sex life was pretty vanilla going into our mid twenties. Mostly missionary style sex, in the bedroom. She did enjoy me touching her breasts, and I loved playing with them while watching some Cuckoldporn.

Sometimes we would snuggle on the couch watching tv and she would pull her shirt up, and take her bra off. I would massage and caress her breasts for the whole length of a show. Then we would go make love.

The kinkiest thing we had done was coming back from a friend’s wedding. Kim had gotten a bit more drunk than she usually would. About halfway home she put her hand in my lap and started rubbing me through my slacks. On the dark country road I quickly got hard. This apparently spurred her on so she unzipped my pants, quickly pulling my cock into the cool air. My wife purred like a kitten as she slowly stroked my erection. With a grin she whipped off her shirt and bra.

Her tits on display for anyone who happened to peer in. Though we were in the middle of nowhere at night.

With a growl of lust she leaned over and took me in her mouth. I gasped as my dick wad buried in her warm moist mouth. I tried to concentrate on driving as she sucked my cock.

I ... I’m going to cum soon, honey.” I warned her.

Mmm, I want to taste you.” Was her response. I exploded in her mouth, and she swallowed every last drop of jizz. Something she very rarely did. She stayed topless the rest of the ride. Her lust not abating. When we got to areas where there were lights she would hug her breasts to cover them up. Something I found very erotic. When we reached home we made passionate love in the bedroom.

I could never tell her about all the kinky stuff that turned me on. Stuff that I was ashamed of. Every time I wrapped my fingers around my dick it was to thoughts of women being abused and violated.

I was a huge geek, into computers and comics. Kimberly was into journalism and social media.

One spring I convinced her to go with me to ComicFest. The largest geek convention in the Central City area.

She nodded politely when I showed her the action figures. And the trailer for the Army of Honor video game.

She was obviously bored, but so great to have agreed to come out with me. I would have to go antiquing with her to make up for it. Sometimes it was hard to find fun things to do together. Our interests weren’t that similar.

Early in the day I was searching for some comics. Stuff to round out my collection. While I had my head down, searching through boxes on the floor, I heard Kim gasp behind me.

Ashton! What’s that?” She asked tapping me on the shoulder.

Looking up I see she is pointing at someone dressed as demon lord Kroxar. From the Land of War MMO. Pretty good too. He must have had small stilts or something as he towered eight feet tall.

He’s cosplaying from a fantasy game. He’s impressive.” I wanted to encourage her excitement. There are few things better than sharing interests with a partner.

What’s cosplaying?” She asked. Not taking her eyes off the demon.

I think it stands for costume play. Something like that. It’s when you dress up like a character from a game or movie or something. Usually anime. At least I think that’s how it started.” I explain.

Are there more? Are there more here?” She asks excited.

Yeah. I think there’s a hall dedicated to it. Contests too. It’s become a pretty big deal.” I say, pulling out my convention map. Looks like that’s our next stop.

Can we go? I want to see.” She asks sweetly.

We enter the cosplay hall, and I’m not sure if I have ever seen an actual look of wonder on her face before then. Everywhere there were people dressed as all manner of characters. Monsters, robots, heroes, and villains.

We spend a couple hours exploring the various booths, watching a seminar, and getting pictures with some of the cooler people.

Look at her! She’s so pretty.” Kim gasped at one point. She was pointing to a woman wearing little more than a bikini and fairy wings, and a lot of body paint.

Kimberly buys a bag full of ‘how to’ books, and beginner materials. The rest of the day if I was doing something boring she would dive into her new bag of treasures.

It turned out to be a great day.

Also a turning point in our lives.

She started with something kind of simple. The pilot of a mech from a popular anime.

I’m not sure how she picked that character out. I guess just looking at anime pics online. She certainly hadn’t been a fan before.

She wore a jumpsuit with the proper patches and a pair of modified aviator goggles.

The character fit her well. Both were slim with big tits. Kim wore an E-cup. They had red hair, and cute asses.

We went to a small convention and she entered a contest there.

I was surprised when she walked on stage and her suit, like the character she was dressed as, was unzipped to her navel. Showing off a generous amount of cleavage as well as her pink silk bra.

I watched as the audience, men and some women, ogle my wife. One man practically drooling.

I had an odd vision of the man pushing my wife to her knees and forcing her to suck his fat, hairy cock.

It sent a shudder up my spine.

When we met back up I asked her about her unzipped costume. Which she hadn’t zipped up yet.

Boys like boobs.” She said nonchalantly.

I noticed all the judges are men.”

Her clothes didn’t tend toward the sexy side of things. Doing that was definitely out of character for her.

She was ecstatic when she won third place.

That night snuggling together after we made love she asked,

Who is your favorite character? A sexy character.”

What?” I ask.

From a game or something.” She says turning on her side to look me in the eyes. Her big tits shifting in her T-shirt.

What character do you lust after? It’s ok. I know you look at women. I’m fine with that.”

