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2019 Hosta Catalog


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Hundreds of varieties of SUN PERENNIALS, SHADE PERENNIALS, as well as some ornamental SHRUBS and TREES are also available at our sales location!!!! ANNUALS and VEGETABLES too!

2015 Hosta Catalog
2019 Hosta Catalog
Name Description Size Cost
Abby Small green heart-shaped leaves with a thin gold edge. Thick leaves form a dense mound quickly. Green centered sport of "Gum Drop". S $5.00
Abiqua Drinking Gourd Truly in a class of its own. Heavily corrugated blue-green leaves that cup upward forming a "drinking gourd ". When mature, its almost unbelievable. A Must!!! ML $10.00
Abiqua Moonbeam Medium green leaves with fine gold margins. Gets some corrugation with age. This variegated form of August Moon forms a very nice clump. Popular!! M $10.00
Abiqua Trumpet Small, extremely cupped, blue tinted, spoon shaped leaves on narrow stems. Fast growing!! S $7.95
Acid Rain (New!) Intriguing sport of H. "Kiwi Full Monty"! A posthumous intro from Chuck. M $12.00
Aladdin's Lamp Extremely cupped, rounded, golden green leaves on long upright stems! Bumpy leaves too! L $12.00
Allan P. McConnell A sharp looking dwarf with small deep green heart shaped leaves edged with a thin band of white. Excellent grower that is very refined looking. SM $3.98
Allegan Fog Milky white centered leaves with green margins. What makes this Hosta a standout is the unusual green speckles that splotch through the white center are at random! Darkens some as the season progresses. M $8.95
Amber Tiara Unusually thick heart shaped gold leaves on a compact clump. An attractive sport of "Hosta" Grand Tiara. SM $5.00
Amy Elizabeth Small, well formed, heart shaped leaves with fine deep green margins. Forms a nice thick dense compact clump with great form. Inverted form of Hosta "Abby". S $5.00
Ann Kulpa Medium sized green leaves with beautiful creamy white centers. Great color contrast! M $10.00
Aphrodite Large apple green semi glossy leaves (Classic August Lily look). Double white fragrant blooms make this a one of a kind Hosta! (Mid-season availability) L $12.00
Appletini Wavy, smooth textured leaves with great substance. Leaves emerge bright yellow in spring, and turn apple green during the season. From the "tini" series! D $7.95
August Moon One of the first widely available Golds. Medium leaves emerge chartreuse and turn golden as the season progresses. Color intensifies with some sun. M $6.95
Aureomarginata(f.) Deep green fortunei type leaves with a gold edge. Forms a thick mature mound quickly. Also known as "Gold Crown". M $5.00
Avocado Large, deep green, glossy leaves with chartreuse gold centers. Fragrant near white blooms! Lots of WOW factor! L $18.00
Azure Frills This wonderful H. Hypoleuca hybrid has huge, rippled, wedge shaped, misty blue tinted leaves with glaucus white backs! L $15.00
Baby Booties Small heart-shaped, deep green leaveswith beautiful irregular white margins. S $6.95
Banana Muffins Yellow heart shaped leaves . Leaves are corrugated, irregular and unruly!! Forms a very distinct and attractive mound. Lots of character! SM $7.95
Beyond Glory ppaf Amazingly impressive sport of the already popular H. Old Glory! Extra wide, deep green margins surround gold centers on this fast growing large hosta. L $15.00
Bills Dress's Blue (New!) Small heart-shaped, blue green leaves with lavender flowers. Fast Grower! SM $10.00
Blaze of Glory Large, vivid, lemon-gold, wedge shaped leaves on long, erect stems! L $15.00
Blazing Saddles Forms large clumps green leaves surrounded by wide creamy white margins! Tony Avent Intro and considered one of his best! L 12.00
Blue Cadet Small heart-shaped blue tinted leaves form a thick compact clump. An excellent small blue edger type. SM $3.95
Blue Ivory (True Form) Thick, leathery, heart shaped leaves with unusually wide creamy white margins! Brother to H. "June". PPAF M $12.00
Blue Mammoth Definitely one of the best large blues! Blue-tinted leaves with a broadly oval shape coming to a point. Heavy corrugation and thick substance. Near white flowers. VL $12.00
Blue Mouse Ears Deep blue-tinted thick "Mouse Ear" like leaves! Unusually thick substance to leaves especially for such a small hosta. Dense compact Habit. Very Famous & Popular! S $7.95
Blueberry Muffins ppaf Dense mound of misty blue leaves with contrasting deep purple-red leaf stems. Aptly named! M $12.00
