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How and Where to Recycle Electronics

The new term, E-Waste, has hit the mainstream and is now flooding our neighborhoods and businesses. E-waste is the waste derived from electronics, including televisions, computers, cell phones and more.

The biggest issue regarding e-waste recycling is the potential for hazardous materials, such as mercury, to seep into our ground water and affect our health. E-waste only accounts for two percent of the garbage in landfills, however it accounts for seventy percent of the overall toxic garbage. (Earth911)

Perhaps a great way to get people to recycle electronics is to make it mandatory or just scare them into it. Not only do electronics contain amounts of lead, but also a sizable amounts cadmium, and plastics that can slowly emit toxins into out landfills.

Major Retailers such as Office Depot, Best Buy, and Radio Shack have taken a huge step to reduce the amount of e-waste that hits our landfills. E-waste recyclers are not only interested in saving these items from the landfill but also interested in getting the most value out of these materials. Computers and televisions are made of valuable metals including copper and gold which can be sold and reused.

Earth 911 says, "In general, as much as 99 percent of all materials from electronics are recycled by being reused in a different capacity or sold off." The recycled parts are most often used for new electronic items because the materials are already in the right form for electronic devices.

keuze helper allow you to find local recycling drop-off points by zip code and product category. However, major retailers such as: Radio Shack, Office Depot and Best Buy meet most of your recycling needs.

Radio Shack will properly dispose of rechargeable batteries including those in cell phones, laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, and cordless power tools. Radio Shack has recently made recycling cell phones easier as well. You can take your old cellular phone into Radio Shack regardless of its condition and give it to the Call2Recycle program. This program will refurbish, resell and donate $1 to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for every phone sold.

Office Depot has started a recycling program titled Tech Recycling where you can buy a Tech Recycling Box from the store in one of three sizes: small ($5), medium ($10) or large ($15). Then you fill the box with as many acceptable items that will fit and return it to the store. A list of accepted items can be found here.

Best Buy is heavily involved in recycling events and promotions. Best Buy will actually remove old appliances and televisions at no charge when a new appliance or television is purchased in Best Buy and delivered by Best Buy Home Delivery. Cell phones and batteries can be dropped off at the recycling kiosks located in front of every U.S. Best Buy store. Best Buy also accepts other recyclable items such as computers, printers, fax machines, and DVD players during their Recycling Events. Event schedules for your area can be found here.

Best Buy also offers gift cards for recyclable items that are in good condition. All you have to do is go to the BestBuy site and select the product you have and the instant estimator will determine the value of your product. If you think the reimbursement is acceptable, complete the transaction and print a pre-paid label. Then ship your product and wait 10-14 days for your gift card in the mail!

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