Well.” I say clearing my throat. A little uncomfortable.

I guess one of the characters I ‘lust after’ would be Battle Mage Kara from Roster of Heroes.”

Kimberly pulled out her phone and started looking at art for the character.

Kara was a big breasted redhead. Much like my wife. She wore a dark green dress. Slit high on the sides to show off her white thigh high stockings, and low down the front to show off the fact that she didn’t wear a bra.

Uh oh. Naughty.” She had stumbled into the rule 34 section of art for Kara. A lot of nudity and some sex.

What is a feeder?” She asked looking at a particularly vile piece of fan art.

The sorceress was bent over. Locked in a stocks with a sign reading ‘Feeder’ above her. She was stripped and being abused. A swarthy man fucked her from behind. Her ass and big dangling tits had lash marks all over them. Her nipples were pierced and chained together. Another man was shooting cum onto her humiliated face. In fact she was pretty much covered in jizz.

It was disgusting. And yet I couldn’t help but be turned on. This was the type of stuff that I couldn’t share with my wife. That instantly aroused me. How could she understand.

It’s when a player dies to the other team a bunch in her game. It helps the other team advance faster. So it makes your teammates angry.” I explain.

Oh, so those are her teammates in that picture?” She asks.

I guess so.”

I see the thought of punishing a ‘feeder’ turns you on.” She said in her sexy voice. She slipped her hand into my boxers and pulled out my hardening cock. Stroking me as she grinned.

Before I could say anything, she sat up, pulling her shirt off. Her nipples clearly outlined as her the thin cloth slid past. Straddling me she moaned loudly as she settled on my hard dick. Fucking me cowgirl style. Something we don’t do often. She grabbed her big tits and moaned as she grinds on top of me.

Mmn, pinch them. Pinch my nipples.” She ordered me. I reached up and lightly squeezed her hardened buds.

Uh, harder. Pinch them harder. Punish the feeder.” She insisted.

Excited I pinched her poor nipples quite hard. Too hard maybe? But it made me even more excited. And Kimberly just moaned in pleasure. Pain? Either way she didn’t tell me to stop. She just kept squeezing her tits. Making it easier for me to pinch her nipples.

Too excited, I didn’t last long. Quickly I fill my wonderful wife with my sticky jizz. Happily she snuggled next to me and fell asleep.

Kimberly made a great Kara. The outfit looked amazing on her. Damn sexy. You could see the outline of her nipples through the dress when they were excited. Which was all the time when she wore the dress apparently. And she did a great job with the Staff of the Magi that Kara wielded.

We went to another small convention. A lot of men wanted to get their picture taken with my wife. She was pretty shy at first. Fully aware of how much of her body was shown.

Having men lust after her so blatantly was not something she was used to. She was a beautiful woman, but had never sought that kind of attention.

After a bit though, she seemed to get into it. She started to enjoy the attention. I watched her blush when a guy put his hand a bit too low on her back. I didn’t say anything to discourage the man. I was too afraid to make a scene.

Kimberly’s eyes met mine as his hand slid even further. Cupping her sweet ass

I realized it wasn’t that she enjoyed the attention. She was turned on by it. She wasn’t blushing, she was flushed with excitement.

Arguably the attention she received was inappropriate. It was lust from men other than her husband. Including physical contact. As the day wore on she got more flirty and the men more bold. Nothing too out of line. But more than one greasy, fat, geek squeezed my wife’s sweet ass as they posed together.

I kept having visions (fantasies?) of the men fucking my wife. As I took photos for them.

Not just fucking her, but violating her. Like the men did in the ‘feeder’ pic. Kimberly helpless as the men did whatever vile things they wanted to her. They would point and laugh at my tiny penis as their big manly cocks shoved their way up my weeping wife’s cunt.

Where did that come from?

I never had an issue with dick size before. Kim seemed happy enough. I know I was small. Just three inches erect. But it wasn’t something I was ashamed of.

Until that day?

In the evening Kimberly won the costume contest. Though honestly it wasn’t much of a competition there.

That night when we walked in the door she grabbed me and started kissing passionately. Pressing her big tits to my chest.

Pulling away she said in a husky voice,

What would you do to a feeder?” She bit her lip as she took a step away.

A little surprised I responded,

Uh ... give you ... a ... a spanking?”

She sort of growled at me, then moved over to the couch. Bending over and resting her elbows on the armrest, she looked back at me. Flipping her her curly red hair out of her face.

Oh no.” She said with mock dread.

Poor me. I single handedly lost us the match.”

As I walked over she turned away with a wicked smile.

I rubbed her ass for a moment. Really wanting to do this. Another thing I had never shared with my wife that I wanted to do. It had always seemed too out of bounds. Too taboo.

SMACK! My hand struck the green cloth, covering her amazing ass. Kim squealed, though it sounded more like delight than pain.

My dick was hard as a rock.

I spanked her a few more times, then pushed her dress out of the way revealing pink silk panties that only covered about half of her rear. Quit a bit more risqué than most of her underwear.