Bob Olson Small, dark green, semi- heart shaped leaves with a creamy white, slightly rippled margin. Long leaf stems give it a nice unique look for a small Hosta. Named after a former Hosta Society President. S $7.95
Bridal Falls Huge green leaves with irregular, creamy white margins. This H. "Niagra Falls" sport has a very majestic speciman type form! PP25594 . VL $15.00
Captain Kirk Medium semi heart shaped leaves with bright gold centers and unusually wide, deep green margins. Leaves have good substance and great color. Forms one of the most attractive adult clumps I have seen! M $10.00
Carnival Gray-green leaves with pure gold margins. Irregular margin variegation gives it a unique and striking color effect. Leaves are rounded, corrugated, and have an unruly habit! White flowers. ML $8.95
Carousel Medium sized clump with deep green leaves edged with cream yellow margins. M $10.00
Cheatin Heart Small heart-shaped BRIGHT gold leaves with nice wavy margins! Compact Habit and a dense fast grower. Sharp! S $6.95
Chief Sitting Bull Giant, oblong, bumpy green leaves with prominent veining. Lots of character! Named in honor of the famous chief of the Lakota Sioux tribe. VL $12.00
Christmas Tree Deep green heavily corrugated leaves with creamy white margins. Forms a dense and attractive mound quickly! One of the better hostas in it's price range! L $8.95
City Lights Thick substanced, bright gold, heavily corrugated (bumpy) leaves! Medium large mound with great form! ML $10.00
Clear Fork River Valley Extremely bumpy, semi-glossy green leaves that cup downward and grows overall with a distinct unruly habit. Perhapsone of the most corrugated (bumpy) hosta ever! L $12.00
Cleopatra (Stable form) Beautiful, large, semi wedge-shaped, glossy green leaves with a crisp golden edge. A high gloss variegated Hosta! ML $8.95
Columbus Circle Medium to darker green leaves with creamy white margins. An Irongate Gardens introduction from wayback! M $8.95
Corkscrew Dense mound ofelongated,twisted, curved, deep green leaves with thick substance. green margin. A very distinctive look! H. tortifrons type. SM $10.00
Cotton Candy Thick substance, ovate, green leaves are overlaid with an unusual,random, green and cream misted-speckled pattern! New growth shows best colors. A one-of-a-kind look! M $12.00
Crested Surf Narrow, extremely wavy, gold leaves with white edges. Has a look all to itself! SM $6.95
Curly Fries 2016 Hosta of the Year! Extremely rippled, narrow, elongated yellow leaves that also develop some red speckling with age. Purple flowers in August make for a great contrast! A Bob Solberg Intro. SM $8.95
Dance With Me Thick, apple green leaves with golden centers. Very unique shades to its color tones! A must see Hosta! Inverted pattern of H. "Last Dance". M $12.00
Dancing Queen Large unusually bright yellow leaves with nice piecrust margins. One of the brightest light colored hostas on the market! L $12.00
Deja Blu Heart shaped bluish green leaves with distinct molted creamy greenish yellow margins. Distinction intensifies with age! Sport of H. "Blue Boy". M $10.00
Designer Genes (New!) Bright yellow leaves with red stems. Leaves get a little larger than some of the other red stemmed gold types offered. Red bloom scapes with purple flowers add even more to this beauty! M $12.00
Devon Green Deep green, glossy, heart shaped leaves with thick substance. Wonderful habit and form. A solid green sport of the ever popular "Halcyon". Lavender Hyacinth style blooms. M $6.95
Diamond Tiara Small rounded green leaves with a thin pure white edge. Forms a thick mound with good color. Fast grower and multiplier. SM $5.00
Diana Remembered Medium green plantagenia type leaves with wide white margins. Extremely fast growth rate. Named in honor of Princess Diana. M $12.00
Dreamboat (New!) Cupped elongated blue leaves form a small boat! VERY DIFFERENT!!! L $18.00
El Capitan Green centered leaves with margins that emerge an unusual off green-gold color and eventually turn pure gold. Particularly stunning in late summer and early fall when most other hosta have already peaked! Fast grower! . M $7.95
El Nino Stunning, misty blue, heart shaped leaves with a beautiful pure white margin! An outstanding sport of H. "Halcyon", with all of its positive traits like thick leaves and a strong blue hue. M $10.00
Electrocution Dense, upright, twisted, elongated, rippled green leaves with a fine yellow margins. That's a lot of triats to cram into one hosta! A Tony Avent intro, and a must have for collectors! M $12.00
