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I've played a lot of games throughout the years and am just ramping up my skills in development. This is my biggest passion as I believe gaming is a form of entertainment which can surpass the visuals you see in movies and can outshine the stories told in novels. Itís a way to not only create an entire unique universe but interact with it and alter its course. I want to be able to create something great, entertaining, and immersive for others to enjoy. It pains me to see such great potential nowadays halted behind walls and barriers or stumped with marketability chosen over originality. I vow to create with the best of my abilities and without the unnecessary monotony or labor to play a simple game. This page is dedicated to those creations I will make available to anyone to use.

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Nocveil is my own personal passion project. It may not be very large in comparison to others, but it captures the kind of gameís I love where you roam, explore, battle, and discover. I was able to put together this small game with almost no budget and in my spare time late at night and after work during the day. Assets I couldn't afford, I made myself doing my own 3D modeling and creating my own textures. Models that were too complex for me to create, I traded code with professional 3D modelers to get a model in return. I collaborated with real artists to get opinions on how to improve my own assets and even sound designers to get some specially made music for this project. I was able to reach out to some developers for a bit of tutorage in shader creation to make some simple effects. Everything I put into this game was done because itís something I love and want others to experience. From the setting, to the boxart, to every scrap of programming, I was able to construct a game I think is worthy of some simple fun.

Nocveil is a small action adventure game with a focus on exploration, discovery, simple puzzle solving, and combat. The world of Nocveil is dense and dark and the creatures live in an atmosphere of dusk to twilight. Itís a harsh and hard land to survive in where no one is free of predators. A small but powerful race has been hunted for their mana infused power. With dwindling numbers and the remaining members scattered across the land, itís up to one to find his lost brothers and defeat those who betrayed them.

Slot Car Derby

Game Summary: A small fast paced racing game with slot cars. Pick your car and select your lanes carefully to avoid other cars, get powerups and reach the finish first. A tribute to the best Mario Party 2 minigame of all time.

NJ242 Tournament Paintball

Game Summary: A quick paintball game created in four days. This was just small project I made to take a break from my larger projects. Pick a field, and eliminate the opposing team as fast as possible. The AI will stick to their lane, and progressively move up while keeping a bead on their opponents.

Grim Expanse

Game Summary: Grim Expanse is a semi randomly generated endless runner. You play as Scylez trying to outrun the grim fate that follows in your path.


Game Summary: Utopia is a recredation of the intellivision game of the same name, only this time it's got the ability to play against the computer.

Older games that I dont deem to be the same quality as these are stored on the old games page. These games may need some updates and bug fixes, but still hold a little fun in them. They have not been completely decommissioned yet.

Old Games