I grabbed her long curly hair pulling her head up, hoping it was ok.

It must have been, she gasped excitedly.

I spanked her ass more. Stopping occasionally to rub it. She wiggled her rear in my hand when I did.

I leaned down a bit and slipped my hand into the open front of her dress. Groping her big tits while I spanked.

Ooh, no! Don’t pinch my nipples, sir.” She mock begged.

It seemed she did enjoy that from before. Excited, I found one of her hard nubbins and gave it a good pinch. Kimberly moaned with desire.

I yanked her panties down and gave her a few more swats, before moving behind her. I finally pulled out my hard cock and had no trouble shoving balls deep into her wet twat.

She groaned loudly with pleasure as I slid into her.

Dressed like a slutty game character. Ass up over the arm of the couch I pounded my wife from behind. I spanked her every few thrusts. She moaned and groaned with pleasure. Quickly she drew toward an orgasm. Her breath came faster. She squealed loudly as her body trembled.

She had always been pretty loud during sex. But this was a bit beyond usual. Apparently it was one of the strongest orgasms she ever had.

I wish I could say it was all me, but it was obvious this had been building all day. With people looking at her and touching her turning her on more than she expected.

Mmm, cum inside me daddy.” She purred.

I need it daddy.”

Something about that tipped me over. I shot my load inside her.

Ooh! Thank you daddy! Thank you!”

Later we fucked again in bed. Then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

At our third convention we had a disturbing experience.

Kim had made a fairly simple dragon hunter costume. Deerskin loincloth and bra, face paint tattoo, and a fancy spear. She was obviously excited to be so undressed in front of people.

The day had played out much the same as at the last one. Men getting too handsy with my wife. Right in front of me as I said nothing.

There was one weaselly guy that I noticed come by a few times. Just watching us though. Until the very end of the day.

He stopped by as we were packing up. Asked if he could get a few pictures in front of the ‘Dinosaurs Attack!’ exhibit. Which turned out to be a secluded corner.

The first few pics were pretty standard. Then he did the expected hand on ass. Kim jumped when he squeezed.

How far down can this go?” He asked. Tugging on her top.

Hey, not that far. Ashton.” She protested.

Hush!” he said it sternly. Obviously meant for both of us. He gave me a cruel grin.

Keep shooting.”

My little prick got hard as I submissively took more photos. The man pulled Kim’s top down far enough to reveal her nipples. She stood, leaning on her spear. Looking nervous, glancing at me to see if I would do anything. Rescue her, or even protest.

I couldn’t. I didn’t even know why. Not then.

I got some good pics of him leaning in and motorboating my wife. Then a couple of him sucking hard on her nipples. He gave her tits a big squeeze before stepping away and taking his camera back. He chuckled as he walked away. We took our stuff to the car park. When we got in the car Kim turned to me.

That man molested your wife, and you did nothing.” For a moment I thought she was angry.

You’re just a pathetic worm. Sitting in the corner crying when other boys take your toys.” She leaned over and slid her hand in my pants. She grinned when her fingers found my hard little cock.

When the bigger boys play too rough with your toys, all you can do is hang your head and let them.” She pulled my cock out and sucked me off. Right there in the car park.

K ... Kim.” I wasn’t sure what to say.

Hush.” She said as I started the engine. We didn’t talk about what happened. I was too worried to bring it up. But something fundamental had changed in our relationship. After that Kimberly started changing her wardrobe. More skirts and low cut shirts. She actively enjoyed showing off her body to other men. Leaning in close when she talked to strangers. Bending way over at the at the store. Showing off her cute ass. She also started buying sexier underwear. She even took me out to pick out some lingerie. Something she hadn’t really worn till now.

What would you like to see me in?” She asked. We were in an adult sex shop. Not an overly upscale place. We were the only couple there. Everyone else were single men. And though they weren’t wearing trench coats, I couldn’t help picturing them like that. I picked out a few things I thought I’d like. She took them into a little dressing room to try them on. To my surprise she stepped out wearing the first outfit. A silky white negligee, with matching panties and stockings. Pretty much everyone in the store could see her.

What do you think?” She said a little too loudly. Spinning around.

Uh ... uh it looks great.” I was a little concerned that we would be thrown out. Also my wife was putting on a show that I was a little less comfortable with than when she went to the con. Even though she wasn’t really showing off more. This seemed dirtier, somehow. Certainly less safe.

Super.” She said.

Lets try the next one.” Stepping back in the little closet. When she stepped out this time it’s in a lacy one piece thong. We could see nearly everything, except for some strategically places flower patterns. She spun around again. Stopping to ask if her ass looked good. Wiggling her rear for me and the whole store. My little dick getting hard at her show.

Uh, yeah. You look great.” I have a thing for one-piece swimsuits and lingerie. It become obvious that we would not be thrown out. The guy behind the counter seemed to be enjoying the show. The third outfit was literally just a black garter and stockings. Along with frilly silk panties. She used her arm to partially cover her big tits. Well her nipples anyway.