Elvis Lives Wavy, tapered, blue suede leaves extending upward and outward like a fountain. Grows to be quit large! M-L $7.95
Emerald Necklace Apple green leaves with unusual deeper green margins. Leaves are elongated and ruffled on the edges! SM $7.95
Empress Wu (ppaf PW) Massive clump with huge, medium green, slightly bumpy leaves. Considered the largest growing Hosta to date! VL $15.00
Erie Magic Rounded, medium green leaves with a very unusual faint gold margin. The unusual color tone makes for a surprisingly nice look! A sport of Hosta "Midwest Magic". ML $10.00
Eternal Flame Thick substanced, deep black-green leaves emerge with bright white irregular centers that hold color better than its predecessor H. "Whirlwind". Outstanding color all season! M $7.95
Faithful Heart Beautiful sport of H. "Cheatin Heart" with bright gold heart shaped leaves surrounded by light apple green margins! SM $8.95
Fall Bouquet ML $10.00
Gold Banner Deep green wedge shaped leaves with a fine gold margin. Overall very sharp. An unusual sport of Sunpower. Haven't seen it listed often. ML $7.95
Gold Standard One of the hostas that changed everything! Perhaps the most popular selling hosta ever. Green leaves with centers that lighten to a bright yellow tone as the season progresses. M $6.95
Golden Empress Heart shaped bright gold leaves on thin stems. Compact habit makes for a nice edger. Fast Grower! M $5.00
Golden Tiara Small, heart-shaped, green leaves with a thin gold edge. Perhaps one of the fastest multiplying hosta. Makes a thick, dense compact clump quickly. Considered a classic! SM $3.98
Gosan Gold Midget Unusually small, bright gold, some-what spoon shaped leaves that are also slightly cupped! A gold mini! D $5.00
Grand Prize Perhaps the most striking "Tiara" type yet. Light golden-green, heart shaped leaves with bright creamy margins. Unusually wide margin color really makes this one stand out! Great color all season! SM $7.98
Grand Slam Medium, thick, glossy, heart-shaped green leaves with red petioles and an intense piecrust margin! M $10.00
Grand Tiara Deep green, heart-shaped leaves with a stunning gold margin that covers half or more of the leaf at times. Much thicker substance than many of the other Tiaras! SM $6.95
Grecian Vase Medium large, heart-shaped, chartreuse colored leaves. Similar look to the classic H. Glory, but with stunning deep purple tinted boom stalks! Great Contrast! M $10.00
Green Torchlight Thick, glossy green leaves on long thin red tinted stems. Upright habit helps show the stem color off! All green sport of H. "Torchlight". M $6.95
Grey Beauty Medium-Large, upright, deep green leaves with a strong misty gray overtone. Distinctly different looking than most traditional blue hostas with its distinct vase shaped growth habit. ML $10.00
Guacamole Large, chartreuse to apple-green, glossy leaves with a green edge that darkens as the season progresses. Fast growing plantaginea type. Eye-Catching! Fragrant white blooms in late summer. L $12.00
Gypsy Rose Green leaves with gold centers. Also has streaking bolts of white separating the two colors! A petite variation of the larger H. "Striptease". SM $10.00
Halcyon No doubt one of the best and bluest hosta ever! Thick, heart-shaped leaves form a dense clump topped with hyacinth style lavender flowers. M $6.95
Harpoon Shiny, green, elongated leaves with creamy white margins. Somewhat narrowed leaves combined with extra wide leaf stems gives this hosta a one of a kind look! An unusual and unique hybrid from yingeri lineage. Purple Flowers. M $12.00
Heartache Beautiful, chartreuse to gold, wrinkled, rounded leaves that are slightly pointed on the ends. Misty, glaucous overtones! An amazing surprise hybrid of ventricosa. ML $8.95
Hearts Content Dark green, heart shaped leaves with striking 1" wide irregular white margins that widen with age. Lavender flowers. ML $8.95
Heavenly Tiara Bright gold heart-shaped leaves with a bolt of creamy white down the center! Very Limited. SM $8.95
High Society Thick, heart-shaped leaves with blue-green margins surrounding bright white centers. Leaves emerge with creamy gold centers and brighten to white as the season progresses! H. "Halcyon" sport. PPAF M $15.00
Hole Mole Large, extremely glossy, apple green leaves with a thin bolt of gold running down the center. An absolutely stunning sport of the ever popular H. "Guacamole"! L $18.00
