Paulding Village Council met in Regular Session on April 16, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at the Municipal Building. Mayor Greg Reinhart called the meeting to order.


Finance Director Annette Hasch called roll with the following members present: Randy Daeger, Ryan Mapes, David Burtch, Tim Boss and Dan Workman. Council member Barb Rife was absent, along with Solicitor Rachel L. Jones.


David Burtch motioned to approve the minutes of the April 2nd Council meeting, seconded by Ryan Mapes. Vote: all yea.


Dan Workman motioned to approve the minutes of the April 11th Special meeting, seconded by David Burtch. Vote: all yea.


Karen Sunday was present for the meeting.  She was concerned that the Nancy Street Project would not continue since Administrator, Robert Fisher has left.  She was assured that the project will continue.


Tiffany Beckman came to the meeting to see if the Council would be okay if a food vendor truck came to sell food one day a week in the Village.  No one seemed to have an issue with it as long as they have their food license/permits.


Randy Daeger reported on the Utility Committee meeting held on April 11, 2018.  One of the topics that was discussed was the installation of a water meter at the First Responder Training facility.  It was decided by the committee that there will be no water usage until meter was installed.  There was also concern that the testing for bacteria was not performed on the new water line.  This will need to be confirmed.  Ryan Mapes talked to the project engineer Scott Strahley and verified that pressure tests and bacteria tests have been done on this water line.  The engineer also said that a “T” with a stub was installed so that a water line could be extended at a later date.  The next topic was regarding a new meter installed at the Old Utility Office/Old Firehouse.  The new owner will be contacted to see how many lines they will actually need then a water meter will be installed.  The last topic that was discussed was about the level of the new water meter pits.  The engineering firm will be contacted to see what the specs are for the level of the pits.


Tim Boss reported on the Recreation Committee meeting held on April 11, 2018.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss putting up a storage building at the Lela McGuire Jeffery Park to store gator and supplies.  The committee decided to look into a trailer big enough to transport the gator between parks.  The trailer needs to be at least 7ft. wide to fit the gator and drag on.


Tim Boss reported on the Safety Committee meeting held on April 9, 2018.  The EMS Director, Dave Foltz was present to discuss the purchase of a new EMS squad. Discussion included diesel vs. gas and truck chassis vs. van chassis.  Dave Foltz will get more information.  There is no recommendation at this time.



Randy Daeger presented the letter from Lengacher Brothers regarding the Shop roof.  John Lengacher has inspected the roof both below and above.  He stated that all of the decking is in very good shape except for the section on the east end of the building.  The new sloped roof structure that we will install in this area would at no point be depending on this comprised roof decking for support.  The new slope structure would be bearing on the parapet wall at the end of the building and on the existing structural purlins at the bearing wall approximately 20 feet in from the edge of the building.  John Lengacher also stated that they will not install any roof system over compromise decking.  He is confident that the decking is in very good shape for the Conklin SPF roof system.  David Burtch is going to make contact with another contractor.


Mayor, Greg Reinhart approved the hiring of Garrett Bennett as the new part-time Park Maintenance/Utility Department employee.


Mayor, Greg Reinhart presented an application for Street Right-A-Way Permit for the Branch Christian Fellowship for 6/2/2018 at 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The Consensus of Council is to approve permit.


Ryan Mapes voiced his concern about not renewing Bruce Whitman’s contract.  He doesn’t want the Utility Department to fall behind on their duties/projects.


Randy Daeger motioned to pay the bills, seconded by Ryan Mapes.  Vote: all yea.



The following meetings were scheduled:


·        Buildings & Grounds Committee meeting—Thursday, April 19, 2018 @ 5:00 p.m.

·        Recreation Committee meeting—Wednesday, April 25, 2018 @ 5:00 p.m.

·        Utility Committee meeting—Wednesday, April 25, 2018 @ immediately after Recreation meeting.

·        Committee of The Whole meeting—Thursday, April 26, 2018 @ 5:00 p.m.


Tim Boss motioned to adjourn, seconded by Randy Daeger. Vote: all yea.




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