What do you think?”

Great.” Now I was worried that someone may try something. I honestly probably couldn’t take one of those guys, much less a few of them if they wanted to get at my wife. I was surprised, again, when my cock throbbed at the thought of the men shoving me aside and ravishing my wife. Forcing her to her knees, surrounded by a ring of hard dicks... I shuddered, coming back to my senses. Kimberly came out in a sheer pink babydoll top. With a small lacy string thong. So small you could see a tuft of soft red pubic hair peeking out. She also had on cute white thigh high stockings, topped with a blue ribbon and bows. I nod my approval. It was very sexy. This close I could see the dark of her areoles through the lace. She grinned at me, but didn’t step back in to change. Instead she grabbed her stuff and took my hand.

You want me to put my clothes back on, don’t you?” She asked.

Well I’m sure these men would rather see me in this.” She was talking quietly enough no one else could hear.

They aren’t wimps like you, so they get what they want.” She kissed my cheek.

Lets see if there are any toys that strike our fancy.” She told me. Dressed in the skimpiest of lingerie, we walk around the store looking at the wide selection of sex toys. While creepy old men lust after my wife. More than one with their hand down their pants. She would bend way over to check things at the bottoms of shelves. Wiggling her nearly bare ass. With a little input from me, Kimberly picked out a few things. A pair of padded shackles. A paddle that has the word SLUT carved out backwards. And a pair of nipple clamps. The guy behind the counter gave us a grin, but otherwise didn’t take his eyes off of Kim’s breasts as he rang us up. Still in her negligee we walked to the car and drove home. Once inside she jumped on me and we fucked right there in the living room. Later we were naked on the bed. Kimberly winced as she removed her nipple clamps.

I want you to be happy too.” She said softly.

What? I am happy.” I protested.

Yeah, but I’m changing. We both know it. My sexual tastes are changing, and fast. I’m worried I’m going to leave you behind. We have both been pretty unadventurous with sex. I’m finding that I like kink. I wouldn’t want you to grow resentful of stuff I get into. Does that make sense?” She asked concerned.

Yeah. I guess it does. I’m enjoying what we are doing.” I told her.

Even the emasculation?” I thought about how she had called me a wimp. About how she said the bigger boys deserved to play with her. I nod.

Yeah. Even that. I want you to be happy.”

Sure, but I don’t think I’m done with this journey. I’m worried I may be heading places you aren’t prepared to follow. I think we need to discuss that before someone gets hurt. We need to communicate and stay close.” She explained.

I agree. Do you know where your headed with all this?” I asked.

Not fully. I feel like a kid in a candy store. And I’ve only just seen the first couple of isles. Before I’m done I want to try the whole store to find out what I like. I am finding I like sex.” She smiled hopefully at me.

I’m hoping you may be as perverted as me. If not, we may need to come to some sort of agreement.” I spent some moments pondering what she said.

I ... I think I might be. Maybe more kinky than you I sort of like non-consensual porn.” I admitted.

Really! I like that too. I like playing it out with you.” She said excited.

I’ve been worried that I pushed you too far.”

I really liked when you called me daddy. That really turns me on. I’m not even sure why.” She smiled.

Ooh, you are naughty.”

Yeah. I guess I am. And I think I want to explore just how naughty with you.” I told my wife.

Ooh daddy.” She said moving down my body. Giving me a wicked smile.

I’ll do what you want. Just please don’t spank me anymore. I’ll be a good girl.” She looked me in the eyes as she sucked my limp dick into her mouth. I hadn’t cleaned up yet so it was still covered by our sticky fuck slime. I quickly got hard as she played with me.

Ooh daddy no! I’m a virgin. Please not that!” She moaned. Grinning I pinned her down. She struggled ineffectively underneath me.

No. Daddy, no!” She begged as my cock thrust into her wet cunt. She moaned and groaned as we fucked. Occasionally she would struggle with me. At one point I let her squirm away only to grab her and push her face into the bed. I shoved into her from behind. Kimmi squealed,

Ooh! Daddy nooo! You’re too big. It hurts daddy! Please stop!” Her whole body shuddered underneath me as she had a strong orgasm. As she came down she moaned,

Please daddy, noooo.” I couldn’t hold back anymore. It felt like I gushed inside her. Kimberly moved around to lie next to me. Giving me a wicked grin she said,

Oh, naughty daddy.” We went to another convention, a big one this time out of state. We had gotten a room because we were staying the whole three days. Kimberly was going as the sexy Kara again. Though she was working on a couple other costumes now. She sat next to a cute black girl at the first costuming panel we went to. A young woman named Tabitha. She was actually from our home town. She was attractive with long, dark brown hair, and a big round ass. Her tits were smaller than my wife’s, though still probably double D’s. I could tell because so little of it was covered by her costume. A one-piece thong with a tiny pleated skirt, and a giant gun. Some anime character I didn’t recognize. The two girls hit it off. They were practically like best friends within five minutes. I had to shush them multiple times during the panel. They hung out so much that I spent most of the day alone. My wife checking in on me multiple times as I enjoyed the con on my own.