Holly's Dazzler Extremely glossy heart shaped green leaves form a thick fast growing mound. Of ventricosa lineage, thus topped with deep purple flowers! M $7.95
Honeybells Fast growing large apple-green leaves. Forms a huge clump quickly. Fragrant Blooms! (Not available for mail-order shipment due to unusually heavy & thick roots) L $6.98
Humpback Whale Massive dome shaped mound of large, blue tinted, corrugated, heart shaped leaves! Near white blooms. L $12.00
Hush Puppie Small mound with elongated green foliage surrounded by creamy white margins. Deep purple flowers really set this one off! Tony Avent Intro. S $6.95
Intrepid A personal unregistered introduction. A fortunei sport with the usual leaf and clump habit. What makes this one unique is that the deep green leaves have an unusual lighter green margin! M $10.00
Irongate Delight (Stable Form) Oval shaped, green leaves bordered with wide gold margins that turn creamy white as the season progresses . Very fast growth rate. Extremely fragrant lavender flowers as well! This is the stable form sold in commerce. M $7.95
Irongate Glamour Another beauty from Irongate Gardens. This one has somewhat large, semi-glossy, green leaves with creamy yellow margins. Very Fast grower with fragrant lavender flowers. L $10.00
Ivory Tower Super large mound with huge bright light gold leaves! Leaves have thick substance, and wavy margins develop with age. VL $12.00
Joseph Medium sized, thick, deep green leaves with a high gloss sheen. A very refined look! Solid form of Hosta "Queen Josephine". M $7.95
Journey's End PP#16895 Large gold tinted leaves with wide deeper green margins. Rippled leaves on long upright stems. A veriagated sport of H. "Choo Choo Train". ML $12.00
June This is the much coveted gold centered form of "Halcyon". Intense gold centered leaves with irregular blue and green edge colors. Needs some sun to hold color. Perhaps the best hosta to date! M $10.00
June Fever This sister hosta to H. "June" has bright gold leaves with unusually fine, thin green margins! Actually benefits from some sun!PP15340 M $15.00
Kabitan Elongated, yellow, lance shaped leaves with fine dark green edges. Extremely popular due to its vibrant color! S $5.00
Key Lime Pie Large mound of heavily rippled, apple green leaves with gold margins. Somewhat subtle in color, yet very attractive. L $12.00
Kiwi Full Monty An outstanding new variation of the already classic Hosta "Striptease", with the same base color pattern, but also overlapped with a nice misty blue-gray coating! A top notch hosta for the serious collector! M $15.00
Komodo Dragon Large, heavily veined, rippled, blue-green wedge shaped leaves on long arching stems. Very impressive! L $10.00
Lacy Bell Unusually thick substanced, elongated, diamond shaped deep green leaves with creamy white margins, and a blue misty overtone! Great form, color, and growth rate! Purple flowers. M $7.95
Lakeside Blue Cherub A nice miniature from the Lakeside series. This little hosta has small, heart-shaped blue tinted leaves with some corrugation and wrinkling effect to leaves. SM $6.95
Lakeside Dragonfly Lance shaped, blue green leaves, wide irregular white margins give this hosta a unique look! M $10.00
Lakeside Metermaid Absolutely stunning wide, deep green leaves with a thick bolt of pure white running down the middle. A real Beauty!!!! ML $15.00
Lakeside Midnight Miss Extremely deep green, glossy leaves forming a fast growing medium clump. Similar color, but distinctly different form compared to H. "Lakeside Black Satin". M $8.95
Lakeside Old Smokey Large, thick substance misty blue-green leaves with wavy margins. A real smooth look! L $12.00
Lakeside Paisley Print A truly stunning hosta with large heart shaped green leaves surrounded by wavy piecrust like margins! Flighty streaks of cream and white tones decorate the center of the leaves! M $22.00
Lakeside Ringmaster Wide, slightly ruffed, deep green leaves with a nice white margin. Good substance to leaves and the clump has a striking upright vase shaped habit! ML $12.00
Lakeside Sparkle Plenty Leaves emerge golden with a "sparkling" glossy effect and wavy margins. Older lower leaves darken some as the season progresses giving the clump a 2-tone effect, and a spurt of bright golden fall foliage further lends to this effect! M $7.95
Last Dance Simply Stunning! Medium to light green, heart shaped leaves with irregular, wide, streaky yellow margins! Good substance and form. To beautiful to describe! M $10.00
