Paulding Village Council met in Regular Session on February 21, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at the Municipal Building. Mayor Greg Reinhart called the meeting to order.


Finance Director Annette Hasch called roll with the following members present: Randy Daeger, Tim Boss, Barb Rife, Robert L. Boyd, Ryan Mapes and Dan Workman. Administrator Robert Fisher was also present. Solicitor Mike Jones was present via Skype.


Randy Daeger motioned to approve the minutes of the February 6th Council meeting, seconded by Robert L. Boyd. Vote: all yea.


Jerry Zielke, Paulding Economic Development, was present for the Council meeting. He presented a draft resolution for Tax Abatement for Baker-Shindler. Solicitor Mike Jones will review resolution for next Council Meeting.


Karen Sunday was at the meeting still complaining about the progress of the Emerald Acres drainage issues. She doesn’t think that anything is being done quickly enough and didn’t seem to care that Robert Fisher has been diligently working on the project. Robert has been in contact with Scott Strahley from RCAP. The weather is also been a factor. A camera cannot be run down tile if it is full of water. Robert will contact Karen when he gets a camera contractor scheduled.


Ryan Mapes reported on the Safety Committee meeting held on February 18, 2017. The items that were discussed at the meeting were as follow:

·         EMS transportation – runs to a medical facility and pickup.

·         Contracts for Mutual Aid Agreement for EMS – determine any updates for past agreements and have them reviewed by the village solicitor.

·         Work hours for the Paulding Police Department – the Mayor had passed out information on the topic (schedule proposal and articles offering opinion); many questions were brought up such as money, employees, and handbook. Another Safety meeting will be set once additional information is gathered.


Randy Daeger reported on the Buildings and Grounds Committee meeting held on February 20, 2017.  The committee discussed the sale of Village property. It will be discussed further in Executive Session.


Resolution No. 1318-17 re: A Resolution Approving a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) policy for the Village of Paulding, Ohio was read for the first time.


Ordinance No. 1533-17 re: An Ordinance Prohibiting through Truck Traffic on South Main Street as Designated between East Perry Street and East Wayne Street in the Village of Paulding was read for the first time.


Resolution No. 1317-17 re: A Resolution Authorizing the Village Administrator to Dispose of Various Village Equipment was read for the second time.


Ryan Mapes motioned to accept L.C. United Painting’s bid of $80,500 for the Water Tower Improvement Project on Grant Street, seconded by Robert L. Boyd. Vote: all yea.

Finance Director Annette Hasch asked for the approval of VTF Excavation, LLC’s pay request for $49,913.84 for the Water Meter Replacement Project. Ryan Mapes motioned to authorize Mayor Reinhart to sign the Ohio Public Works Commission pay request for VTF Excavation, LLC in the amount of $49,913.84, seconded by Robert L. Boyd. Vote: all yea.


Finance Director Annette Hasch asked for the authorization for the Mayor and her to sign the Ohio Public Works Commission signature page for Pay Request #7 (Water Meter Replacement). Randy Daeger motioned to authorize the Mayor and Finance Director to sign the signature pay request #7, seconded by Tim Boss. Vote: all yea.


Finance Director, Annette Hasch reported that there was a Paulding Community Fire Association (PCFA) board meeting on January 25, 2017.  The 2017 PCFA Budget was approved at that meeting. The budget was approved at $62,500 and the maintenance budget was approved for $5,000. The PCFA is looking to purchase a 3,000 gallon tanker this year. Also, we are trying to get some grant money towards a building generator.


Randy Daeger motioned to pay the bills, seconded by Ryan Mapes. Vote: all yea.


Dan Workman motioned for Council to move into Executive Session to discuss the potential sale of Village real estate and committee personnel living in the Village limits, seconded by Ryan Mapes. Vote: all yea.


Dan Workman motioned for Council to move into Regular Session, seconded by Ryan Mapes.  Vote:  all yea.


During the Recreation Committee meeting on February 18, 2017, it was discovered that there was a hole in the Pavilion at the Reservoir Park. Mayor Reinhart said that he would contact Vantage Vocational School for an estimate to repair hole and put a new steel roof on the pavilion.


Solicitor Mike Jones reported the Committee term limits as follows:

·         Recreation Board – 5 year terms

·         Cemetery Board – 6 year terms

·         Planning Commission – 6 year terms

·         Zoning of Appeals – 5 year terms


The following meetings were scheduled:


·         Street Committee—Tuesday, February 28, 2017 @ 5:00 p.m.

·         Recreation Committee—Tuesday, February 28, 2017 immediately after Street Committee meeting.

·         Committee of the Whole—Monday, March 13, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m. alternate date Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m. 


Randy Daeger motioned to adjourn, seconded by Tim Boss. Vote: all yea.



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