Tabitha is really awesome!” Kim told me breathlessly. We had met up for a quick lunch at the food court.

How’s it hanging, Ashton?” The black woman asked as she sat down next to my wife in the booth. Their hot bodies pressed close together.

You two having fun?” I asked. They both nodded and told me about some of the things they had seen. I smiled. I had never seen my wife like this. Honestly we didn’t have many friends. As a couple, or otherwise.

So, do you have a boyfriend?” I asked, trying to be social. Both girls giggled.

Tabitha is gay.” Kim told me.

Oh, ok. A girlfriend then?” I continued.

Not currently.” She said. Giving my wife an odd glance. One I think Kim missed. A glance that caused butterflies to flutter in my tummy. Soon the girls flitted off. That evening Tabitha convinced my wife we should all go out to a club. The places near the hotel were super friendly to convention goers. Many decorated their establishments in geek themes for the weekend. The dance club was a dragon and elf fantasyscape. The girls were not out of place in their skimpy costumes. I danced a couple songs with Kimberly. Then one with Tabitha. We couldn’t stop grinning at each other the whole time. Then the girls danced a few together. Only they got a lot more sexual than even Kim and I. I am quite certain Tabitha started it. Soon though they were grinding and groping on each other. Kissing right there on the dance floor. I wasn’t the only onlooker with a hard cock. They looked erotic in their costumes. They kept making out as we walked back to the hotel. Kim stopped me as her new friend entered the lobby.

Is it ok if she comes back to our room?” She seemed so happy. Giddy.

Sure. It’s fine.” I tell her.

You can watch. Tabitha says she wants you to.” She whispered in my ear. Shivers ran down my spine as she nibbled my earlobe. Her hand rubbed my crotch.

She likes the idea of taking my lesbian virginity, right in front of my helpless husband.” The thought of it turned me on so hard I felt like I floated up to the room. I watched as the beautiful women, in their sexy outfits, made out on the bed. My pale wife a beautiful contrast to Tabitha’s dark skin. Their tongues dancing. Fingers exploring. Slowly their clothes came off. I got to see the first naked woman that wasn’t my wife. Tabitha was beautiful, with chocolate brown skin and dark nipples. Her pussy was bare and I definitely liked that. Nervously Kimberly kissed her way down her new friend’s body. Coming to rest between the brunette’s thighs. Tabitha gasped as my wife started to lick and kiss her sensitive cunny. The black girl gradually gave in to an orgasm. Then she pulled Kim’s legs over her face, so they could sixtynine. Licking each other’s pussies while I watched. When they finished and Tabitha left, blowing me a kiss, I jumped on my wife. Holding her face down on the bed and fucking her from behind. As rough as I ever had.

Ooh, I liked that.” She said as we snuggled afterward.

Sex with a woman? Or me holding you down?” I asked.

Both.” She said giving me a sleepy smile. Saturday was similar to Friday. The girls spent most of the day together. Checking in on me to make sure I was having fun too. Early in the afternoon I had a panel I’d signed up for. One Kimberly wasn’t interested in. It was a behind the scenes preview for an upcoming movie. It turned out Tabitha was signed up too. So we decided to sit together. The crowd was super pumped to get the first look at some of the scenes. As the lights went out I felt Tabitha’s hand slide onto my lap. I looked at her in surprise. She just gave me a grin as she unzipped my pants. As the video played she slipped her hand in my pants. My little dick was already hard from the attention. Her fingers found my cock and slowly started to stroke me. She kept me nice and hard through the presentation. Squeezing and tugging on my dick. Afterward I had to quickly zip up when the lights came back on.

Do you want to go up to your room?” She leaned in and whispered.

Kim said it was ok.” So I nodded.

But you’re a lesbian.” I protested as we got off the elevator. She grinned at me.

I’m a bit more fluid than that. I’ve often found myself attracted to Bi girls. Sometimes they come with boyfriends. So I have a bit of experience with couples.” When we got to the room she helped me pull off my clothes. Then pushed me onto the bed. She got between my legs and started sucking my hard cock. I moaned as her head bobbed up and down in my lap. Soon I warned her,

I ... I’m coming, Tabitha.” She just moaned and I shot my jizz into her mouth. I watched as she swallowed every drop. Then she stood up.

My turn.” She announced. She pushed me on my back and straddled my face. Her tiny skirt covered my head as I pushed aside the crotch of her one piece and began licking her bald pussy. The black girl moaned and gasped above me. Grinding her cunt on my face as I licked. When she came I did my best to lick up all her juices.

Not bad, white boy.” She told me with a grin as she lay down next to me to rest. Soon we got up and went looking for Kimberly. That evening Kim asked if it was ok for her to go to a small party with her new friend Bri. An all girls party. I told her of course, have fun. She came back to our room late, and tipsy. Her tits were hanging free in her costume and she was twirling her panties around one of her fingers. She stumbled into me.