Lemon Delight Lemon yellow, blade shaped leaves with gold margins. Leaf centers darken to lime green as the season progresses. Attractive both ways. A sport of lemon lime. SM $6.95
Lemon Frost Compact mound with elongated chartreuse gold leaves edged with fine white margins. This sport of H. "Lemon Lime" is an excellent grower! S $6.95
Lemon Lime Small, elongated, wavy, chartreuse colored leaves form a thick mound quickly. A very popular edging and accenting type hosta. SM $3.98
Lemontini Small, bright yellow, shinny, smooth textured leaves with slightly wavy form. Purple blooms make for a great contrast! From the "tini" series. D $10.00
Lily Pad Extremely glossy, apple green, smooth textured leaves with a glaucous whitish tinted underside. A yingeri seedling. Purple Flowers. M $10.00
Limey Lisa Small dense mound of chartreuse leaves that darkens the season progresses. Small heart shaped leaves with a slightly wavy, unruly habit give this one a lot of character. Medium purple blooms go very well with the leaf color. S $6.95
Little Black Scapes Thick, semi-glossy, off greenish leaves with very unusual jet black bloomscapes that emerge in late summer. Nothing else quit like it! Some sun tolerance. SM $7.95
Little Wonder This is truly a great little dwarf hosta. Arrowhead shaped green leaves with a bright creamy white margins. The clump is compact and attractive! Purple flowers too. S $5.00
Lunar Magic Gold centered leaves with green margins. Similar to Lunar Orbit but with a wider green margin! The less common form of the two. Great grower! M $10.00
Lunar Orbit A tremendous mutation of the classic "August Moon". Bright gold leaves that develop a deep green margin. Good color and habit. Very popular! M $8.95
Mango Tango Stiched, contorted, gold and green leaves make this one look like no other! This is the first and only stiched Hosta I have had the pleasure to offer! M $18.00
Marilyn Heart shaped, slightly wavy, heart shaped chartruese leaves. Leaves brighten to gold as the season progresses! M $8.95
Marilyn Monroe Leaves emerge chartruese and deepen to an unusual gray-green tone due to its glaucose white backs! Upright habit and red tinting to stems. (Limited) M $10.00
Midwest Magic Gold leaf centers darkening to green edges. Subtle but distinct colors! An extremely vigorous grower. M $8.95
Mighty Mouse Thick substanced, blue tinted leaves with vibrant creamy white margins! Lavender Flowers. Sport of H. "Blue Mouse Ears". S $10.00
Ming Treasure Awesome newer plantaginea hybrid. Less common brother to H. "Gaucomole" & "Frangrant Bouquet". Glossy apple green leaves with unusual greenish-gold borders. Long white frangrant blooms!It's got it all! L $15.00
Mini Skirt ppaf This beautiful sport of H. "Church Mouse" (a sport itself of H. "Blue Mouse Ears"), has extremley wavey, thick substanced, blue tinted leaves with wide creamy white margins! Tons of character and great color! S $12.00
Mistress Mabel Medium sized, apple green, semi-glossy leaves with wide creamy white margins! A very attractive plantaginea hybrid. Fragrant flowers too! M $8.95
Mojito Large, smooth, shinny, discus shaped apple-green leaves. Fragrant near white blooms. Tons of great traits, and a fast grower! L $12.00
Mongoth (New!) This bright, shiny gold green leaves top this vigour growing hosta. A posthumous intro from Chuck. Limited M $10.00
montana "Macrophylla" Huge, heavily veined, green leaves on long upright arching stems. Simply massive!! In my opinion, perhaps one of the best large hosta ever! White blooms in late summer. VL $15.00
Moonstruck Tons of color here! Green spearhead shaped leaves with centers that emerge gold and lighten to white as the season progresses. Bright varigation on a dense compact mound! SM $8.95
Mystic Star Heart shaped, bumpy, intense blue tinted leaves come to a sharp point making a stellar display! M $12.00
Neat and Tidy Medium-large, rounded, green leaves with plenty of corrugation and unusual buckling to leaves as well. On a mature clump each leaf can be somewhat different. Strange and unusual! L $8.95
Neptune Large wedge shaped leaves with heavily rippled edges and strong misty blue overtones! Cascading habit. L $15.00
Niagara Falls Extremely large, dark green leaves with prominent veins and wavy piecrust margins. Leaves are held upward on long extending stems and extend back downward in an arch. An awesome look! L $16.00
Night Before Christmas Medium-large, wedge shaped leaves with a narrow white center surrounded by unusually wide, deep green margins. Great color! L $6.95
