Cost and System Requirements


The Administration of Justice program is available for license on a yearly basis. The license agreement authorizes the licensee to use the curriculum for one instructor teaching one or more classes at the same school location. It includes the instructor DVD and a StudentWorks CD containing course curriculum, technical support, annual revisions to existing modules, and new curriculum modules as they are developed. The annual license agreement price is $375.00 per instructor for one school. If you intend to use the curriculum in more than one school a separate license agreement would be required for each instructor.


                        System Requirements


In order to use the curriculum materials included with this program you will need the following minimum computer hardware:


       1. IBM compatible (DOES NOT RUN ON MAC COMPUTERS)


2. Color VGA monitor (if you intend to use the PowerPoint Shows or the

    colorized Microsoft Word version with a Projection System)


3. LaserJet printer/Inkjet printer


The following software programs are required to access your Administration of Justice files:


1. Windows PC - Operating Systems.

2. Adobe Acrobat - (*.pdf extensions)

3. Microsoft Power Point - (*.pps extensions)

4. Microsoft Word - (*.doc extensions)