Want sloppy seconds?” She asked. Pushing me toward the bed she was real aggressive in getting our clothes off. Then she shoved me down and climbed on top riding me for all she’s worth. When I came inside her she slid off and fell asleep next to me. In the morning she told me what happened.

I don’t usually drink that much, you know... ... She had gone to the party. It was just women. Most in skimpy costumes. Most older than Kimberly and Tabitha. When they looked around Tabitha said,

Maybe we should go. This crowd may be a bit rough for you.”

Nonsense.” Kim said. After a few drinks someone suggested spin the bottle. Excited to play sexy games with the lesbians, Kim agreed to play... ...”It took me a while to figure it out yesterday, but I am really attracted to Tabitha. I ... I think I’ve been attracted to women for a while. I think I may be bi.” She explained... ... At first things were relatively tame. Kim kissed a couple girls, and liked it. Sitting next to her on the couch, Tabitha’s hand kept settling on her stocking clad thigh. Getting a bit tipsy, she didn’t really notice that the bottle spinning antics were getting more and more randy. The fourth girl the redhead kissed groped her tits through her dress. Kimberly was shocked, but too submissive to make a scene. So she didn’t stop it. Getting bolder, the fifth girl went ahead and ran her hands inside the dress. The other girls cheered as the body tape was peeled off and Kin’s big tits were pulled out for everyone to see. Most of the girls were busty but no one was as big as Kim’s massive E-cups. Tits out she now, Kimberly found that Tabitha’s hand had settled on the bare skin just above her stocking. And the girls kept swapping who sat on the other side of her. Each taking a turn fondling my wife’s tits... ...”Without even spinning the bottle. It was ... I dunno. I was their play thing. I think your wife is very submissive.” She told me... ... Her turns were now being skipped, in lieu of the women freely groping her. Tabitha slipped her hand into my wife’s crotch and started tugging at her panties. The busty redhead lifted her ass and bit her lip. Letting the underwear be pulled off of her. Then smiling at her new friend, Tabitha started to rub my wife’s moist cunny. Soon slipping a finger inside. Then two. Kim gasped as the black girl’s thumb started to flick her clit. The girl on the other side tweaking her nipples. Tabitha leaned in and kissed her deep on the lips. Their tongues entwined as Kimberly’s orgasm hit her. Squealing and groaning in pleasure for the lesbians’ amusement. After Kim came down from her lesbian orgasm. One of the women took Tabitha’s hand and pulled her up. Taking the brunette’s place. This dyke had no intention of being gentle. Forcing my wife’s legs apart, and ramming a pair of fingers deep in my wife’s wet cunt. The lesbian on the other side of her pinching and pulling on her nipples. Meanwhile two of the older women held Tabitha between them. The one behind her grabbed the shoulder straps of the black girl’s outfit and yanked them down. Releasing Tabitha’s own ample tits. She was then made to kneel in front of the woman before her. Her beautiful face pushed under the woman’s skirt and forced to lick and kiss the older woman’s wet hairy muff. Apparently the black girl was pretty submissive too. Kim was forced to make out with one woman while another finger banged her. When the woman pulled away to unbuckle her pants my wife could see one of the women lift up Tabitha’s skirt and shove, what seemed to her anyway, a big strap-on up the girls black ass. A big purple dragon dildo. Twelve inches long, thick and bumpy. With her new friend squealing, and the woman in front of her pulling down her pants obviously preparing for Kim’s face, my wife decided it was all too much.

Please, no.” She gasped. Breaking off a kiss.

Kittens don’t say no, whore.” The blue haired woman who had been kissing her warned. She slapped my wife’s face and pushed her to the ground on her knees. The other woman’s cunt right in front of her. Her grey pubic hair glistening. Damp with pussy juice. A hand pushed on the back of her head. Kim’s face buried in the woman’s crotch. Her tongue delved deep in the woman’s salty twat.

That’s a good kitten.” The mature bull dyke told her. Tabitha getting fucked up the ass by the strange dildo nearby. After the first woman came all over my wife’s face. Cruel hands grabbed her curly red hair and painfully turn her around. Shoving her face into the crotch of a woman sitting on the couch. Kimberly pleasured cunt after cunt. Lapping up pussy juice for over an hour. Then she was dragged to the bed. Her arms and legs spread out and held down.

Time for a trim, kitten.” One woman said. Shaving my wife’s crotch, while someone else pinched and pulled on her nipples. When her pussy was completely bare they brought Tabitha over.