Obsession Simi-glossy, green leaves of thick substance, with deeper green edges and random bolts of deeper jet green streaking through the leaves! A two-tone green! Had I not seen it, I could have never imagined it! SM $6.95
Okazaki Special Long, smooth, spearhead shaped, deep green leaves with a mild misty gray overlay and stunning glaucous white backings! Dense mound / Fast grower. M $8.95
Old Glory Large bright gold leaves with well defined deep green margins! Great grower with a speciman type form and color! Sport of H. "Glory". ML $15.00
Paradigm AKA "Abiqua Paradigm". Shiny, bright, golden yellow leaves with a stunningly wide, deep blue margin! One of my personal all time favorites! L $12.00
Pathfinder Unusually thick substanced, deep green leaves with a white center that is slightly speckled with dots of green. Tetraploid sport of Hosta "Francee". SM $6.95
Patriot Deep green leaves with pure white edges and unusually thick substance! Extremely bright color! .Better than average sun tolerance. M $6.95
Patriot's Fire An unexpected sport of H. "Francee"! Light green to chartreuse leaves with fine, bright white margins. Some unusual greenish molting also occurs where the two colors merge! M $7.95
Pearl Lake Petite, heart-shaped, blue green leaves. Forms a dense thick mound quickly, making it a great edger! SM $5.00
Pee Dee Goldflash Elongated, wavy, bright yellow leaves with deep green edges. Fast Grower. Forms a thick, bright clump topped with well-contrasting purple flowers late in the season! Looks like Hosta "Kabitan" on steriods! M $6.95
Phantom Heart shaped gray-green leaves with misty white overtone and glaucous white back. Deep purplish red stems almost gives the mound a purple glow! M $8.95
Pilgrim Creamy white, heart shaped leaves with a deep green center! Nice spread habit to formation of leaves. SM $7.95
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake Elongated leaves emerge solid green and develop a bright gold center as the season progresses! Foutain habit M $12.00
Polar Moon Gold leaves with wide deep green margins. A beautiful sport of H. August Moon! M $10.00
Powder Blue Rounded, thick substance leaves with extremely strong misty blue overtones. Leaves enlarge significantly with age! L $10.00
Praying Hands Deep blue-green, straplike leaves are intensely distorted almost to the point of having a " corkscrew" effect. Leaves widen and flatten some with age, but still look unusual and hold the erect upright form! SM $7.95
Queen Josephine Extremely glossy, deep green leaves with margins that emerge yellow and hold intense color throughout the season! Looks like it was sprayed with clear coat! Top Notch! M $10.00
Queen of the Seas Large, thick substanced, heavily rippled, blue tinted leaves on long stems. Leaves have lots of character and mound has nice fountain habit! L $12.00
Quilting Bee Small, round, semi-cupped, deep green leaves with some corrugation. Compact mini-mound! S $6.95
Rainbow's End Thick, leathery, glossy, green leaves with irregular creamy yellow centers! This beautiful sport H. "Obession" has strong contrasting color! PPAF SM $10.00
Raspberry Sorbet Extremely glossy, wavy green leaves with deep red bloom scapes in late summer! Compact thick habit. Very attractive. SM $7.95
Red Hot Flash Elongated green leaves with chartreuse centers. A tetraploid sport of H."Pee Dee Goldflash" with thicker, larger leaves. Deep Purple Flowers! M $7.95
Red Hot Poker Shiny, wavy, deep green leaves with creamy white margins. Rich burgundy red bloomstalks in fall give this one its name! Light purple flowers. M $10.00
Red Neck Heaven Another odd one from Tony Avent! Long, green, blade shaped leaves. Noted for its deep red stems! M $7.95
Regal Splendor Upright, blue-green leaves with creamy white edges. Stunning vase shaped clump! This is a variegated form of Krossa Regal. Becomes a truly spectacular hosta with age! A top 10 hosta for the ages! Truly Spectacular! L $10.00
Revolution Thick, glossy, dark green leaves with white centers that are speckled with randomly dispersed flakes of green! Easily the best and most vigorous sport of the inverted Hosta "Patriot" / "Minuteman" lines. M $8.95
Rhapsody Striking, medium green, wedge leaves with pure white margins that hold color all season long. Leaves have prominent veining and overall great form to the clump. One of nicest and most dependable white margined Hosta! ML $7.95
Richmond Unusual apple-green to chartreuse colored leaves with fine cream margins.
