Who Will Find These Materials Most Useful?



    The Administration of Justice Program is a content standard based program that has been designed to assist with the organization and development of high school to career criminal justice programs and academies. In addition to classroom methods of instruction community experiences such as court tours, visits to police agencies and police ride-a-longs are encouraged. The instructional methodology incorporated into this multi-media program allows students to be active participants in their own education.


    The primary goal of developing the Administration of Justice Program has been to present a clear and balanced overview of our justice system by examining its historical foundation and contemporary form. The curriculum is presented in an easy to comprehend manner, thus allowing the instructor time to pursue meaningful discussions and group activities involving the criminal justice concepts that students have learned.


    The Administration of Justice curriculum materials can meet a variety of instructional needs and provide a solid framework for classroom discussion on complex criminal justice problems or issues. This program may be used in the high school classroom or in a criminal justice academy training program. The program has been designed and written for classroom use in all 50 states.


    These materials will assist administrators of larger programs with multiple instructors and/or classes by providing an easy to use uniform curriculum model. There is a complete section devoted to the beginning instructor to assist in developing classroom management and accountability. This portion of the curriculum materials has been featured in workshops across the country at National Partners in Education Conferences.


    This is the only curriculum of its kind where instructor input is welcomed in the annual revision, update and development process. Additionally, instructors may get help in custom revisions for their own special needs within days or weeks, in most cases at no extra charge with a simple phone call or email.