Time for the kittens to play together.” They made the black girl lie on her back. Then made my wife sixtynine with her. Laughing as the new friends licked each other’s pussies for their enjoyment. Kim moaned when she felt something big and slimy pressing against her ass. Fingers spread her asscheeks and the dragon dildo began forcing her tight asshole open. Now it was Kim’s turn to squeal. The big rubber dildo was driven deep up her ass by a cackling dyke. She could feel every bump as it violated her. The woman rode my wife hard. As she dutifully licked Tabitha’s cunt. Finally the two girls were released. Shoved out into the hall, practically naked... ...”So I came back to you. I was so worried that you might hate me.” She casts her eyes down. Ashamed, and worried.

Well.” I started, clearing my throat.

Honestly, your story turns me on. The thought of you being abused by cruel dykes.” She smiled at me hopefully.

If you want to have sex with women, you can. I mean you have my blessing.”

Oh goody.” She said running her hand down my chest.

And what if I want to get fucked by men?” She asked sweetly. Her fingers finding my hardening cock.

A couple of big rough guys bending me over?” My dick was like stone in her hand. Do I want to see that?

I ... um. I would never stand in the way of what makes you happy.” I told her. The idea turning me on more than I was comfortable with. She smiled as she leaned in. Licking the tip of my dick. The experiences at the big convention revved up my wife’s sex drive even more. Tabitha was over nearly every day. They would work on costumes together, hang out, and fuck. Sometimes in front of me. Sometimes not.

I’m thinking of starting a blog. A cosplay blog.” Kim announced one day. We were lounging in bed. I was in boxers. She had on a light green, silk nighty. I could see her excited nipples outlined by the thin cloth.

Lots of the pictures would be a bit risqué. So I wanted to run it by you first.” She explained.

I think I’m fine with that.” I said.

You’re fine with men lusting after your wife? Looking at half naked pictures of her. Their big dicks in their hands.” She rolled on her side and was caressing my inner thigh with her fingers.

Mmm, yes.” I moaned as her hand caressed my crotch through my boxers.

You’re a sissy, Ashton. Aren’t you?” I groaned when she pinched my cock through the cloth. Not painfully hard, but sternly.

Aren’t you?”

Uunh. Yes. Yes I am.” I admitted.

You aren’t worthy to fuck women. That’s something for real men.” This time she pinched my tip painfully. Yet it sent shivers up my spine. My wife was forcing me to examine who I really was. She had seen the changes in me.

I want you to be my sissy, Ashton. I love you so much. The thought of humiliating and emasculating you turns me on. I want to betray our wedding vows. To fuck another man right in front of you. Knowing you won’t even say anything. Just sit there with a sad look on your face.” My body shook with my lust. She moved up my body. Running a finger across my lips.

Do you want that Ashton? Do you want to be a sissy?”

Yes.” I gasped. My wife smiling as I surrendered to her. My most shameful secret. One I didn’t even know I had until she teased it out of me.

Good. We will start off slow. First you will lick my hot cunt. Your little sissy dick is worthless for a real woman.” Kimberly grabbed my hair and forced my head between her lovely thighs. My body trembled with excitement as I licked her bald pussy. I had told her that I really liked it shaved, and she decided to keep it that way for a while. A reminder of her first lesbian gangbang. After she came and I licked up her juices, she made me stand and take off my boxers.

This is just pathetic.” She complained. Slapping my hard little nub back and forth.

Not the penis of a real man, is it? We need to show you what you really are.” She took me to the bathroom and shaved all the hair from my body. It was like she was shaving my masculinity away. I didn’t realize how humiliating it would be to be so bare. Then she made me put on a pair of her panties. They were pink silk, and frilly around the waist. They were just a little tight on me. Kimberly stood me in front of a mirror.

There now look at you in all your sissy glory.” I mostly looked ridiculous, but a thrill ran through me.

Don’t worry. We will go out shopping for some girly things for you.” She tickled my little dick through the panties. Kimberly then dressed in her Kara outfit and made me take pictures. I spent the shoot in those pink panties. Taking sexy snaps of my wife in erotic poses. Towards the end of the shoot the poses turned from erotic to pornographic. She pulled out her giant tits, and pulled off her panties. Kim explained that she wouldn’t use those pics on the blog. She just wanted them for her personal collection. Finally she had me lay down. She pulled out my sissy nub without taking off my panties. Then she rode me cowgirl style. Her costume half off as she ran her hands through her long red hair. When I reached up to play with her tits she slapped my hands away.

No! Those are for real men. Not nothing sissies like you.” I couldn’t hold back. I came inside her. Filling her with my jizz.

Oh, honey. Already?” She said in a mocking tone, before kissing me passionately on the lips. She made me wear the frilly pink panties the rest of the day. Kimberly’s blog was an instant success. Gathering a few thousand followers in just a couple weeks. She loved to interact with her fans. Talking with them in chat. Doing requested poses. Even discussing our sex life. Though the version she told was of me being a big sissy and her only release with her lesbian mistress. Kim and Tabitha took me shopping for some women’s clothes. The black girl was super excited by this new wrinkle.

I’ve never been in a relationship with a sissy before.” She told me.

I’m a kitten, cause my pussy is submissive. So is your wife.” She smiles at Kim a few racks down, looking through the clothes.