Semi glossy leaves have a nice sheen. A very fast grower!
ML $6.95
Risky Business Jet green leaves with a striking thin lightening bolt of pure white down the centers. Yet another great sport from the H. "Striptease" line of introductions! M $12.00
Royal Standard Classic, glossy, apple green leaves well know for its fragrant blooms and higher level of sun tolerance! (Not available for mail-order shipment due to unusually heavy & thick roots) L $6.98
Runaround Sue An unusual and unique hosta form the less common 'yengeri' line. Smooth, shinny, deep green, somewhat wavy leaves with gold trimmed margins. A little harder to find than many hostas. M $10.00
Sakatini Semi glossy, chartreuse, heart shaped leaves with good substance! Fall flowers are light lavender. SM $10.00
Sea Beacon Apple green to chartreuse leaves with white margins. Unusual color tone combination and fast multiplier. Another great hosta by Mildred Seaver. ML $7.95
Sea Fire Intense bright yellow leaves emerge in spring and darken slightly as the season progresses. Easily an eye catcher and one of the brightest gold Hosta we offer for spring color! M $8.95
Second Wind Deep green, solid colored form of H. "Whirlwind". High gloss sheen and thick substance make this a choice cultivar. M $6.95
Soft Shoulders Long, diamond-shaped, semi-glossy, green leaves with creamy white margins. Forms a dense clump quickly. A 1997 Avent introduction. M $8.95
Spartacus Large heart shaped green leaves with wide gold margins. Rippled leaf margins and strong visual veining give this one a truly majestic specimen look! L $12.00
Splendid Sarah Beautiful, large, heavily, corrugated(bumpy), green leaves with nice white margins on long upright stems! Light purple fall flowers. M $12.00
Spritzer Yellow, semi-glossy, lance shaped leaves with green edges. Tolerates sun rather well, which also helps it hold color. Emerges very early and has an unusually high level of frost tolerance! M $7.95
Squash Casserole Yet another "strange brew" form Tony Avent. Golden, oval shaped leaves with somewhat pointed ends. Unusually flat leaves with contrasting rippled edges. Fast growing clump topped by light lavender flowers. L $8.95
Stained Glass A major step forward in evolution for the already classic Hosta "Guacamole". Insanely glossy leaves hold an Intense gold tone all season and are surrounded by a well defined deep green margin! Fragrant blooms! ML $12.00
Stilleto Small, wavy, light green leaves with cream edges. Leaves are somewhat erect and stiff. S $5.00
Striptease Leaves have a bolt of gold running down the center that is surrounded by a thin rim of milky white, then wide deep green margins!! Very unexpected color pattern! A must see as it is impossible to describe! M $8.95
Sugar & Spice Extremely glossy, apple green, heart shaped leaves with bright gold margined that lighten to creamy white as the season progresses. Finally, a great sport of the classic early hosta introduction H. "Invincible"! M $10.00
Sugar and Cream Extremely large, elongated, apple green leaves with wide creamy white margins. Clumps can grow easily and quickly to 4' plus wide. A mammoth variegated specimen plant. A real whopper! VL $8.95
Sum and Substance Huge, foot wide, elliptical leaves of golden green to chartreuse in tone . One of the largest hostas to date. A spectacular specimen! VL $8.95
Summer Breeze Medium sized, heart shaped, green tinted leaves with wide chartreuse yellow margins. Attractive and vigorous sport of H. "Summer Music"! M $8.95
Sun Power An outstanding bright gold hosta with a somewhat upright, vase-shaped growth habit. Makes a real standout! ML $7.95
Sunlight Child Wavy gold leaves on a dense compact clump. Brightens up a tight spot well! S $3.98
Sweet Bo Peep Shinny, smooth textured, heart shaped leaves with lightly wavy form and great substance. Fragrant light lavender blooms! SM $7.98
Sweet Home Chicago Heart shaped leaves with gold centers surrounded by wide, deep green margins. A striking sport of "Birchwood Parky's Gold". Impressive color and fast growth rate! M $8.95
Sweet Standard Unstable sport of Hosta "Honey Bells". Large, apple-green leaves with irregular streaks of white & chartreuse running at random through the leaves like bolts. Sometimes sports stable pieces of Hosta "Sugar & Cream"! ML $15.00
Sweetie Apple green to chartreuse, semi-glossy leaves with cream margins. Similar to Hosta "Fragrant Bouquet", but has a much more dense clump habit. Fragrant Blooms as well! M $8.95
T-Rex Huge blue-green leaves with puckering, corrugation, and prominent veining give this hosta lots of character! Near white flowers. VL<> $16.00
Teaspoon Small, rounded, spoon shaped green leaves on narrow stems. Nice little cupped leaf mini! D $7.95
Temple Bells Glossy green leaves extending from a central mound. Unusual, in that the leaves have a uniform width from base to tip. No notable stem! Forms a thick symmetrical clump. M $5.00
tenyru Long upright steams with cupped, blue-gray misted leaves held erect on ends! Looks like a nigrescens on steroids!! Species plant. L $12.00
Tequila Sunrise Bright gold wavey leaves with an arching habit develops red petioles during the season! SM $12.00
The Cavalier (New!) Blue ovate leaves with white backing and thick substance make a spectacular showing! A posthumous intro by Chuck. Limited. M $15.00
The Razor's Edge Elongated, blade-like, rippled, medium green leaves that have great substance. Red leaf stems! S $6.95
Thumbs Up Small thumb-shaped greens leaves with fine white margins. Normally stays rather small, but can get a little thicker / larger under ideal conditions. S $6.95
Tidewater Huge, elongated, wedge shaped green leaves with prominent veining and great substance!