That puts you even below me.” We were in an upscale lingerie shop. The girls picked out a bunch of negligee in my size and made me try it on. Stepping out so they and everyone else could see me. It was humiliating, and my tiny pecker stayed hard the whole time. When we got home they made me wear my own pair of new silk panties. Pink, so much of what they picked out was pink.

For our little princess.” Tabitha told me. I had on a black garter and thigh high stockings. Pulling up the stockings sent a thrill through my body. For a top they had me put on a frilly, pink corset. It was tight. With my lack of tits it helped me look even more feminine. To finish the ensemble I had pink fingerless gloves and a little pink bonnet. Tabitha chuckled as she took pictures of me.

Oh, princess. You look so cute.” They made me lick their pussies while they sat on the couch watching a movie, and talking.

If we make him grow his hair out he will look much prettier.” Tabitha said. My lips kissing her smooth pubic mound.

You’re right of course. I have looked into it. There are certain pills guaranteed to ‘make your sissy as girly as you want’. So I think we will try that.” Kimberly said as I pleased my mistresses.

His name is Roger. I met him on the blog.” Kim explained to me.

If you don’t want to do it, we won’t.” She reached back and caressed my face. We were in the bathtub. It was full of bubbles. She sat between my legs. Occasionally wiggling her sweet ass against my crotch.

If you say yes then everything is out of your hands. You just get to play the part of the sad cuckold.”

I ... I’m ready.” I told her. She turned and kissed me passionately. Roger was in town just overnight. We met him at his hotel room.

This is my worthless husband.” Kim introduced us. She was in a sexy, low cut, cocktail dress. I was in a suit.

Show the nice man that you aren’t a threat, you pathetic nothing.” She ordered me. In his bedroom I stripped down to my underwear. White velvet panties, thigh high stockings, and a frilly white negligee. Roger chuckled at me as I sat on a chair. Frown on my face. The strange man took my wife in his arms. Kissing her full on the lips. His big bushy mustache tickling her nose. His hands reached around and squeezed her sweet ass. He bent her over the bed. Facing toward me, so we could look at each other when he lifted her dress and spanked her. I could clearly see the pleasure on her face as she closed her eyes and gasped at each strike.

Looks like your slut wife is ready for a real man.” Roger taunted. Obviously excited. Kimberly had shared with him that his would be the first real dick she had. Mine obviously didn’t count. He sounded excited in his DM’s to be the first to take her ‘actual’ virginity. He roughly yanks her panties down. Past her stockings that match mine. Kimberly looks me in the eyes as the second dick in her life thrusts into her. Her eyes going wide, her pussy not used to something so big.

Oh! Oh yes Roger. Fuck my slut pussy.” Kim gasped. Her pleasure palpable. I watch as she hangs her head and drops to her elbows. His dick pounding her in places mine never could. As she gasped, this strange man grabbed her long red hair and forced her face up. Making sure I can see the pleasure there as he satisfied my wife. He slapped her ass a few times, then gave a satisfied grunt as he filled my wife with his Alpha make seed.

Unh! Fuck yeah!” He pulled his big limp dick out. Then he flipped Kim onto her back. Grabbing the shoulders of her dress he yanked down, revealing her black lace bra. Roger pulled her big tits out. Then he grinned at me as he slapped them back and forth. Abusing my lovely wife, while I just sat there in women’s lingerie. In my lingerie. He rubbed his limp cock against her smooth pussy. Slowly getting harder as he punished Kim’s large breasts. Finally he was hard enough to plunge back into her. Grabbing and roughly squeezing her tortured breasts. Kim gasped and moaned as she had a strong orgasm. Her pussy throbbed as it tried to milk its intruder. Accepting all the extramarital cum it could get. Roger was happy to oblige. Shooting another load deep into my wife. Finished he ushers is out of his room. Forcing us to get dressed in the hall where anyone could have seen us. Seen me in lingerie. Kimberly gave me a long passionate kiss when we got to the car.

How was that?” She asked.

I ... I liked it.” I admitted.

Good. Me too.” She told me with a smile. As we drove home she admitted.

I think I may be more lesbian than not. You are the only man I enjoy being with. But having men use me turns me on. Abusing me with their dicks gets me excited.” When we got home she had me strip. Then she looked at me coyly.

Please don’t hurt me daddy.” She begged. I smiled and forced her onto the bed, where I stripped her dress off. Ass in the air, I fucked and spanked my wife. Her cunt sloppy with another man’s cum.

Some of my followers have been asking for a couple pics of you. Something in lingerie.” Kim told me.

Would you mind? We can crop out your face.” There probably isn’t anything I wouldn’t do if she asked. I dressed in the outfit with the pink corset. She had fun taking a bunch of pictures of me in various poses. Then we lay together on our bed to pick out two. Posting them to her blog. Presumably so her fans could laugh at me. My wife’s interest in cosplay had turned me into a cuckold. And I was enjoying every minute of it.