Cascading Habit.
VL $12.00
Torchlight Grey-green, upright, glossy, leaves with creamy white margins and burgundy red petioles (Leaf Stems). With red undertones, its upright habit makes for a real show if placed properly! M $10.00
Touch of Class Yet another spectacular sport from the classic H. "Halcyon" Unusually thick, blue misted leaves have a bright gold center surrounded by a wide deep blue margin! This hosta is a top of the line specimen! PPAF M $15.00
Twilight Deep, jet green, heart shaped leaves with thick bright gold margins. Gold edged "brother" to H. "Patriot". Striking color contrast! PPAF M $7.95
Twist of Lime Long, narrow, chartreuse gold leaves with fine green margins. Forms a thick compact clump. SM $6.95
Venetian Lace Heart-shaped blue-green leaves with creamy white irregular centers that darken as the season progresses. A sport of Hosta "Valentine Lace". SM $10.00
ventricosa Medium, heart-shaped, satiny green leaves have a wavy effect. The only clone species that I know of... under the right conditions, it can naturalize over time by seeding. M $6.95
Victory 2015 AHG Hosta of the Year! Large, majestic, vase shaped Hosta with shiny green leaves edged in yellow. Forms a true specimen with age! L $10.00
Vulcan This sport of H. "Captain Kirk" has white centers instead of gold. Some yellow coloration where the white centers and green margins meet, gives this one extra appeal! M $10.00
Waiting In Vein Large, bright gold, deeply veined, thick substanced leaves with slightly rippled margins! L $12.00
Warwick Choice Large, glossy, green leaves with nice wide white margins! An impressive large specimen that grows well! L $10.00
Waving Winds Long, narrow, deep green leaves with cream to gold edges. Leaves jet upright into the air and swirl slightly. M $6.95
Wheaten Blue A fast growing, solid blue sport of the ever popular "Paul's Glory. Considering its nice blue misty tone, it has an unbelievable growth rate! Both functional and attractive! M $6.95
Whirlwind Deep green leaves with irregular whitish-green centers. Color tones are too unusual to describe properly! M $7.95
White Christmas Unusually light, bright, white centered leaves with an extremely thin deep green margin. Needs some sun to grow well. Leaves darken some in late summer. SM $8.95
Winter Snow Large, glossy, thick substanced, chartreuse leaves with white margins! Perhaps the most impressive sport of Hosta " Sum & Substance"! VL $15.00
Winter Warrior Medium green leaves with unusually wide irregular creamy white margins. A strong contrast in color! ML $12.00
Wishing Well Large, cupped, rippled, corrugated leaves with unusually strong blue overtones! Near white flowers. L $15.00
Wolverine Beautiful, misty, blue tinted, diamond shaped leaves with bright creamy gold to white margins. Forms a thick radial mound. Simply stunning as an adult clump. This one is truly a piece of art! M $7.95
Wu-La-La PPAF(New!) A varigated sport of the H. "Empress Wu" that is a show stopper! You have to see to believe! VL $15.00
Yellow River Large, green, wedge-shaped leaves with fine gold margins and prominent leaf veining. Edge color lightens and brightens as the season progresses. A majestic looking specimen Hosta! L $7.95
Yingeri Medium-large shiny green leaves with smooth texture and thick substance. Species plant from Japan. M $12.00